For those of you who are in the states, Keldeo is being distributed from now until October 6th in GameStop stores across the US, and in participating EB Games across Canada! In BW, if you bring Keldeo and the rest of the Muskedeers to the Moor of Iccirrus, you can teach it the move Secret Sword. But, if you do this in BW2, you can unlock Secret Sword and it’s resolute forme!

What do you guys think of Keldeo? I’ve personally been counting down the days for this event because Keldeo’s Resolute Forme has quickly become one of my favorite Pokemon to date!



  • I’d like to thank Nintendo for announcing that the event is coming to the Benelux, but for failing to communicate which store I have to go to.

  • craig

    if you trade a keldeo knowing secret sword to b2w2 does it automatically change forme?

  • belmad


  • I dwnloaded Keldeo tonight! I think it’s cool that he has a pp max. It sucks that event pokemon have classic ribbons or whatever, though, cuz I can’t trade them online (I have an action replay, so keldeo isn’t new to me) Vote for Mew and Meloetra in the 2012 presidential election!

  • Cbandgeek

    I know you can reset before you talk to the delivery man to get a different nature, but can you reset for a shiny? Or does anyone know if keldeo has the shiny check in place?

  • You guys know you can get a Keldeo poster from GameStop when you download, right? You have to ask for it. It’s 12″ x 12″. Small but it’s still neat.