Pokémon Generations Episodes 9 & 10: The Scoop & The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop and Episode 10: The Old Chateau have just been released on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel!

In The Scoop, we follow ace reporter Gabby and cameraman Ty as they hack into the Mossdeep Space Center to uncover the story of a lifetime.

In The Old Chateau Cheryl and her Chansey wonder through the haunting Eterna Forest when they stumble upon an even scarier chateau.

What do you think of the latest episodes? Enjoying the Generations journey so far?

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  1. I laughed when the trainer caught deoxys. I cant believe they allowed someone to own a legendary pokemon in this series.
    also, there’s no sound in space for it to be picked up on the recording.
    good episode though, wonderfully animated, and I like how they didn’t concentrate on the standard characters this time.

    1. It’s possible they were close enough to the planet’s atmosphere to get sound, or the camera was specially designed to detect vibrations far away and interpret them as sound.

      1. I mean, it was certainly creepy. I didn’t fall out of my chair but it was definitely something to scare me.

      1. If it can make them eat imaginary food and feel like it’s real I’m sure I can find other uses for it

  2. #09

    -I wish Deoxys had a move that let it transform like that during battle. Swapping form mid battle would make it much more useful.
    -I feel kind of sorry for Ty getting pushed around like that all the time.
    -The voices weren’t too awful this time.
    -An Ultra Ball, really? *caught Deoxys in a regular Pokeball*


    -It’s only just struck me how weird Chansey is.
    -The Butler’s voice is good, the other two are annoying.
    -I always laugh when a dub does a terrible job of trying to translate ‘itadakimasu’.
    -That’s one of the weirdest scenes I’ve seen in a long time.
    -Floor puddles and ghost things – Spoopy.

    I miss the old chateau, Pokemon needs more haunted mansion things.

        1. Hmmm
          Bob…I honestly cannot think of a Pokemon to be him so Diggersby or Ursaring
          Linda Wigglytuff
          Tina Wobbuffet
          Gene Loudred
          Louise Bunnelby or Buneary

    1. I don’t understand. The chansey was creepy but it wasn’t chansey that was supposed to be messed up. It was the ghosts, right?

  3. So what types do you guys hope (realistically) the leaked Pokémon will have? I’ve seen varying predictions but as far as I can tell not in a concentrated comment thread, and the past times I’ve shared my ideas it was more me putting out rather than inviting others to speculate.

    For yours truly, I feel:

    Pikipek2 (Dark/Flying)*
    Pikipek3 (Dark/Flying)
    Crabrawler2 (Fighting/Ice)
    Sea Urchin1(Poison/Water)**
    Sea Urchin2 (Poison/Steel)
    Diving Bell Spider1 (Dark/Ice or Bug/Ice)
    Diving Bell Spider2 (Dark/Ice or Bug/Ice)
    Morelull2 (Grass/Fairy)
    Salandit2 (Poison/Fire)
    Wimpod2 (Bug/Water)
    Anchor (Steel/Ghost or Steel/Poison)

    1. Pikipek2 (Flying/Normal)
      Pikipek3 (Flying/Dark) *it has that sinister look on its face…
      Crabrawler (Fighting/Ice)
      Sea Urchin1 (Poison/Steel)
      Sea Urchin2 (Poison/Steel)
      Diving Bell Spider1 (Bug/Dark)
      Diving Bell Spider2 (Bug/Dark)
      Morelull2 (Grass/Fairy)
      Salandit2 (Fire/Poison)
      Wimpod2 (Bug/Water)
      Anchor Wheel (Water/Ghost or Water/Steel)

    2. Pikipek2 (Normal/Flying)
      Pikipek3: The Toucanning (Dark/Flying)
      Crabrawler2 (Fighting/Ice)
      Sea Urchin1(Poison/Water)
      Sea Urchin2 (Poison/Steel)
      Diving Bell Spider1 (Dark/Bug)
      Diving Bell Spider2 (Dark/Bug)
      Morelull2 (Grass/Fairy)
      Salandit2 (Poison/Fire)
      Wimpod2 (Bug/Dragon)
      Anchor (Steel/Ghost)
      The one we think is Marshadow (Dark/Fairy)

      Dugduo (Rock/Fire)
      Dugtrio (Rock/Fire)
      Geodude (Rock/Steel)
      Gravveler (Rock/Steel)
      Golem (Rock/Electric)

      UB-01 (Psychic/Fairy/Ghost)
      UB-02 Beauty (Bug/Fairy/Psychic)
      UB-02 Absorbtion (Bug/Fighting/Psychic)
      UB-Wires (Electric/Steel/Psychic)
      UB-Bamboo (Psychic/Grass/Steel)
      UB-Origami (Normal/Fighting/Psychic)
      UB-Crab (Psychic/Ground/Water)
      UB-Shady Guy (Dark/Steel/Psychic)

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    So that’s my story. Honestly, I’m not mad. It’s a little upsetting, but gotta look at the positive side. I could have lost everything. Losing 1 game is better than losing everything ^_^ And from this I learned that Nintendo has some really great customer service. The best, by far, that I’ve ever dealt with.

          1. I think u talk about different thing I was talking about the number of new pkmn that have been reveled it’s 61+3UB=64

    1. Wasn’t there someone who said they’d spoken to the voice actor of Nurse Joy, asked them if it was correct there are 81 new Pokemon, and the VA answered ”if you’ve seen 81, then you’ve seen most of them”


      1. In japanese Mythology the snow woman or (Yuki Onna) Looks gorgeous just to drag men to their doom + ghost type resembling spirits of the dead.

  6. Episode 9 was awesome, great that they focused not on the main characters of the episode most of the time and instead the games. Episode 10 was weird and sketchy, like that ghost girl part was like something else entirely.

  7. A Puffin Pokemon would be cool.
    A Baby one of Ground/Flying (Baby Puffins live underground until they’re old enough),which evolves into a Water/Flying (As when they leave their hole they spend most of their lives at sea.

    1. And if they made the baby one super buffed so it’s congruous with eviolite they’d both be viable!

        1. Yeah I know 🙂 I’m not a very competitive player either, I would just love to see both dual types usable in battle like a scyther/scizor situation!

  8. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The scoop was everything I wanted it to be! I liked the Cavern a LITTLE bit more, but Deoxys looked so badass!

  9. Well I’m getting a little closer at deciding who I want in my final team for my first Sun playthrough.

    For sure:

    As for the last two spots, that decision is too hard right now. There are so many cool Pokémon this gen despite the small quantity. I’ll see who I run into during the play through!

