Reserve Black/White?

According to a post on 2ch that links to a news article on the official Pokemon website reservations will start on the 31st of July~  It doesn’t impact 98% of my visitors so whether or not it is factual will not affect you too much… BUT… I am hoping to see what the pre-order incentive is!  Another figurine?  A coin ala Ruby/Sapphire? UPDATE: confirmed, it’s legit.  Not accessible on the site but you can see it in their XML feed hahaha.

Also revealed in their XML feed: New PokeWalker course!  “Connected Field” (ふれあいのはら) will be given away at JR train stations in Japan.  :3  So when do Americans get it?!

And with this I’m also going to sleep~ will update tomorrow with any news I miss, since I invariably do miss a bit occasionally when I recharge myself.

<3 pokejungle

ps- thanks for the gangbuster day, over 3,000 people visited PJN!  Mostly due to the fact I posted those toy images of the new pokemon first and had a few continuing stories throughout the day published before any other English sites.  Even after 5 years since the generation 4 news rush, I still go it. Stick with pokejungle!  <3 you all!