3 New Videos [WOW] (UPD4)

Just… watch them.  Please.  Oh, and stay tuned to pokejungle.  Because I love you?  I wanna bring you the FASTEST news.  These apparently come from the Nintendo Channel on the Wii!  Seen these videos and BORED already?  Go check out my updated ‘BW Manga’ post! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVGvlT69B8M 3 Plasma members ambush you in a city Wargle … Read more

New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pqwvp97hl4 Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone (their leader) who is saying to the crowd that he wants to talk about Pokemon freedom (or how he wants to forcibly give Pokemon their freedom).  This seems as though it ties them with N … Read more

Pokemon Movie 14 Clips

Here are clips from both the game trailer (not the greatest quality because there are seats in the way) but the second clip shows that new orange pokemon in ears flying in and gives it a little more personality than what we saw before!  Thanks darksun for the tip on that second clip!  (lol, and … Read more