      1. I’m definitely considering Mudsdale and Carapod (Wimpod evo, yes?). My team looks to have quite the weakness to Earthquake right now..so maybe Levitate Vikivolt would be good to have.

    1. Moon:
      -Minior (highly likely as of today)

      -Salandit 2.0
      -Vikavolt (highly likely as of today)

      I have a lot of empty spots because I am really interested in what are the typings of the leaked Pokémon.

    1. Let’s see you can definitely do better
      Try to only use large clear pics and a better clearer background
      You need to zoom in a bit because everything is just too far
      And carefully choose and layer the Pokemon largest to back that contort to the group photo

      1. The school computer is hard to work with it was what I had to use cause I have no time this weekend to do and I wanted to do it before I forgot to

  10. Nyargh only 15 minutes then out of work
    Some lunatic bought not one not two but three Hipster Boards….
    My god imagine how bad it would be if Pokemon incorporated those stupid hoverboads in the games

    1. They would be the life of the party and I’d have Torterra there to use rock smash and crush them to tiny bits for using them

  11. so i’m going to start a shiny hunt, see how many i can get by sun and moon release. I have X and Alpha Sapphire; who should i hunt first?

      1. munna came first so i’ll see if i have the right spots on my AS, if not i’ll try tomorrow and go for gourgeist today


    Dang it Pokémon just make a whole series like this. Please. Not a mini series, a whole show like this.

    That second one was so spooky! The ghost girl at the end was legitimately creepy!!

  13. So what are you guy’s least favorite final evo of the starters from each gen? Does’t mean you don’t like it.
    Blastoise (love Wartortle)
    Feraligator (love Croconaw)
    Swampert (like Marshtomp)
    Empoleon ( like prinplup)
    Emboar (like pignite)
    Delphox (like braixen)
    Primarina (like brionne)
    Water type starters turn out how I expect them the least.. . why i love Greninja!

    1. Least favorites:
      Sceptile (although it’s great)
      Torterra (although it’s one of the best starters out there)

      Looks like I like Grass mons the least, but I expected that. Still love starters like Sceptile, Torterra end Serperior

    2. Blastoise
      Meganium (Mainly due to shallow move pool)
      Blaziken (I like all starters but Swampert is my boy)
      Torterra (Although I love all Gen 4 Starters)
      Serperior (Again, shallow move pool)
      Primarina (Although I love all starters from Alola)

      Definitely shows my preference for Fire-type starters, can’t wait to try Litten out, but I want to give all the starters a go.

    3. Blastoise
      None (I like all of the 7th Gen final evolutions).

    4. Venusaur (Other 2 outshine it)
      Feraligatr (Why)
      Swampert (I hate Mudkips)
      Empoleon (Piplup ruined it for it)
      Samurott (Potential gone)
      Greninja (Toungue though Ash Greninja saves it)
      Decidueye (Go against the Flow)

    5. I would have to say….
      Venusaur ( Blastoise and Charizard are tied as my favs )
      Typhlosion ( kinda overrated in my opinion )
      Swampert ( doesn’t really appeal to me )
      Infernape ( same with above )
      Chesnaught ( kinda cool but kinda pales in comparison against Greninja and Delphox )
      Primarina ( hard to choose since I like all three but Decidueye and Incineroar gets my attention the most )

    1. Best evo trio since Gen 2 really. Gen 6 had a great water start and good fire, but awful grass, gen 4 had amazing fire and superb grass, but mediocre water, gen 3 had mediocre all 3 and gen 2 had two amazing and one great! Gen 6 = all 3 are fantastic (even the cat, it actually has personality and uniqueness!)

      1. Calling Empoleon Medicore…Them be fighting words. Then again to each their own. Personally I think that gen 4 had the best starter trio prior to these three dorks. Each really was well balanced, with the acceptation of Tortrra as it was always doomed to be bad, and have only grown to be more popular in competitive play over the years given they all work well for their roles. Heck I still use an Empoleon simply because it kind of plays like a Kyogre light with the advantage of being built for setting up rocks, having a priority attack for chip, and being a really good counter to fairy in general given the vast majority of them are built to be special attackers.

        1. No, calling Infernape mediocre would be fighting words…get it….Infernape….fighting type. I’ll walk my self out….right after I actually reply. Sorry but they ruined Piplup.

          1. Good pun. But again I didagree. How did empoleon ruin piplup? It’s a fantastic pokemon with great typing, a great design and has remained popular enough that it’s going to be a fighter in poker soon.

    1. are you retarted? beltigre sounds a mess? belt + tiger? so basic, uncreative, and unappealing. i actually cringe. its almost as bad as talonflame

    2. Spanish being my first language i have to say that i like incineroar more since beltigre sounds too bland and plain its just belt+tigre(spanish for tiger)

      1. Mostly on accidental Shinies that just didn’t have the right IVs like my Shiny Chesnaught and Skarmory and a few things here and there

  14. This really makes me think . . .what pokemon trainer wouldn’t have at least one pokemon out when walking in the forrest alone at night??? We need this option back

    1. Hmmm if I had to choose it be Excadrill
      Being the Subterranean Pokemon he should be perfect for navigating in the dark

  15. The Big Scoop was amazing! The two characters, within 5 minutes seemed likable and the plot was intriguing. I want the duo to return and get a mini-series of their adventures! This episode made me truly want to be in the Pokemon world even more-so than ever!

  16. So i’m pretty sure i have decided on my teams for both Sun and Moon, barring any of the speculated info mentioned below turning out to be incorrect…. (playing Sun first):

    – Primarina (Water/Fairy)
    – Lycanroc Midday Form (Rock)
    – Hakomo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
    – Lurantis (Grass)
    – Alolan Raichu (Electric/Psychic)
    – Alolan Marowak (Ghost/Fire)

    – Decidueye (Grass/Ghost)
    – Salandit Evo (Poison/Fire)
    – Wimpod (Water/Bug)
    – Silvally (Normal)
    – Alolan Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)
    – Alolan Sandslash (Ice/Steel)

    What has everyone else got planned so far?

