New Trailers Released for Pokkén Tournament DX

Two new Japanese trailers for Pokkén Tournament DX has been released and showcases more footage of the game which will be released September 22nd for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the characters from the Wii U version, DX also includes brand new characters such as Decidueye from last year’s Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The game also features new … Read more

Pokkén Tournament DX Announced

Although the Pokémon Direct didn’t bring us a Gen VII Nintendo Switch game like many were hoping for, it did announce a title for the console: Pokkén Tournament DX. The game originally launched for the Nintendo Wii U, but the DX version includes new playable characters (Scizor, Empoleon and even Decidueye).

Empoleon Announced for Pokkén Tournament

Empoleon has just been announced as a playable character for Pokkén Tournament! The Water/Steel-type will be available in the arcade version beginning on December 15th. Its existence was first hinted at in datamining leaks during summer, but it will finally make its official debut now six months later. Still no word if the extra characters, including Darkrai … Read more

Croagunk Revealed as Next Pokkén Fighter

Contrary to popular predictions based on datamined information, Croagunk has been announced as the new fighter joining Pokkén Tournament’s roster. The game update will be coming to Japanese arcades on November 10th, with no details yet about Wii U release. Several characters have yet to debut on the console version as of writing. We’ll update … Read more

Scizor Revealed for Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament, the Pokémon fighter brought to us from the same game studio as Tekken, has added a new fighter to its roster: Scizor (image above courtesy of Serebii)! This was widely expected after fans had datamined a game update which also included Darkrai (revealed several months ago) and Empoleon (yet to be officially announced). … Read more

New Pokkén Tournament Fighter On the Way!

It was revealed by the official Japanese Pokkén Tournament twitter that a brand new fighter will be unveiled for the arcade version of the game on October 13th! No clues were given as to who the fighter may be or whether or not this latest edition to the roster will be added to the WiiU … Read more