Giratina Breaks Free of Distortion World, Heads to Pokémon Shuffle

That’s right! The legendary Renegade Pokémon will be making a special appearance in an upcoming event for the 3DS’s free-to-pay puzzler Pokémon Shuffle. The event will go live on June 8th (Monday) and run until June 22nd. The stage to capture it is also a new style called an ‘Escalation Battle’ which throws harder and harder levels at players. Winning level 5 will net you 1,000 coins, but going all the way up to 50 will get you a free Disruption Delay item. Each successive stage will also raise your chances of Giratina too!

The game will also get new regular stages on Monday, featuring new Pokémon such as Garbodor, Doublade and Conkeldurr (which is still one of my least favorite names in the series). New EX stages include the fully evolved Kalos starters; Chesnaught, Greninja and Delphox.

<3 PJ