    1. – Decidueye, Grass/Ghost
      – Vikavolt, Bug/Electric
      – Tsareena, Grass
      – Lurantis, Grass
      – Kommo-o, Dragon/Fighting
      – Spider or Wimpod’s evolution

  17. Finally home
    to think in about 3 weeks i’ll be sitting in my gravity chair, with a big bag of chips or chex, gallon of water or mtn dew and playing Pokemon Sun all day long (with or without clothes on)

      1. fine if the only mobility i’ll be doing if leaving the house or going to the bathroom i should at least try to avoid liquid calories

    1. I could never play video games while eating chips. My hands are greasy enough, and I hate getting residue on my controllers/3ds.

      1. that’s why to don’t use your fingers dummy
        that’s just cruel for the hardware

        just dump them in your mouth and ALWAYS carry a moistened napkin

        1. The bag is greasy too, at least for me. The moistened napkin thing seems interesting, I might try that lol.

    2. I’m gonna sit in school till 2:12 or skip for a midnight release if they’ll have one

        1. that reminds me
          the day before SM i’m gonna take some time to clean my 3DS of all the dust, grease and whatever that beige gunk is

  18. My Sun/Moon demo save file got corrupted as well it turns out so I had to delete that as well omg ;~; Now I’m 10 days behind xD

    1. I got bored of the demo quite quickly.
      Just waiting for the games to come out now.

      Thankfully you had this problem now, and not when Sun and Moon were out, you definitely didn’t want those files to mess up.

  19. So I just realised

    I was planning on calling my starter (Rowlet) Hedgewig as a pun on Hedge and Hedwig before switching over to Brionne

    And now that Decidueye has made that even more appropriate XD

    1. MoistRowlett.

      But seriously, I want a female shiny Decidueye named Autumn.
      I’ll probably name it Autumn either way unless I think of something better.

  20. Now THIS is Quality Content.
    The Old Chateau one was so good! YASSS!!!

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  21. It’s Friday so I’m gonna post a lot of messages that involve me screaming.

    I need Sun and Moon NOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s friday so that means two hours of me sitting on an uncomfortable bench in a horrible poisiton that gives me neck pain for the whole weekend.


  22. Something I really like about the final starter evos: the names were completely unexpected. EVERYONE thought it would be either Archoot, Archowl, or Robinhoot for Rowlet, Beltigre, Litigre, or Heatigre for Litten, and Sirene or Entermaid for Popplio.
    If any of those were the real name, I’d be super annoyed, everyone thought of these.

    1. this is why I don’t approve of using names that haven’t been officially revealed. It always annoyed me when people referred to them by those names.

  23. To anyone who thought I was crazy for saying that Decidueye was from the latin for “to fall down” or “to die” (decidere), I just found out that “deciduous” literally stems from decidere. 😛

    1. I have two IDs, one on my Wii U and one on my 3DS. Honestly I’m torn between which one I should keep using and which one I should drop with the switch.

  24. Ugh I really want to use a bunch of shinies on my team for Moon (specifically Oricorio Baile style, Tsareena, and Mimikyu), but I also want to play the game! Maybe I’ll hunt for some and use them in a play through of Sun.

    1. i was going to say are you really going to shinyhunt while playing the story but then I remember how GF made easier to find shinies for example I found a shiny drifblim before the second gym

      1. Just because you got lucky doesn’t mean it’s easy by any means. You may have found a shiny before the second gym, but it took me 3/4 of a year to get a shiny turtwig, and that’s WITH the shiny charm and masuda method.

        1. i was talking XY. and is definitely much easier in XY because they make the chances higher

    2. I want a shiny Rowlet, a shiny Decidueye, and a shiny Ribombee, but I’m waiting until post game.

  25. That new “train on” trailer almost put me in tears. It reminds me of when my friends and I used to play pokemon all the time, but I don’t see them anymore.

    I haven’t found anyone who likes pokemon since. Or anyone who doesn’t make fun of it for that matter.



      2. If they used the symbolism correctly, then yes. But I doubt they did, they just wanted an easy way to end it IMO.

  26. That was surprisingly creepy… especially Chansey’s smile. Kept thinking she’d turn out to be a Haunter or a Gengar

          1. I was Harley Quinn last year. This year its Poison Ivy. I got faux leaves and hot glued them to a bikini, and then got six inch platforms and glued faux flowers to them. : D

  27. I forgot about this but don’t forget that we have a dad in the games. Apparently he’s mentioned somewhere in those first 2 hours of the game, but don’t get to see him.

        1. Also don’t forget that ToysRUs is having a 20% off on all 3DS Pokemon games the 18th and 19th of November. Which means you can get both Sun and Moon for nearly twenty dollars less than anywhere else.

          1. I think so. However you are best off getting both games for like 64 dollars if I did my tax right. However I live in Florida where sales tax is currently like five cents on a dollar. I know it was posted about a week ago. However it is only the release date and the day after. So don’t wait if you haven’t already preordered else where!~

      1. I am sort of confused though the video yesterday, says the league hasn’t been made yet does that mean there will be a league by the post game, or the region won’t get one until a possible sequel or the d/p remakes?

        1. I dunno about the league.

          But it’d say it’s important to remember that the island challenge champion is not the same as the Pokemon league champion. The idea of two champions is making me excited lol.

          Personally I feel that the league will only be an elite four and champion, but I also want to battle gym leaders lol.

          1. I am hoping there ends up being an Elite Four after the trials and kahunas. That way the story is brand new and fresh and the Elite Four isn’t the ultimate goal but something done after you save the world. Like hey kid you saved the world and all so you have proved your worth as opponents for us.

          2. A whole new league, some new areas to explore, and the battle tree would be a great post game.

          3. Although to be fair back in the original gold and silver I never made it to Kanto and I did in the remakes. However I didn’t think it was nearly as challenging one day I want another similiar concept but where you can start over with level 5 starters of the secondary region.

          4. If Sun and Moon aren’t a dual region game, then I can’t see it ever happening again and Gen 2 will always be the only dual region games ;~; This was a perfect opportunity…

          5. I used to take forever to complete the games I am mucher more tactical now. Even spending 12 hours looking for gender specific/ability specific/ or combinations of both I still finish in under 24 hours. xC

          6. I’m very slow at completing the games xD I remember XY everyone was nearing the climax of the story and I’m just like wtf, I’m only in Ambrette Town xD I explore everywhere and backtrack a lot.

          7. I like to talk to everyone, catch the Pokemon I don’t have, explore the area, play the mini games, and so on (in the first play through). It takes me 30 or so hours.

          8. I’d be satisfied and happy with even a new island to explore of decent size. Like the resort island of Sinnoh, that had new story events, great battle areas, fun routes, and the villas. I just hope we have SOME new area to explore, unlike generation 6.

