Celebrating Pokémon & LGBT Pride

It’s June, which is not simply a hot humid month for those of us in the northern hemisphere, but also the celebratory month for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) people across the world. In the past I’ve meant to touch on this, but somehow it always gets put off and by the time I remember it’s already July.

Why bother mentioning pride on a Pokémon site? I’ll tell you why: because I was once a struggling gay teen and found solace in online Pokémon communities. I want the opportunity to remind my readers that they’re special and that they matter. That’s not just a message to LGBT fans though, it applies to everyone. Those who are minorities need to hear that a little bit more though and I understand how hard life can be sometimes.

So let’s leave some words of encouragement in the comments. You never know who might be struggling internally with who they are and I want to be sure we’re an accepting community in which people feel comfortable. Love you all!

<3 PJ


  1. This is awesome. 🙂
    Everyone matters and it’s really cool that this site can acknowledge that.

  2. Aw this is so nice 🙂
    As a bisexual 19 year old I think everyone should be proud to be who they are and not let anyone tell them any different 😀

  3. Hey, guys! My name is Juan, I’m 22 and I’m from Brazil. I’m only here to say this post just made my day!
    It is so nice to see support coming from a totally unexpected source, specially a website that I love so much!
    So thank you! 🙂

    1. I know right…. Im from brazil too and its nice to see the guys here so cool about it! Make me want to be more part of this community 🙂

  4. You got my support:D
    I am glad we are an accepting community
    Even though I am straight I fully support the people and the month 😀
    (Love this theme)

    1. I agree. on like every point.

      (especially about the theme hehe…)

      but on a serious note, everyone is awesome! cx

  5. Absolutely awesome. I love how this site embraces everybody for who they are; a quality not often found nor accepted in most internet communities.
    On another note, I’m absolutely loving the new PJN design. While it may not be the most relevant design, as summer is right around the corner, it is still new and intriguing enough to get my attention. 🙂

  6. Dunsparce ehh, never cared for the yellow wingaling serpent but then again it does spend a lot of time underground or just plain hiding which i can relate to
    As long as nobody thinks it should be a Fairy or a Dragon

        1. But not all the megas have been revealed yet. However Yeah, I think it should be retype.

          1. well you think that but i doubt that thing will ever make it to the big leagues

          2. I’ll be really surprised if we don’t get it the next game. I’m 95% sure it’ll exist.

          3. I was just pondering that in the shower (Don’t laugh i think alot in the shower)
            Mega Evolution is a very tricky subject especially when you abscond with Gamefreak’s choosing and think about the lore and history
            The concept of Mega Evolution was discovered in the Kalos region, but yet nobody seems to know about it except a select few, now comes timeline chronicling somehow nobody has ever released that information from ancient Kalos history outside the Kalos region and yet so many Pokemon have the ability to Mega Evolve Pokemon that originate from different regions but its come to my attention that just because a Pokemon is listed in said region does not make them landlocked so there must be a bigger hidden reason for this occurrence
            Now comes Mega Rhyperior in order to fully be able to achieve this Giovanni must have one to begin with and said Mega Stone, but in Gen 1 Rhyperior nor Mega Evolution will be known, but in the rare occurrence that Gamefreak remakes Red and Blue it will take place in a alternate timeline where Giovanni knows of Rhydon’s evolution and to even further it with the power of Mega Evolution (And a power hungry trainer could never resist harnessing this great strength)
            And all of this is only true if Gamefreak makes the remake because the Pokemon timeline is out of whack and inconsistent

          4. I’m ORAS, even though it was just a theory, Zinnia mentions an alternate dimension. We can only assume she’s talking about earlier games since they were in 2D and XY and ORAS are in 3D. But what if after the Kalos War, the stones were spread out throughout the regions to hide the power. There are obviously more than one of each stone, so possibilities of where GF goes with this are endless.

          5. So many mysteries left to be discovered, we solve one then there five more secrets waiting in line

          6. If I remember correctly, Rhyperior was in the flashback of the war. Quite a few of those pokemon got megas (Gyrados, Salamence, Abomasnow)

          7. http://thepocketplayers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Pokemon-War1-e1384884595845.png
            I see
            Left to Right
            Talonflame,Solrock, Steelix, Salamance, Rhyperior, AZ’s Floette, Golurk, some Magneton, Abomasnow, Weavile, and can’t tell in the top right kinda looks like Groudon but it could be Gyarados
            so 3-4 of those Pokemon can achieve Mega Evolution
            And if we do get DP remakes Weavile is a potential candidate since Cyrus’s Strongest Pokemon is Weavile and we all know Evil Organization Leaders can utilize Mega Evolution

      1. We have common ground (heheh Ground… cuz you know…Ground Type Master)

      1. Category was Cartoons,
        Answer was “Pikachu, Chespin,…have adventures on this tv show.” Or something like that

  7. Thanks for posting this. As someone who also struggled as a gay teen I really appreciate the thought behind this post and the message it sends out to the community. One of love and acceptance of a variety of shapes, colours, types, and egg groups. 😉 Thanks PJ.

    1. You’re so hot and I’ve got daddy issues and you’re a hot daddy. Gosh.

      1. …daddy? Daddy!? But I’m only 28!!! DX

        ( Thank you though, that was sweet. :3 )

        1. Being daddy is a state of mind and body, nothing to do with age. Whatever you say you’re DILF.

  8. What a great message PJ. I’m proud to be part of such a loving place. *internet embrace*

  9. I was actually surprised when I first came here to find out PJ was gay. Then like half the community came out… I was just glad to have found an accepting community.

  10. as both a trans and pansexual individual, my heart goes out to every lgbt person out there 😀

  11. Over the years I’ve heard so many stories about how much Pokemon – and its fan community – meant to struggling young individuals, and how it helped them through tough times. I think it says a lot of good about Mr Tajiri that he has given us something so far-reaching, so inclusive, something with such wonderful morals about acceptance, love, and respect for the world and the living beings around us. Peace, guys x

  12. Hey guys long time no see. I’ve actually been in chat for all the time but anyway, I really like what was written here and I agree that everyone should stay true to themselves cuz there is only one of you :). Also I agree I can’t believe it’s June already. I am sure that when E3 hits and everyone is ok summer vacation the site will be back to its normal state. 🙂

    1. I haven’t actually played the other games, but this might the first one I consider getting lol

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