Pokémon TCG: Celebrations collection announced

What better way to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary than with a TCG collection that highlights some of our favorite cards and mechanics throughout the series’ history. The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Celebrations collection will start launching on October 8, with a variety of products being available.

Many cards in this set will be close remakes of past favorites, including Base Set Charizard, Umbreon ☆, and Tapu Lele-GX. Booster packs in this collection will contain four cards, with each being holofoil.

Box collections

  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collection—Dragapult Prime box retails for $14.99 and goes on sale October 8
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collections—Dark Sylveon V box retails for $19.99 and goes on sale October 8
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collections—Lance’s Charizard V box retails for $19.99 and goes on sale October 8
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collection featuring Zacian retails for $19.99 and goes on sale October 8
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collector Chest retails for $24.99 and goes on sale during October
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Premium Figure Collection—Pikachu VMAX box retails for $49.99 and goes on sale October 22
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Special Collection—Pikachu V–UNION box retails for $29.99 and goes on sale October 8

Mini tins

  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Mini Tins retail for $8.99, go on sale on October8 and contain: two four-card Celebrations boosters, a 25th anniversary coin and a card featuring the art on the tin

Elite trainer boxes and ultra-premium collection

  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Elite Trainer Box retails for $49.99 and go on sale October 8. Each box contains 10 four-card Celebrations boost packs, five regular TCG boosters, a Greninja ☆ card, anniversary card sleeves and more
  • Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Ultra–Premium Collection retails for $119.99 and goes on sale October 22. Contains two commemorative metal cards of Base Set Pikachu and Charizard, a gold version of Pikachu V and Poké Ball, 17 four-card Celebrations booster packs, plus eight regular TCG booster packs and more

There will be a special Pokémon Center version of the elite trainer box sold through the Pokémon Center Online, as well as an “Ultra-Premium Collection” box.

Let us know your thoughts on this set and what Pokémon TCG card has been your favorite throughout the years. Have any particular memories? Share down in the comments or on Discord!

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