          9. PLEASE! Don’t let the only post-game thing to do be the Battle Tree…especially now that it’s been spoiled.

          10. We have three more islands we know of (don’t know if we can actually GO to them, but still).

          11. I like the post game stuff, it adds longevity, something to keep me occupied while maxing out my play time.

    1. Ok real answer:

      You don’t need Gravity to throw something. Once something it put into motion, it stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. On Earth that force is Gravity which is why when you throw something in the air, it comes back down.

      If you watch, the ball doesn’t fall back down. It collided with Deoxys, captured it, then slowly floated downwards because of it hitting Deoxys.

      1. Have you seen how far is Deoxys from the trainer? Its arm is not a gun, so please tell me how the pokeball arrived exactly where deoxys was without gravity…

          1. I am still confused how Professor Oak studied Pokemon most his life knew what a Jigglypuff was and didn’t know it was part fairy type canonically.

          2. Cause we are used to gravity, we are defenitly not used to no-gravity. How lucky is he to throw it in it with the exact strenght and in the exact direction to Deoxys when people who go to space must have like 1 years of training to no-gravity?

          3. … He aimed the ball and threw it? Then even if it wasn’t the exact strength the ball still would have continued at the same speed because of Newton’s First Law

      2. The issue with that is that the opposite force of throwing the ball would propel to trainer into space (haven’t watched the video so I may be missing something).

          1. Ok, the suit would not, no. But the direction he threw it would prevent him from flying off into space. He threw it up, and he has the space station wing to prevent him from going down.

          2. Even if the trainer should be floating in space, the force of throwing the relatively light pokeball is counteracted by the mass of the spacesuit which needs relatively more force applied to it to get it to accelerate more.

            So, throwing a Pokeball will cause minimal knockback even in space.

            But since he is on the space station wing, well, that entire thing probably isn’t budging a millimeter thanks to its even greater mass.

          3. If a force is acted on an object there will be an equal opposing force in this situation (a vacuum of space) according to Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Force that the ball is thrown is equal to force that the ball will affect on the person throwing the ball. F(ball)=F(person)
            This must be a valid statement in our world. Since the mass of the person is much larger than the ball-probably by a magnitude over a 1000x. The acceleration of the person will be much smaller than the accelation of the ball the moment it leaves their hand. If you had the arm of one of the best baseball pitchers in the world. The most that acceleration will be is probably like a foot a second. Remember we are talking about a ten year old here.

  28. This is way too premature, but Decidueye is my favorite starter and potentially my second favorite Pokemon, such a great Pokemon IMO. They fit so many themes into one brilliantly designed Pokemon, everything is interconnected perfectly.
    BUT, my minor qualm about the line is the inconstancy, I mean, it goes from a small regular cute owl, to a snooty appearance-obsessed owl, to a ghostly archer? Doesn’t mean it’ll hinder my experience of the Pokemon, but it was just a little something I noticed.

    1. Primarina may be my favorite Pokemon now. It is pretty much everything I love in a pokemon

      ☑ Fairy Type
      ☑ Beautiful
      ☑ Cute little frilly things
      ☑ Sorry I just love feminine pokemon
      ☑ ☑☑☑☑☑☑☑☑

      1. What I like about decidueye:
        – grass/ghost
        – archer
        – hoodie
        – the reason it is a ghost type
        – name being based on a Latin word
        – I like birds
        – ok listen to this: when it uses its hoodie strings as a bowstring, it tightens the hood and it uses it as a scope. And I think that’s super cool
        – Spirit shackle fits my play style well, plus it’s a cool name

        1. Technically Primarina’s is kind of based on Latin too (mare -> sea). I’m sure a lot are, actually, because English takes a lot of word from other languages. These include Latin itself, as well as the many romance languages, which are Latin-based (French, Spanish, etc.)
          Decidueye is pretty cool tho. Definitely one of my favorite starter designs!

          1. It’s definitely not the only one, I just think that’s cool. I mean, how often do they put three different words into one Pokemon name?


      2. I think it’s cool that everyone seems to have one specific starter that they connect with and absolutely adore, and they generally dislike the others. Despite the starters being so controversial, everyone seems to have one that they love.

          1. Inferoar is the rotten apple of the basket for me lol. It taints my view of the starters as a group, but doesn’t change my view of Primarina and Decidueye, whom I like.

    2. I see it more like a noble lord’s growth. A cute child that is loved and is adorable. It then becomes a bit spoiled in its teenage years relying on its position of power and having so much control over its life it becomes a bit of a snob and quickly breaks down the moment it realizes that its not untouchable and all powerful. From that it learn some humility and grows into a fine adult, skilled in its passion that it’s practiced since childhood; archery.

      1. Wow and here I thought I couldn’t like Decidueye even more! You have made a great observation! Thank you for sharing.

      1. I’d say it’s too early to say that for me, but it’s definitely got a good shot. Along with Oricorio, but I like that one a bit less.

    3. I think Decidueye is my second favortie Pokémon too! I can’t say he is my favorite starter since Feraligatr is my favorite Pokémon of all time. I just can’t get over Decidueye’s marvellous design and type.

  29. Now to update my review!
    Episode 1: 9.5/10
    Episode 2: 9.8/10
    Episode 3: 8.7/10
    Episode 4: 9.0/10
    Episode 5: 9.2/10
    Episode 6: 8.4/10
    Episode 7: 8.1/10
    Episode 8: 9.6/10
    Episode 9: 9.8/10
    Episode 10: 9.1/10
    Will re-post this afterwards when 11 and 12 come out.

  30. Earthen bored
    so i’m trying to decide
    Crabrawler vs Stufful

    they’re the odd…crab and cub out of my group
    and i really don’t like anything else

        1. Dam that’s almost my team ………….u shouldn’t use all these fighter while the game contain this amount of fairies.

          1. at least i’m more physical then you
            you’re just the darkened area of a physical object in the light

    1. I’m still trying to decide between Morelull and Tsareena!
      Right now I have Primarina, Ribombee, Oricorio (Baile), Mimikyu, Kommo-o

        1. I generally like using dual-types, and I generally don’t use grass types at all lol
          And I’m all for Tsareena, but I really like Morelull too!

    2. I’m having the same problem I really like Bewear a lot, but the possible combo of Fighting/Ice really makes Crabrawler2 work better for my team.

