Pokémon Shuffle Coming to iOS & Android

The free-to-pay Pokémon Shuffle will be hitting mobile devices later this year. It is the first time a spin-off title has landed on such prolific non-Nintendo platforms. Watch the trailer above! Japan to get a beta version on June 30th. For 3DS owners, there’s also a Manetric event active right now so go compete! <3 PJ … Read more

Dialga ready to battle in Pokémon Shuffle

Dialga’s the latest legendary to take center stage in the free-to-pay puzzle game Pokémon Shuffle. The Temporal Pokémon will be available until June 29th. In addition, Mega Blastoise is back and a competition to win its Mega Stone is again underway. That will end June 22nd with the results coming soon after, so don’t miss … Read more

Giratina Breaks Free of Distortion World, Heads to Pokémon Shuffle

That’s right! The legendary Renegade Pokémon will be making a special appearance in an upcoming event for the 3DS’s free-to-pay puzzler Pokémon Shuffle. The event will go live on June 8th (Monday) and run until June 22nd. The stage to capture it is also a new style called an ‘Escalation Battle’ which throws harder and harder … Read more

Pokémon Shuffle Updated with New Features, Events

Pokémon Shuffle, the latest Pokémon puzzler on Nintendo’s 3DS, has been improved with some much needed features which make the gaming experience much smoother: Hearts gained or bought above the normal 5 are now separate and you’ll still be able to regenerate the latter hearts (THANK YOU) Pokémon details are now available to see right … Read more

Celebratory Shaymin for Pokémon Shuffle

Shaymin, the cute Grass-type hedgehog legendary, is up for grabs on Pokémon Shuffle to celebrate 4 million downloads. The title is available as a free download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and Shaymin is available from today until June 15th. Completion of the level rewards 1,000 coins and downloading the required patch also rewards a … Read more