The official site has announced a new Wi-fi event for international Black & White owners. They didn’t give any details pertaining to its attacks, giving the generic adjective ‘powerful’ instead. It normally comes with the ability Bad Dreams, as Darkrai doesn’t have a hidden Dreamworld ability they could give away. The event starts at May 9th with the end date unknown.

Sadly, that’s all that they gave us. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to know its attacks, but I don’t expect anything too special. And what’s up with all the Darkrai promotion? Seems a bit late to the party, if you ask me.

Anyway, anyone who doesn’t have a Darkrai yet? I think everyone’s getting this, as it’s free, but would you like another event? As always, discussion goes in the comments. Keep your eyes on Pokéjungle for the announcement a lot of you have been waiting for.


  • TheDevilsCorpse

    It’ll probably be the same one Japan got in the 2010-2011 winter season, so I’m betting on: Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Faint Attack, and Nightmare.

  • tlm

    I don’t have a Darkrai! He’s the only one I don’t own! This will be cool, and I might not have to risk using tweaking to get the guy instead.

    • Kriffix

      See, patience pays off.
      No tweaking! ;D

  • I don’t have a Darkrai! Now they just need to do a Deoxys, Manaphy, and Shaymin event so I can complete my Pokedex.

    • Don’t forget Molizor, nobody seems to have him.

  • Rose Mage

    Oh man. I’m so happy for this event. I love Darkrai. Also, the event I’d like to see is a Deoxys one, because it is another hard to obtain Pokemon.

  • Hejiru

    Lol, this will be my fourth Darkrai.
    The Movie 10 download, the Member Card download, the Ranger 2 one, and now this.

    • Kriffix

      It’s my third. They should do more Deoxys. I only have one of them.

  • Callum

    My reaction to seeing this post: “Oooooooooooooohhhhhh, cool” 😀
    I’m quite happy that this is being released. I’ve always wanted a Darkrai 😀 now i’m going to sr until i get a good one :3

  • tip

    “And what’s up with all the Darkrai promotion? Seems a bit late to the party, if you ask me.”
    You unwitting genius, Dae!
    These few sentences have suddenly revealed all the answers.
    Darkrai is the mystery bird pokemon.


    • tio

      Also I can’t believe I spelt my name wrong that’s really upsetting.

      • tio

        Did I just… delete my previous comment by replying to it? And if not, that means right now I’m triple posting???



  • Xander

    Darkrai is an oddly loved Pokemon. High fan base like Arceus and Rayquaza. I can bet you that if the give away was from the third gen, the fanatics would be OMG REMAKE HINT! WE GETTIN REMAKES!

  • Ian

    please have a mew event. i know probably everyone will be on my tail for reasons that are something but i dont have him and its been my dream to have it since Silver from GBC.

  • Thomas

    The end date is around June 10th 2012 according to
    So hurry up and get it soon!

  • Gage B

    how do you get darkrai? i’m trying to figure out how to start the event

    • I believe you just choose the gift option and then via wifi in Black or White. I’ll test it tonight 🙂