Pokéology: Porygon, Porygon 2 & Porygon Z

So here’s a requested Pokémon! When I asked about first generation Pokémon, most people said Porygon; so here we go.

It works great because it spans three generations! First, Second, and Fourth. Pretty large family. I think it’s a delightful series of Pokémon; quite a fantastic concept.

But hey, that’s what this article is about! The concepts of this digital explorer.



 So this is an obvious start to the Porygon family. It’s a shoddy 3D model of a battleship. Notice the flat faces? The fact it’s just polygons lined up? Yeah, Porygon right here.

Porygon was designed in 1996, maybe earlier.  It’s amazing to think they even thought to add a computer-model as a Pokémon. It was quite a foreign concept at the time. Pokémon red was pretty advanced; a handhold game? Crazy for the time. I mean sure, it wasn’t out of the world, but it’s crazy to think they based a Pokémon on it so early in its life.

The photo shows the original 3D models that inspired Porygon, but that’s not Porygon 2. Porygon 2 is just about any 3D model you look at nowadays; smooth, defined, and somewhat realistic.

Porygon Z though, that’s something entirely different. Pretty wild.

I made this image by rotating parts of Porygon Z and pasting on the eye of Porygon 2. This is what Porygon Z is, it’s Porygon 2 infected by the ‘Dubious Disk’, the item you trade with it to evolve Porygon 2.

Porygon Z is based on the concept of a computer virus, but since Porygon is a computer program, clearly a virus could infect it.

Now, there’s one virus that has come to light that affects physical machines, and it’s called “Stuxnet”. It infected Iran’s nuclear program, and it caused the machines to randomly mess up and become out of control. This shows the effect of a virus on something physical, and it’s safe to assume that this could happen to a Pokémon like Porygon.

Clearly the effect on Porygon 2 would twist and contort the Pokémon and cause it to look demented such as Porygon Z.

Naturally this is why Porygon is a bird. Origami birds are popular in Asian countries, so naturally they would want to make a Pokémon based on origami. An origami 3D bird sums up Porygon very well.

Just a quick note, this is definitely what inspired Porygon 2. The rounded shape, the blue belly full of water, and the red upper body. Evidently the two were inspired by unnatural representations of birds.




So this is a tricky situation. How do you explain a computer program?

I guess I should start by talking about what Porygon was created for.

It was created by the Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar island. Many of the data shown in the Pokédex for it shows a lotta things. First of all, it can apparently fly into space. This makes sense; it’s not a physical animal that requires anything to survive. So naturally spaceflight is possible for it.

However, Crystal’s Pokédex says it can only do what it was programmed to do; this is interesting as Porygon is very diverse. The fact they had enough technology to program their own Pokémon suggests that it would have a diverse pool of actions, as seen by its movesets.

In my personal opinion, the way they originally designed the technology to make it probably comes from Pokéballs.  The way they digitize and then become physical. However, Porygon is known to be able to transverse cyberspace.

This is what happens when you release an upgrade to the Porygon 1 framework. The model, programming, and general technology has all been upgraded with the upgrade.

Porygon 2, a beautiful, sleek Pokémon, much different from Porygon. It has become rounded and non-polygonal.

The programming has been upgraded, shown in the new movesets and commands it can make. However, there’s a storm brewing. Porygon 2 has been seen to preform ‘unprogrammed actions’ as seen in Gold’s Pokédex. This might be hinting to vulnerabilities in the code, which are allowing unauthorized software into the system; causing these actions.

Porygon 2 is supposedly made for space exploration, this would explain the streamlined shape, however, it apparently cannot fly.  This was a programming glitch apparently, although it has programming for space exploration built in.

It also has advanced artificial intelligence, it understands strategy much better; it could be considered the pinnacle, as its evolution is not exactly.. Well, I’ll explain.

Soo.. Here ya go. The most messed up Pokémon ever.  As in, it’s actually messed up.

Porygon Z evolved when the Dubious Disk was given to a Porygon 2 and transmitted into a data form with it. That combined the two, upgrading it with a disk never meant to reach Porygon 2.

It’s supposed that the Dubious Disk was made to allow Porygon 2 to explore ‘alien dimensions’, possibly such as the ‘Torn World’ seen in Platinum. However, the code did not work, and the project was trashed. One could assume the disk got out into the world and was hacked by an unauthorized programmer; this explains why the disk messed up Porygon 2 so much.

As said before, this was meant to be an upgrade, but as I said in the basis, it’s very apparent that Porygon Z is a mixed up Porygon 2. It behaves erratically now, and the model has been corrupted; it appears that the additional code did not properly define the shape, and Porygon Z is the result.

