The final episode of Smash before Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are released is about to air! There’s actually no guarantee that there will be any new information though, but we can always hope 🙂 Kriff has told me that the episode is set to show Meloetta in battle and reveal Resolute form Keldeo. As usual you can watch the livestream here.

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  • Waiting for episode to start
  • Began with a countdown clock for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
  • First anime clip of Resolute form Keldeo shown off in commercial
  • Anime rerun is airing, The Wacky Watcher!
  • Episode over, Best Wishes 2 anime discussion
  • Mentioned Meloetta’s Pirouette forme in the anime
  • Japanese singing
  • The “East Unova” the anime has been talking about is the upper Northeastern part of Unova
  • Showing off Meloetta in battle
  • Revealing Keldeo’s Resolute form
  • When you go to the rock in the forest near Sangi Town it’ll give a message saying Keldeo wants to exit its Pokéball
  • Although we’ll probably have the information by the time it airs, next week’s Smash episode will go over some new information such as the medal system and also show off Pokémon Dream Radar


<3 pokejungle

ps- During the half an hour that the anime rerun is airing you have the perfect amount of time to register and introduce yourself on Mt. Moon Community…. jus’ say’n :p

  • Im streaming it here! 🙂

  • Nuzamaki90

    the Meloetta gameplay should be cool though, right?

  • moving

    Is it just me, or does it seem like we’ve not got as much information about BW2 as we had about BW around this time?

    Could be that because they’re direct sequels there’s as many BIG changes. Like the ones we see in a generational shift or with uh… yeah.

  • Im streaming here! 🙂

  • caleb

    I saw homika’s gym in next weeks preview. It’s really small.

  • Nuzamaki90

    On the anime segment, it showed part of the new BWS2 opening.
    It also showed Ash’s Charizard at Oak’s lab, which hopefully means he’ll be used more often. I honestly hope that goes for all Ash’s Pokemon, for not only the Unova League but also the World Championships.

    On that note, trip’s Serperior was shown confirming it evolved and I saw a Beartic which I’m guessing is the Dragon Slayer girl’s.

    • Nuzamaki90

      Oh and thr Musketeers on some ice block.

    • Missingno. Master

      Why is it just Charizard everyone can focus on? Am I the only person who happened to notice a certain Pig Monkey Pokémon of the Fighting-type among Ash’s reserves? Namely, PRIMEAPE?!

      • Nuzamaki90

        I forgot to name him when I was typing. Primeape was the first one I noticed because of his angry look at Infernape (fighting rival).

        I really hope we get to see Primeape and Ash reunite in battle because he hasn’t battled in like 12 years.

      • Serebii and I were discussing this and it’s doubtful that many (if any) previously caught pkmn will return. The clip is just a scene from the opening

  • Bobby Surrey

    I facepalmed when I saw “The ‘East Unova’ the anime has been talking about is the upper Northeastern part of Unova” because I thought everyone knew that.

  • Here it is! 🙂

    • Reshiram44

      Thank you so much for streaming. We really appreciate that you take the time to stream just for us. Thanks.