School’s Out: What are your Summer PokéPlans?

Many of you are finishing school semesters and thinking about all the free time you’ll have this summer. All that time for Pokémon. What are you looking forward to doing over the break? Here are some ideas:

  • Creating new teams (Competitive or just for fun)
  • Breeding unusual moves onto Pokémon
  • Finishing up games (Main and side)
  • Creating fan works (Art, videos, etc)
  • Wonder Trading (Please no more Bunnelbys)

As for me, sadly I’ve started working even more. But I’ll have fun just by watching you all have fun 😉

<3 PJ

  1. I plan to finish up my shiny team of OR right now looking for shiny solrock

  2. I plan to finish the after game of Mystery Dungeon Exploreres and Sky and beat Red Rescue Team. I also plan to complete the pokedex on Alpha Sapphire then start shiny hunting!

  3. Summer plans:
    Finish Classic mode, All Star, Smash Run on SSB3DS
    Binge watch on new shows (need some new ones, nearly done with TWD)
    Might draw some designs for a tattoo & maybe write some new songs
    Eat, sleep, TV, repeat

  4. Perfecting my super secret team of jynx, Mr. Mime and Hypno. The perfect team to freak people out…. lol 😛

  5. Just gonna get this off my chest, this summer i want to find a girlfriend (preferably who plays Pokemon)

      1. You bite your tongue, i’ve been flying solo for too long
        Earthens need love too….

      1. I’ll just use some elemental mastery to transform this already attractive stone into beautiful earth maiden then sure

          1. wait u can comment ? oh just for ridiculous word i think , and that’s make u wat ? a Man . i don’t think the straight man like picture like this ….just watch ur mouth stupid horned horny .

          2. Hey now that was really rude
            Plus he was just using it as an example
            I am not trying to mini mod here, but Earthen probably isn’t attracted to the art.
            And If so (which I highly doubt) there are plenty of straight men that like drawings or game characters which coined the term ‘waifu’

          3. idk if he was straight or not , that’s not my point .

            he knock the door and he got my answer so i am not one who beginning .

          4. it’s just a Likening ……i mean i am the one who was attacked and i have the right to answer .

          5. Chico started this whole damn mess trying to mess with me in the damn first place

          6. so it’s not me ……and i did not said this to u i said it to him i just agreed with him bro .

          7. All I wanted to know is if that rock turned you on, omfg. And I’m sorry that earth woman looks like a man, I’m entitled to my opinion. And my opinion is that the earth lady prolly has some serious body hair she’s somehow hiding.

          8. i know its a women but she not feminine at all …… and u know u can like any thing u want but don’t attack people cuz they just said theier opinion .

          9. I’m fine with that but if that opinion came from Chico’s bashing then we have a problem
            yes the woman has a defined face maybe if the angle was better but whatever i still find it very bewitching (not in a damn waifu way)

          10. i think cuz he like ur attitude ……. don’t be sensetive , u call ur self Earthen Warrior .

          11. My attitude? I just said i wanted to look for a girlfriend and then Chico starts getting up in my grill
            I’ve done nothing and he just starts causing trouble

  6. Going on a week long trip to a cabin on a lake with friends in July. We’ve talked about the idea of making alcoholic drinks based on Pokemon we randomly pull from a bag lol Should b lot of fun! One example would b like Dugtrio/Diglet: Rum, Root beer, and a cherry lol

  7. Summer goals:
    -Save for Xbox One
    -Buy a bunch of video games
    -Get around to playing Omega Ruby finally…
    -Read Game of Thrones & other books
    -Catch up on Supernatural
    -Start an entertainment blog

  8. So.. They’re doing a Kanto starter event in Japan which ends on the 12th of October (which is the 2nd year anniversary of XY, might just be a coincidinky) I’m actually mortified that they might be foreshadowing a Kanto remake. A revisit would be good, ala Gold and Silver with Kalos+Kanto but.. a remake?.. Errmm. But then again, I might just be reading way too much into this

    1. Idk…..I feel like the likeliness of Kanto Remakes is going down at this point. This is now the second time they’ve given out the Kanto starters in the past 2 years.If they release a Kanto game r they gonna have our starters b Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle again? It just feels too flooded for that. I’m not saying they don’t have something planned, but I just can’t c them doing a regular remake of R/B/G

      1. I don’t love the idea of a straight-up Kanto remake in 3D either, although I’m ashamed to say if they released it I’d buy it in a heartbeat ^^;

        I’d prefer a Kanto update, kind of like what BW2 did for Unova. New locations, a few new gym leaders, changing up the route, adding different Pokemon to the region. It could totally work.

  9. Mega Torterra
    Grass Ground
    Solid rock
    HP: 95
    Atk: 155 (+46)
    Def: 135 (+30)
    SpA: 75
    SpD: 125 (+40)
    Spe: 40 (-16)

    Mega Infernape
    Fire Fighting
    Adaptability (Sorry it’s cliche but it works so well since monkeys can adapt)
    Hp: 76
    Atk: 144 (+40)
    Def: 61 (-10)
    SpA: 144 (+40)
    SpD: 61(-10)
    Spe: 148 (+40)

    Mega Empoleon
    Water Steel
    HP: 84
    Atk: 96 (+10)
    Def: 118 (+30)
    SpA: 131 (+20)
    SpD: 131 (+30)
    Spe: 70 (+10)

    So what do you guys think?

    1. Absolutely perfect abilities IMO Infernape could still rock iron fist

      Torterras and empoleon fit to a tee cause empoleon deserved competitive since day one and torterra needs that extra help in defenses

      Though I’m not the biggest fan of the stat distribution of they were the real thing I woulsnt mind

      1. Right now I’m going to start Y again and go for shiny fenniken and name it Violet Fox

        1. Goooood Luck My shiny Mudkip hunt took me 4 and a half months
          Right now I am hunting for shiny Solrock

  10. Schools not out in England 🙁 but I’m planning to build up my competitive team.

  11. Hmm…
    – Play Platinum/Soul Silver/Y/OR
    – Breed a competitive team
    I think that’s it. Nothing interesting at all. But my other goals for summer are :
    – Finish writing my FanFics
    – Re-watch Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones
    – Read MORE books
    And more probably.

  12. When will we know when the tournament is starting and when our teams have to be registered by?

  13. My plans: Finishing up games.

    Oh and random but I just got confirmation from a kind user on Youtube that the text (おなか ) near the green circle meter next to the HP bar seen very briefly at 0:12 in the Japanese Super Mystery Dungeon trailer stands for “Belly”!

  14. Whelp CoroCoro is upon us soon…..if there’s even anything worth while in it that is……lol

  15. Lying in a pool of my own tears waiting for Z Version/XY2/Red and Green Anniversary Remakes/whatever meager scraps Gamefreak want to throw at us.

    Just kidding. Actually I’m playing through White 2 again now (so much fun!) and I’ve got a gorgeous sealed copy of Omega Ruby to start at some point. Oh yeah, baby.

    But still, some main series news this year would be nice. I’m not expecting a 2015 release at this point, but even just the announcement or a teaser would keep us all hanging on.

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