Supposedly, Porygon Z now understand emotion. Maybe this is why it was hacked; a programmer who felt compassion for these programmed beings. Conjecture, sure; but in my opinion it feels like it makes sense. Who else would contort the code of a being to add nothing but emotion? The Dubious Disk is definitely made with a reason.


So! There’s this week in biology. Technically, I tried to focus on information; it’s not really a biological entity, it was made for reasons, and is not adapted for any natural use. S

Suggestions? Comments? Opinions? I love talking to you guys.


I’ve started a thread on the official forums(Didja know we had them?) for dicussions and suggestions. It makes it so much easier for me to gather suggestions to take into consideration, so feel free to check it out, maybe join and comment? It would be very nice to see you guys on the forums!

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So anyway, I’ll see you guys next Tuesday, though I have no idea what we’ll be discussing then! School started for me today, but this won’t bother my article. I have plenty of time to write.


  1. It’s sad we will never see the true behaviour of Porygon Z in the anime. Is it a bit quirky, or just totally glitched?
    It’s all Pikachu’s fault! Blame him, not poor Porygon.

    1. Does anyone know why they decided not to use Porygon family after that incident? Is it respect issue?

      1. I guess they didn’t wanna risk offending anyone. They got in big trouble because of that first episode, so then they probably just didn’t want to try anything that ‘might’ end up harming or offending people. Kinda respect, but mainly legal.

        Honestly, I’m pretty sure Pikachu was the cause of the shocks, but they sure couldn’t ban Pikachu from the series.

  2. Hey I remeber that Porygon epsiode where… wait…
    I just rememeber Porygon for being the most expensive Pokemon literally so it meant I had to have it!
    (And does anyone think of the Simpsons episode where Homer’s too fat so he works at home and gets that bird to just press ‘y’ all the time?)
    Great article btw… looking forward to the next!

  3. This Pokeology was probably the most complex one of them all. I find Porygon to be a great Pokemon and I actually enjoy the evolutions and the theories behind them. I know the Pokemon episode ‘Electric Soldier Porygon’ will be mentioned several times in these comments. I would just like to set the record straight. The flashing lights that occurred and caused those children to be hospitalized, was not because Porygon or Pikachu. The flashing occurred several times throughout the episode, including the background. Yes Pikachu did zap what looked like a missile, but was actually the cure for the virus that was messing up the Pokemon Transfer System. Is it all Pikachu’s fault? No the flashing occurred several times in the episode, like I said before. I do not find it fair that Porygon and its evolutions have not been allowed back into the anime episodes. However it is probably for the best and it was a whole episode based on Porygon, that is why Pikachu was not removed. Plus it would be stupid to remove a main character of the series, not to mention the mascot who a lot of people came to love. These are my thoughts on the Porygon fiasco. I loved the article and I look forward to many more.

    1. Thanks!

      And huh, I never got to watch it, but I was under the assumption it was Pikachu. I guess they needed a scapegoat then.

      Thanks even more for the information!

      1. You’re welcome. If you would like to see the episode they have a subbed version of the episode on Pokemonepisode.org

    1. Thanks 😀 Electabuzz is pretty strange, so I’m gonna spend more time researching it than the others.

    1. Funny thing happened, I was explaining to a friend that Porygon Z is a messed up Porygon 2, and I made that photoshop of Porygon 2 outta Porygon Z..

      So I thought back to your request, and I realized how much went into it and how perfect it’d be!

      So thank you!! 😀

  4. I always thought that Porygon-Z was an infected Porygon-2, mostly due to the definition of Dubious being: of doubtful quality or propriety. I also think that Porygon-2 will receive an alternate evolution in Gen-6. Maybe Porygon-3? Anyways, I think it’ll be a version of Porygon made immune to the dubious disk while at the same time, giving it the qualities that were intended for by the Dubious Disk.

    Great post… I’d love to see one done for the Alakazam family. They’ve always been an interesting bunch. Also, the Magmar, Electabuzz, Scyther, and Abomasnow families would be interesting.

    1. Yeah.

      Personally, I think that the Dubious disk was hacked by Team Galactic. You do find it at one of their bases. It’d make sense; the Pokemon Lab made it for space travel, and gave up on the new upgrade. Galactic could have found it and decided to mess with it.

      I’d love to see a new Porygon evolution; it’d work great.

      Thank ya! I’ll keep them in my mind for later.

  5. Wow, I love how they added the virus for the last evolution. You did a great job of making it sound ominous, too. This is definitely my favorite article yet. 😀 Keep up the good work!

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