News from the Pokémon World Championships’ closing ceremony

The Pokémon World Championships have finally drawn to a close and this year’s Pokémon Champions have been decided! But they also had a few final surprises for us in store… The new Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Trailer Updates from the closing ceremony New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC screenshots That’s all the news for … Read more

Pokémon TCG: Celebrations collection announced

What better way to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary than with a TCG collection that highlights some of our favorite cards and mechanics throughout the series’ history. The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Celebrations collection will start launching on October 8, with a variety of products being available. Many cards in this set will be close remakes of past … Read more

Pokémon YouTuber opens booster from every English TCG release

Many of us have opened countless Pokémon TCG booster packs, but far fewer have opened one from every single expansion. But how many have opened them in one sitting? Only the most dedicated YouTubers. UnlistedLeaf, who runs a Pokémon-centric channel with almost 2 million subscribers, is the latest to join this exclusive club. In total, … Read more

Pokémon TCG Coming to European Virtual Console

The original Pokémon TCG video game for the Gameboy Color will be available to 3DS owners in Europe via the handheld’s Virtual Console. It will debut on July 10th and cost £4.49 or €4.99 depending on your region. Pokémon TCG was originally released over ten years ago in 1999 and, in my opinion, is a genuinely … Read more