Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Trailer in English

The same trailer that we saw yesterday in the Japanese Nintendo Direct has now been released in English during the ‘Nintendo Direct Micro’ for Western audiences. Nothing new is shown or revealed, but check out the game in English! The Pokémon trailer starts at 2:43.

<3 PJ

  1. So, apparently Pokemon are turning into stone and Piplup is sad because kids aren’t allowed to join the Exploration Society were what the English translations were at those points. This game already sounds promising!

    1. Sounds hype, especially the ‘Expedition Society’ sounds a lot like a rescue team/exploration team thing to me! 😀 So far, with this small little trailer, it’s fulfilling every hope I had for it to be better than GTI 😀

      1. Volcanion has not been “formally” revealed yet to the public. So therefore, it likley won’t be in this game. Perhaps it may appear as a statue like Arceus did in Explorers of Sky. A similar thing happened with Explorers of Time and Darkness. Even though Shaymin existed, it was never implemented into the games. It got a role though in Sky. And by the time Sky was out, Arceus still had yet to be “formally” revealed to the public, but it was hinted at in the game.

        1. Odds are we’re going to get it eventually through some wifi event or wonder card magic.

  2. Hmmmmm I’m pretty sure that build ur own robot game and series is a complete knock off of Gundam Build fighters which basically is about the same exact thing lol.

  3. The hype is real! I cannot wait for this game to come out and yes, to all those saying this sounds more promising than the previous installment to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, I cannot agree more! 😀

  4. guys guys!!! any signs of poekmon or pokemon delta emerald?? I’m so lost on here, I’ve been absent for half a year already

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