Latest Rumors [UPDATE]

+ Above image of Desukan surfaced this afternoon~ you can decide if it’s real or fake.  Looks like fanart as I said in my previous version of this post 😀

+ [NOT RUMOR] New video will be coming soon that depicts Tsutaja and Koromori vs Zoroa (appearing as Hihidaruma) and Mijumaru.  Tsutaja uses Grass Mixer which shatters Zoroa’s illusion and also drops Zoroa’s accuracy.  This released in conjunction with the latest movie coming out. (Updated with image from Filb, video soon hopefully)

+ [False?] According to this GameFAQs post there are several new rumors (we see that Koromori HAS in fact kept its name now that a screenshot has surfaced)  (LOL some foreigner is trying to discern if this is true on 2ch.  Bad japanese.  wwwww)

  • Koromori is actually Kurimori and is Iris’s pokemon (remember that Tsutaja was listed differently on the beta sheet?)
  • Iris is based on an in-game character with an erratic personality
  • Shadowed male character, Reimu, from the “Best Wishes” promo is pretty effeminate and has a Munna (Seriously?  I might fall in love)
  • Tsutaja’s evolved form is named “Tsutawaiya” and Mijimaru’s evolved form is “Yuudatsu”.
  • Ash = Pikachu/Mijimaru | Iris = Namakuso/Pokabu | Reimu = Munna/Tsutaja (but that’s just who characters are standing by in promo image)
  • Nezumimi is the green pokemon PJN revealed earlier as a new toy
  • New pokemon: Ant-like one named Jiari, Bird-like one named Nenuzura, Puppet-like one called Karakasu, Nezumimi evo named Nezumidori with a full tree growing out of it

<3 pokejungle

ps- No, you’re not crazy, I did rewrite this post.  The new video description rumor just surfaced so I just made this a general post.  :3