    3. BEWEAR!!!!!! come on, you know bewear’s gunna one hell of an atk stat. I’m assuming 140 at the least, though its lore makes me hope more, like haxorus more…

  31. I just watched the second generations.
    First I thought chansey’s smile looked like a ditto.
    But then it got really creepy. Like, what the heck where they thinking? xD

  32. I’m looking forward to the battle tree, not because of the battles, but because of the environment. Slowly climbing a tree, battling on those wooden platforms looks beautiful! I’m hoping it looks like we are actually climbing.

        1. Thanks. Makes me think it’ll be a part of the main story rather than the postgame, which could mean there’s more to the endgame we haven’t seen yet. You still convinced there’s more Pokemon to see?

          1. You bet I am! ^_^
            This reveal has made me more confident. I mean, they just blew their starter evos, the 3 Tapus, the battle facility, the Alola league info, a story relevant Pokemon, AND the stuff another red and blue in one reveal! If they didn’t have more to show then they should’ve paced it out more.

    1. I just hope it’s not the usual tedious crap that every “battle tower” or whatever gives us. I don’t mind tower based stuff, but when I can barely get through the first leg in both actual battles and patience there’s a problem. I’m not look for an easy win or anything, but I need something more than just mindless battle after mindless battle. The Black tower and White tree in BW2 was actually fun and kept me interested. Not only that, but it offered a prize at the end that wasn’t just some random trophy that meant nothing to me. lol

      1. Oh well if it’s called Battle Something that isn’t Frontier, you bet it’s the same usual formula.

        I’m a vet of these, I might be able to help out.

          1. I want it ssooooo bad, but I have given up on it, I know that would only lead to dissapointment. Battle tree is still better than maison though. The best thing about the tree? ITS A LANDMASS.
            That means it can’t just be copied in a remake or whatever like the maison.

          2. My favorite was either the factory or the arcade from Sinnoh (remakes PLEASE don’t cheat out on this like ORAS did).

          3. My honest score:
            + Ending credits scene
            – No battle frontier (-1)
            – Too easy (-1)
            – Little post game in general (-1)
            It was not one of my favorite games by far.

          4. That’s fair. I really like soaring and just the sheer amount of pokemon they put in it though

          5. The legends thing, soaring, and the ending credits thing were the best new parts for me, but they took steps back from Emerald, which I have to take off for IMO.

          6. I loved the castle, earning wages based on battle performance, then use the wages to recover or get a peek at the opponents team. it was great. also liked the pyramid, despite it being irritating every once in awhile.

          1. Yes. They said it was being built in ORAS. It’s possible that they’re saving it for D/P remakes though.

  33. Another thing: with the datamine, everyone was saying that the idea of two regions was ruled out. So now why am I seeing people talking about/making videos about the possibility of going to Kanto? (I know that it’s because of the train on thing, but I’m asking because I thought it was deconfirmed a week or so ago.

    1. Idk because some people are obsessed with Kanto? Even though Kalos was basically Kanto 2.0. I really wouldn’t want to return to Kanto anytime soon.

  34. Pokemon Sun and Moon are the first games since Silver, Gold, and Crystal where none of the starter’s final evolutions have fighting type in them
    Blaziken -> Infernape -> Emboar -> Chesnaut.

    1. Thank freaking god……Fighting is a good type, but the starters need more range than that lol

    1. If that was true then they’d make us swim to each island rather than giving us access to boats lol

        1. Blaaahh Xenoblade X frustrates me so much.

          It has this huge world that I just want to explore but i really can’t without progressing the story but the story is so mundane and just bad compared to the grand epic that was Xenoblade Chronicles.

          1. There are actually ways to explore most of the world without progressing too much. You just need to look a little harder, that’s all (definitely not all the world, but most).
            I really liked it, except I hated how short and unfinished the story was.

          2. out of curiosity, do you think that has anything to do with having a main character that is customizable? I’ve never played xenoblade x, but generally in rpg’s, I notice that if the main character is customizable, they don’t have the freedom of developing a engaging story involving them (unless you are ffxii, where the main character literally doesn’t matter at all to the plot).

          3. In a way yes. Xenoblade X tried to jump on Western RPGs a bit too much but still tried to tell a JRPG’s story. If they wanted customization to your character, the story should have been minimal and the game should be focused on exploring the world (What I wanted). If they wanted to tell a story, they should have just given you a character.

    1. I don’t think it goes by real world geography, HOWEVER, I think Kanto is more likely than Kalos.

    2. This could explain alolan forms.. they are the closest.. so kanto pokes had the most times to change for the environment

    3. you see the music track for sun and moon is 175 which would be pretty small for 2 regions because HGSS has 270

      1. The updated tracks could be left out for a “disc 2” thing.

        But honestly I don’t think it’s happening.

  35. I just love how diverse Pokemon is. Like, even though 4 regions are based on Japan, they all feel unique and different. Then we have regions based on New York, France and now Hawaii!! I’ve learned alot about Japan and Hawaii and theculture of those places from these games and Kalos is part of the reason I chose to take French. Plus the Pokemon all have very unique inspirations from various parts of Earth from nature to human culture. Like IDK this is kinda random to bring up but I have always loved this about the series.

          1. Yeah. Also I mean Italy there wow I’m not paying attention 😛

            I want a city all on the water like Venice and you have a Lapras or Gen 8 pokemon carry you around

          2. That’d be the new Lumiose likely. I’d love that so much, it’d be sooo pretty, but other than that, there wouldn’t be much else to look forward to in an Italy region.

          1. It is good, but it could’ve been better. It’s literally the living definition of wasted potential.

            But, it still could be there with the rest of the dex.

          2. hm it is bulky tho. who knows slap sleep talk on it and it will be immune to every status affect lol

          3. Water/poison for female, and maybe water/fighting for male. (I believe only the females have a poisonous gland, right?)

          4. you sir/ma’m just said what i always say, switch it around tho males produce poison not females and females are more aggressive

          1. hm you can do alot with a reason thats just a desert and what has grassy lands towards the nile

          2. If you think about it, a lot of Unova Pokémon would work. Yamask, Cofagrigus, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Darumaka and Darmanitan.

          3. You should get to explore the pyramids. Lots of Yamask and Cofagrigus for sure, but they should make Pokémon based on different Canopic jars. You know how there are 4? They could all be the same Pokémon except different forms.

      1. Italy is so beautiful. We could get mountains, big lakes, historical cities, hidden villages, the beach + we could take trains. Pls Gamefreak :defeated:

      1. Decidueye is genuinely my favorite Pokemon I’ve seen in a while, maybe my favorite ever.

        Not all have this level of thought though.

