Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Gets First Trailer

In tonight’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, the upcoming Pokémon Super Mystery dungeon got its first trailer. The game features 3D graphics similar to Gates of Infinity and all 720 Pokémon are in the game. The game will be coming to Japan on September 17th. Based on the trailer, it seems the ‘Hunger’ meter will be returning. The loss of it in the previous game was much maligned because it simplified gameplay so dramatically.

You can choose from one of 20 characters to be, which are all of the starting Pokémon as well as Pikachu and Riolu. I’ll probably have to go with Chikorita and Bulbasaur since there is a disturbing lack of Dunsparce.

<3 PJ


  1. Just saw this in Direct today. I failed to get Gates to Infinity (I spoiled myself instead) but I’m looking forward to this if it’s just as sad (heh) as the previous ones…

  2. Well it seems the starter type variety is gimped… the only (mystery dungeon) starter that isn’t a (main series) starter this time is Riolu…

    So where’s my normal types… Eevee, Meowth and Skitty in particular…

    Also, if that accursed personality quiz comes back… bah…

  3. Hey everyone, haven’t commented for a while but have been lurking all this time ^-^
    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the transition to 3d Pokemon games for Mystery Dungeon? I feel like having sprites instead of models for the characters works a lot better for some reason, maybe it’s because I’m a spriter 😛

    1. I did look weird but I like it now. It’s kinda like Denpa Men(I’ve never played it btw)

  4. All 720? All of my yeses!
    20 playable characters? YES YES YES
    All those legendaries? YAAAAS

    Also, that Wailord could also imply that legendaries could be recruited. Y’know with the size of most Legendaries and all. THIS GAME IS HYPE. THE GRAPHICS LOOK GOOD TOO. THE MOMENT THEY SHOW OFF MEGA EVOLUTION WOULD BE ASDFGHJKLEUQABSISKA

  5. they prepared models for mystery dungeon- they couldn’t prepare walking ect. models for main games for players fun… -_- I’m slowly getting tired of franchise because of game freak laziness

    1. two different companies buddy
      one is gamefreak the other is chunsoft

      1. so what? they seems to have ppl to work… this still shows their horrible quality…

        1. The point is u can’t blame one company for another’s failures…….If there’s a problem with the game it’s Chunsofts fault not GameFreaks

          1. THE HELL? So if someone seems to doing job for you I can’t blame you for arrogance and laziness? SEEMS LEGIT #underhumanslogic

          2. I lost arguments? I’m talking about fact… you can’t read, you can’t use logic… you shitting that I insults holy game freak because another sof company did job… while this makes ZERO SENSE FROM YOU… because it’s AGAINST gamefreak

          3. and you dare talking about no arguments… you are DUMB and this is FACT…now be nice and GTFO

          4. I couldn’t understand the first comment so I just commented lol. XD
            Still can’t understand this one, but I’ll stop because I don’t want to spam the comments. XD Have nice day anon. XD

          5. How is it lazy if they don’t prepare them for main games? They plan out the games. If they don’t want them in, they don’t have to put them in. The only reason they were in HGSS was because Junichi said the games were about friendship and bonding with others. It’s their choice and if you don’t like it, you can go find another game to play instead of complaining about their blueprints.

          6. You’re an idiot. A. Nintendo has nothing to do with Pokemon. They just license the games for their devices. B. Chunsoft makes Mystery Dungeon not GF, so the models are on them.
            C. You know we’re right, and you just won’t admit to being wrong.
            D. Because you have been nothing but a prick, I’m banning you.

            Go back to 4chan you thirteen year old.

          7. The problem is that other than the fact that this game is about Pokemon it has nothing to do with Gamefreak…..so u blaming GameFreak for what ever problems THIS game has is dumb as they had no part in it………

          8. hurr durr have company who can made 3d models for you- do nothing, next be protected by idiots…

            the problem are ‘nintendofags’…literally… you always see no problems there where they occurs

          9. Wow………ok………1st that term isn’t very nice…..2nd I c many problems with Nintendo that have nothing to do with this conversation so whatever…..3rd what u said makes no since as GameFreak can’t b responsible for every spin off that comes out……4th Goodbye man bc I don’t want to have a conversation with someone who is going to become mean…..

          10. “Goodbye man bc I don’t want to have a conversation with someone who is going to become mean…..”

