Pokémon YouTuber opens booster from every English TCG release

Many of us have opened countless Pokémon TCG booster packs, but far fewer have opened one from every single expansion. But how many have opened them in one sitting? Only the most dedicated YouTubers. UnlistedLeaf, who runs a Pokémon-centric channel with almost 2 million subscribers, is the latest to join this exclusive club.

In total, that’s 89 sets that took over 1 hour to get through. Collecting them was a challenge in itself, as he aimed to acquire only unweighted packs, which means that no one had already assumed there was little or no chance of there being a valuable card within based on its weight.

It wasn’t cheap either—assembling all of the booster packs cost over $7,000 US dollars. He was helped by his friend and fellow YouTuber, the PokéJew, who was able to help acquire them all over a three month time period.

UnlistedLeaf was kind enough to share some additional pictures, which give a better view of just how many packs he got to open.

His favorite card from all these boosters? The holographic Espeon out of the Aquapolis expansion of the e-Card Series, which can be seen at 19:49 in the first video above. He added that if it is graded as a PSA 10, it could be worth more than $2,000, which could go a ways to offset the cost of the video if he decides to sell it.

That leaves us with some questions for our readers: Do you have a favorite TCG expansion pass? What was your favorite card UnlistedLeaf pulled? Let us know in the comments! As always, we’re also happy to meet new Trainers on our Discord server as well!