  36. hmmmm i just had a thought
    if all these Pokemon are space and planet themed

    would it be cool if Marshadow was a living manifestation of a black hole?

  37. Random question, what is game sync actually for? I don’t think I’ve ever synced any of my games and it would be difficult to access 3DS-compatible internet in time to do so before monday night. What features would I loose access to?

    1. It syncs up to the pokemon global link website. You can get pokemiles by doing wi-fi stuff that can be spent on small mini games on the site or to buy items like rare candies and cool stuff like that

      1. I never told you how much I love your profile pic starstorm, its adorable. I know its been there for awhile but I never got around to it lol.

  38. Updated list of stuff we get to do in SM:
    – Figure out Lillie’s secret
    – Figure out Cosmog’s secret
    – Cover legend stuff
    – Take down team skull
    – Discover the story of Gladion and Silvally
    – Take down aether foundation
    – Discover the secret of the UBs
    – Help the island guardians protect Alola from the UBs
    – Complete the island challenge
    – Build a Pokemon league
    – Figure out the secret of your father

    Most of this will be interconnected, but still, there is sooo much to do in the main story (?) alone. 21 days can’t pass fast enough.

  39. Thoughts on stuff from the past few days:
    I really like all the starter names, though I’ll admit decidueye is a bit unexpected and though it sounds awesome I’m not sure I feel it fits the pokémon perfectly.
    Incineroar is an amazing name, sadly it would have a quadrupedal beast just as well if not better, so it’s only reminding me of how sad it is litten turns into Tony the Traitor.
    Primarina works perfectly for what Primarina is… Still not a fan though :p

    Decidueye’s ghost typing is a complete curveball, and a genuinely awesome one at that! Was kinda hoping for ground, but hell if any replacement is good it’s this one!
    Spirit shackle is a cool idea, though it’ pretty nonsensical for Decidueye not to have a grass arrow based attack, or for Datrix to have a leaf dart one, or Popplio etc a bouncy-bubble based one (or even for Litten and co an oil-based one)… Though I guess Frubbles never got to be a battle thing so there’s a precedent for such wasted of potential. I am wondering though, would spirit shackle trap ghost types as well? It would seem only fitting, and we need at least something to trap them… (I’d made up my own fake move, spirit trap, for that very reason…)
    Now I’m not even sure I’ll use nicknames (never did before VC yellow except a few competitive mons), but if I somehow do, I’ve got to decide whether it’ll be Owliver Queen, or Sterling Mallory 😀 .

    I’m still not fully sold on those tapus compared to superior fake leak alternatives, but I will say the surprise typings work well (makes me like Tapu Bulu way better for some reason), and their personalities are neat. My favourite is probably Fini, mostly due to it’s awesome webbed talon-hands. If you’re still wondering if Lele is a butterfly or not, it’s name in french is Tokopiyon (Toko=tapu, piyon=papillon=butterfly).

    Alolan persian is garfield, cosmog is cute and I’m intrigued and concerned about it’s nature (I don’t like them messing with things like non-evolving legendaries, though diancie/carbink was already dodgy).

    The battle tree looks cool (though I’m really sad they decided to waste the giant tree on second tree-based battle facility), though I’m kinda concerned it’s just gonna be another maison with a few more cool guests… Love the Cynthia and Wally returns (no ageing is because GF is lazy AF and reusing the model, face it people :p ), same goes for Red and Blue and their awesome music, though I heavily dislike red’s new appearance, I get he aged but he really lost his charm IMO (his t-shirt is sick though). All this is boding pretty well cameo-wise, let’s hope this isn’t it…

    That new trailer was pretty cool, though I thought it was completely lame how the kid won with an OP Z-move after all that “competitive” training, and was surprised at how well the douche kid took it while I was there fuming for him. TBH I’m mostly apathetic to Z-moves, but this does make me kinda lean towards wishing they simply weren’t a thing. But it’s fine, that’s just the pokémon metagame, we got OP megas and horrendously planned VGC rulesets (hello primals for a year) this gen so this is nothing too unusual.

    1. I liked how Hoku used explosion. It was a risky but strategic move, it’s better than JUST showing winning with a Z move.

  40. Thoughts on the Generations’s episodes: Still awesome as uje, however there are a few things I’m not necessarily unhappy about, but still kinda dissapointed on how they’re playing things compared to out expectations.

    Episode 9
    -The battle between the legends makes for a terrific watch, it’s amazingly well scripted and animated even by good anime battle standards, and the accompanying deoxys battle music remix is awesome.
    -The voice acting was pretty spot on for this one, for once there aren’t just parts it had slightly worse voice acting or script wise than the french version, there are also parts it did better!
    -Happy we got a Delta episode focus, sad we got no Zinnia, or Steven Stone, or especially no Looker (there goes my common thread theory)…
    -I mean who greenlit a Gabby&Ty focused episode? I don’t dislike them, they’re decent characters and I like how they’re really expanded upon in the manga, but I’m not sure they deserved the spotlight. Oh well, it makes for a refreshing perspective I guess. Not sure about the whole tackling of government censorship/information protection in Pokémon, it’s the kinda adult political concern I’d expect most main series stuff to stay away from haha.
    -Loving the small touches: Gulpin keyring, Rotom shirt, it really keep up the 20th anniversary spiel well.

    Episode 10
    -Hell, that was Creepy AF, especially Chansey… And Cheryl, her rosy art style creeps me in some proportion to her SMILING companion. I R8 SPOOPY
    -Just realised they planned this one’s release specially for halloween… Neat!
    -Tbf though, I like the take on chansey, sound and behaviour wise, it’s spot on.
    -Cool take on the old chateau and it’s inhabitants, though kinda sad we didn’t get an appearance from the Player, or some actual Rotom cameo rather than a reference.
    -Kinda concerned my theory of them lumping all the travelling companions together in one episode hasn’t played out though… Now we know the 2 remaining episodes are going to deal with Cyrus and Giratina, and then Buck and Heatran… My idea would have made for a nice little panorama while giving us more space for more interesting characters… I’ve nothing against the travel buddies, but do they deserve 2 episodes for themselves? (Especially if they’re gonna focus on Cheryl and Buck and not the more interesting ones (IMO), like Riley and Marley)

    1. It’s an interesting theory, but an unlikely one. However it does raise an interesting question with those platforms. They clearly so serve a purpose, but the only one we’ve scene used has been for the match against Hau.

