Pokémon Generations Episodes 9 & 10: The Scoop & The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop and Episode 10: The Old Chateau have just been released on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel! In The Scoop, we follow ace reporter Gabby and cameraman Ty as they hack into the Mossdeep Space Center to uncover the story of a lifetime. In The Old Chateau Cheryl and her Chansey wonder through … Read more

Nobunaga’s Black Rayquaza – JP Download!

  Starting on March 17th via WiFi, the release date of Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Amibition, and ending on April 16th, Japanese Black/White owners can download this extra special Shiny Rayquaza!  In my personal opinion, this is one of the best shiny legendaries in the series! It’ll be at lv70 and have the following moves: Dragon … Read more

Rayquaza Conquers All

Last year, Japan had a big vote to decide which main game mascot was the best, that included all 15 Pokémon, from Green (Venusaur) to White (Zekrom). As you can probably guess from the title, Rayquaza came in at #1! Starting Feb 10th (and running through the 27th), Japanese BW owners can get the legendary … Read more