      1. There’s a difference between the platform you battled Hau on and the ones they are talking about though. That one has a clear purpose, to stage the Kahuna battles, but these are more like empty lots in the middle of a town, which seems odd to do that many times.

        1. Yes and no. Yes that one clearly served a purpose, but at the same time we’ve scene the second Kahuna battle doesn’t quite use it, so we can’t assume that their something for the Kahuna’s and other special battles for the alolan challenge. But yeah the fact that they seem to be in the middle of towns or other weird places is kind of strange.

    2. Doubt it. Ohmori already basically said there weren’t any gyms in the games. If we get a sequel then yeah sure, but not in Sun and Moon as base games

      1. Alright I actually watched the video and now I’m still not sure. They make a lot of sense and I do really like the idea of a non linear gym quest for the post game. It would basically let people get their fill of gym style battles without the need to go to a different region. It also makes sense that those empty lots would eventually become something. If it was just one or two empty spaces then I’d say they’re just there to “fill” space so to speak, but it seems odd that there are so many of them. It would also make sense as to why we basically seem to have all the info we need on the captains so far in advance. I would have thought they’d keep most of them hidden until the games release. If they have another role however that’d mean they would have a secret for us to discover (I.E. them becoming formal gym leaders) Either way this is all very interesting and I wouldn’t be against it as it’d make the games “story” longer and more fulfilling.

    3. On one hand, if it is, I think they should be the trial captains that become Gym leaders.
      On the other hand,
      If each Trial captain gives 1 Z Stone, that’s 7.
      Normal, Electric, Water, Fire, Grass, Ghost, Dragon.
      If each Kahuna gives one, that’s 4 more, making 11.
      Fighting, Rock, 2 more, Possibly Ground.
      If there were 7 Gyms, they should have the remaining 7 Types, and then you can get the remaining 7 typed Z Stones from them, making 18.
      Meaning, we could finally Get a Dark Gym…

  41. The Deoxys battle with Mega Rayquaza was epic,the second one was pretty creepy.Heck even Cheryl’s Chansey was giving off a creepy vibe >.>;

  42. i just thought of something awesome. If we get FROM software’s games on the switch, that’d be awesome. I also see the as the perfect group to make a proper metroid title. inb4 “no, Zelda” well, Zelda has always been great, we need a good Metroid game, and I’m sure FROM software is talented enough to make a game based on guns rather than swords. (either Metroid or work with konami to make an awesome castlevania)

  43. Been looking at the leaked regional dex, and I think we can figure out or at leatst speculate which Pokemon are version exclusives, though I’m not gonna speculate which version.

    Alolan Rattata and Yungoose (Confirmed)
    Alolan Raticate and Gumshoos (Confirmed)
    Spearow and Murkrow
    Fearow and Honchkrow
    Alolan Vulpix and Growlithe
    Alolan Ninetails and Arcanine
    Elekid and Magby
    Electabuzz and Magmar
    Electavire and Magmortar
    Ledyba and Spinarak
    Ledian and Ariados
    Misdreavous and Drifloon (Hinted by a past trailer though could just be a Day/Night thing as Misdreavous usually counterparts Murkrow)
    Mismagius and Drifblim
    Bagon and Gible
    Shelgon and Gabite
    Salamence and Garchomp
    Cranidos and Sheildon
    Ramparados and Bastiodon
    Petilil and Cottonee
    Liligant and Whimsicott
    Tirtouga and Archen
    Carracosta and Archeops
    Trubbish and Alolan Grimer
    Garbodor and Alolan Muk
    Rufflet and Vullaby
    Braviary and Mandibuzz
    Lycanroc Midday and Lycanrock Midnight (Confirmed)
    Fomantis and Morlull
    Lurantis and Morlull Evo
    Stufful and Pancham
    Bewear and Pangoro
    Oranguru and Passimian (Confirmed)
    Sea Cucumber thing and the Baby Spider thing
    Sea cucumber evo and the adult spider thing
    Drampa and Tortunator
    Solgaleo and Lunala
    UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Absorbtion
    2 of the other UB.

    Obviously not all will be, Seems a bit too many, but I think a fair few might be. We’ll have to wait and see…

    1. There’s no way one version has an alola form/new pokemon and the other a standard old pokemon…Even yangoos and rattata are not version exclusive. They are just totem exclusive. The only new pokemon who will be version exclusive are probably Oranguru and Passimian, the Licanrock forms, Drampa and Tortunator and Alola Vulpix and Alola sandlash

        1. No. It was not. Check on serebii. It was not clear and probably they are not. What’s the point of bringing Yangoos to counter rattata if they are not in the same region.

          1. Honestly I think it’s silly, but that’s how it seems to be, The people who played the 2 hours of sun said they never found a wild Rattata, and vice versa.
            I think it should be Day and Night myself, but then, so should Lycanroc.

            And honestly don’t just rely on Serebii

          2. Never heard about players confirming that. And the trailer does not mention them being exclusive, cause litteraly it has no sense. Consider that x/y had just spritzee and swirlix as version exclusives new pokemon. I don’t see why half of the alola dex should be made of exclusives.new pokemon

          3. I said “Obviously not all will be, Seems a bit too many, but I think a fair few might be”, I was just listing off the possible ones and Logical ones..
            For example Vulpix and Growlithe are usually version exclusive.
            I’m not saying they 100% will be, because Misdreavous doesn’t seem to have it’s usual Counterpart, Murkrow, but it’s certainly a Possibility.
            The only unconfirmed ones I am sure about are Electabuzz and Magmar, Ledyba and Spinarak and Braviary and Mandibuzz and Drampa and Turtonator tbh

            And no it has no sense, I literraly just said that, but that’s how it is, the only sense to it is that they’re both early route normals. And you’re telling me Lycanroc exclusivity makes sense?

          4. All the pokemon who were VE will be again probably. But vulpix has lost its fire type so it does not count as counterpart of Growlite, for now the only other ice “new pokemon” is sandlash.

          5. Yes, that’s why I’m not 100% on Vulpix, but it’s still very possible. However it wasn’t even version exclusive in Gen 5 and 6 even as a fire type.
            Type doesn’t always matter in exclusivity though, Oranguru and Passimian don’t share a type.
            That’s all I’m saying.
            Sandslash and Sandshrews counterpart is usually Ekans and Arbok, but they don’t seem to be in the regional dex, so it’s likely that they’re in both games.

          6. So let me understand, the game who has Vulpix has both new alola form while the one who gets growlite has just sansdlash? What’s the point? They are both in both games or they are version exclusives. There’s no way imo that an old pokemon and a new one can be version exclusives. It would be not fair.

          7. Why not?
            Heracross and Pinsir became version exclusives to each other. The point is theres mroe alolan forms than just that, for all you know the Rattata could be in the seperate game from the Vulpix, technically making them counterparts too for alolan forms.

            And all I’m saying is POSSIBLE, you’re just writing it off completely.

            As it is though, Meowth and Mankey are usually counterparts too, I didn’t include it as Meowth seems to be in both games, but it’s possible that that’s wrong.

            All I’m doing is saying what’s Possible, not what I totally 100% think will happen, you don’t have to be so dead against it

          8. Despite the fact that in gen 2, where Heracross was introduced, they were both in both games, meaning that a new pokemon and an old one should not be VE at least not in the generation in which the new pokemon is introduced.

          9. I keep saying again and again, it’s possible both ways, but you don’t seem to be getting that and just seem to think I’m saying “Oh it will be” instead of what I’m actually saying, which is, I repeat “IT’S POSSIBLE BOTH WAYS”
            It’s entirely Possible Vulpix and Growlithe are version exclusives. And theres only one way to find out. So theres really no point in arguing about it. Just cause you don’t think so doesn’t mean it can’t be.

          10. If they wanted to make vulpix and growlite exclusive they would have created and alola form for vulpix too, don’t you think? I can’t see it being possible and I cannot accept your point of view cause you are not giving me any clear proof to make me think that way. It has never happened, so why should happen now? Give me good proofs and I will accept the possibility.

          11. It’s still a Vulpix though despite having a different type. How can you say for sure that it isn’t possible, when you’re not giving any clear proof either?
            It’s completely Possible, open your mind a bit.

          12. My proof is that it has never happened in pokemon history that a new pokemon and an old one are version exclusive. Even Misdreavus and Murkrow got both an evolution in D/P so they could be version exclusives, so did Heracross and Pinsir with megas in x/y. If GF wanted vulpix and growlite to be version exclusives in s/m they would have given growlite an alola form. There’s no reason someone would prefer growlite on alola vulpix, cause you can bring your growlite from pokemon bank, you cannot bring an alola vulpix in the same way. This is not fair, it has never happened and in my opinion it will not. My mind is completly opened to things that MAY happen.

          13. You know what also has never happened?
            No Gyms, a Legendary that evolves, Old Pokemon recieving new forms that aren’t just a temporary form change, A Pokemon that evolves based on which game it’s in, A Legendary from a past Gen gaining significance in a new one.
            Vulpix isn’t technically a new Pokemon. Just an old one with a new type, and as such it’s possible that it will be.
            This is a gen where we shouldn’t really just say it has never happened so it won’t this time.
            And why is your beef with that one, theres others on that list which stand a much less likely chance, the fossils for example.
            Until theres 100% Proof, you can’t really say it can’t happen, not even cause you don’t think it should. I don’t think Lycanroc should look different based on which game it evolves in, instead it should be time of day but it does.

          14. When you cannot bring it from a past gen it’s a new pokemon. Vulpix may have the same name and the same specie but competitivly speaking it’s a completly new pokemon. So just because Alola has no gym I’m forced to believe that Arceus is going to have a Mega Evolution? Cause there’s no proof of it, but hey tell me that’s not possible! Everything is possible but history is a teacher of life and until a little tiny proof I don’t believe anything.
            Electabuzz and Magmar got both a preevo and a evo, Pinsir and Heracross, Mawile and Sableye, Tyranitar and Aggron got both a mega, Misdreavus and Murkrow got bot an evolution.
            I have history on my side, you have nothing, so stop telling me how to behave.

          15. That’s completely possible, just unlikely. I’m saying Possible, not Likely.
            If theres one thing this gen has taught us, it’s to not rely as much on what history has taught us. Chill.
            Just accept that I don’t agree that it won’t happen and move on.

          16. So you agree on the fact the you have no proof to support your theory except from the “everything is possible” stuff. Ok, I see your point. We can stop this.

          17. And you agree that all your proof is “I don’t think it will so it won’t” I see your point, yes we can stop this, I didn’t even start it.

          18. “In my opinion it will not happen”, as you can see I said in my opinion and it’s not because I wake up this morning like that, but because history tells me that, that’s a proof that can support my theory. At least I have something that support my argumentation, you have none, so what?

          19. It’s probably cause I suck at arguing, always tripping over my own points even if they’re Legitimate.
            This seems to be boiling down to this
            You think it’s not likely because you’re seeing it as a new Pokemon and not accepting that it could be due to past games.
            And I think it’s possible because it’s still a Vulpix in the end and this Gen has shown that we can’t really rely on thing from past games.
            I’m seeing you as Stubborn.
            And you’re seeing me as stupid.
            Lets just agree to end it without insulting each other just because we don’t agree. We’ll find out in under a months time, not that long to wait.

          20. It is like a new pokemon. It has a unique type, a completly new movepoll, completly new abilities and a new design. It’s an old pokemon just because it’s called vulpix? Why you should give one version the possbility to use it and Growlite (from pokemon bank) and the other just growlite. It’s not fair, this is why old and new pokemon have never been VE.
            P.s. I have never insulted you in anyway. If saying that I don’t agree with your point cause imo has no basis it’s an insult, then it’s your problem. Never said you are stupid but I’m the stubborn apparently.

          21. Scuse me for butting in but I’ve read all of this and you’re both being pretty stubborn IMHO. It’s pretty laughable. It looks so childish. Grow up the pair of you an accept that you don’t fucking agree.

          22. Thanks for your opinion. We will keep it in mind. People usually talk and confront even with different points of view, you know. This is how you grow up.

          23. Dude they aren’t version exclusives they are time exclusive it states Alolan Rattata’s only come out out night and they played Sun where it’s normal time so when playing in the afternoon or morning you won’t find Rattata you will find Yungoos and vice versa

          24. Oh I want night and Day cause then I need to efface my Gumshoos of my portrait knowing it’s Moon version

          1. Yeah I know …..I can understand it in design it’s to balance the colors but many artist do that in other art but wat did it mean?

  44. Episode 9 was the best ever and Episode 10 was very good, giving Halloween tease. I can’t wait for Generation 5 shorts.

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