            I won’t be nice for idiots… you have no excuse to talking bullshits because you not understand something and next shitting I’m mean oh no boo hoo, go to mommy -__- I hate ppl who living is social paradise because you are not smart at all…

  6. Heyheyhey! This one actually looks good! Almost like a side Story for the main games. The animations are beautiful.

  7. Tough choice i know i’m going to be (or aim) a Chespin but what about my faithful meat-shield err i mean partner
    Either Tepig or Chimchar

  8. I’m glad they showed that Wailord can fit through the Dungeon corridors, which likely means all those big ass Legendaries will fit too and we can recruit all the Pokemon and that it won’t just feature all the 720 revealed.

    1. I hope secret bazaars come back too. It was only in PMD sky so I hope they bring that.

      1. Those were very interesting! I wonder what little shop for Klefki is for? It can’t be Storage because I saw a Storage Chest in the trailer. Probably to unlock boxes like Ramparados and Xatu did in the previous games. A very fitting job for that Pokemon! LOL.

        1. I saw Confagrigus back too XD and I hope they give the main character more dialogue instead of just thought bubbles,

    2. I think its at 0:12, the scene with Wailord. There’s one brief part where a gauge at the top right hand part of the screen appears, showing a green circle and the number “88”. I can’t think of anything else it would be.

  9. People who refuse to admit they’re wrong pisses me off. If you’re here to stir up trouble, I’m going to ban you. Simple as that. 🙂

  10. I can’t really decide on my Starter and Partner choices just yet. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! Lol. 720 Pokemon. Thank you Spike Chunsoft! Thank you!

  11. Now this picture is interesting. I don’t recall seeing this in the trailer. Finally, Arceus will be getting it’s debut! It should of happened a Generation ago. *cough* *cough* I liked how they kept him in mystery but nodded toward his existence in Sky and that it was likely the one that let Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Celebi stay in the future as well as the Statue up at the top of Destiny Tower. I think at the time Sky was being developed, Arceus still had yet to be revealed formally.

      1. I love them both. Hard for me to decide between the Creator and the Legendary Pokemon that did indeed save the world once. It’s gonna be interesting because it is said that you will fight alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon to save the world. I wonder what for? I really can’t wait for this game now!

      1. oh yeah, maybe. But now that I think about all the starters, it is going to be really hard to choose one. Fennekin, Totodile, Piplup,Snivy. It is so hard to choose! Good I have until Winter to decide

  12. Oh yeah and the version of treasure town in this game looks really nice. I hope they bring back Kangaskahn’s shop. She was for whatever reason one of my favorite characters in T/D/S

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but I saw the Storage Chest from Gates to Infinity in the game’s trailer. I feel the same. I will miss having a clerk to store your items too. It was nice in the first two titles. Now it’s just a box. 🙁

  13. As much as I love treecko and i loved rocking chimchar and treecko in sky and treecko once in blue rescue team

    Froakie and chimchar all the way

    1. also i wonder what klefki’s role is

      maybe he will be like xatu and open chests

    2. I had Charmander/Mudkip in Red Rescue Team, Charmander/Piplup in Explorers of Darkness/Sky, and I can’t even remember what for GTI 😛
      But this time around I think I might choose Fennekin/Piplup :3

      1. my original red rescue team was
        Bulbasaur and Charmander
        blue rescue team was
        charmander and treecko

        pokemon explorers time,darkness EVEN sky
        was chimchar( its ironic cause infernape is my favorite poke and definitely top 3) and treecko

        1. My teams in previous games were:

          Blue Rescue Team: Mudkip and Bulbasaur
          Explorers of Time: Piplup and Bulbasaur
          Explorers of Sky: Totodile and Treecko
          Gates to Infinity: Oshawott and Axew
          See the theme here? Lol. It was broken in Gates to Infinity, when I wanted to try Axew out. For Super Mystery Dungeon, I plan on picking Froakie as I said earlier and likely a Grass type or maybe a Fire type to go along with him.

          1. We there is still the theme of water type starters
            Except I see piplup got no love :/

            Also go for bulbasaur or chespin for good coverage

          2. Blue: Treecko and Torchic
            Sky: Turtwig and Phanpy
            Gates (Never played but if did): Tepig and…. *Sharp inhale* Oshawott?
            But in Super: Chespin and Tepig

          3. My teams were:

            Blue: Treecko and Pikachu
            Sky: Treecko and Chimchar
            Infinity: Oshawott and Pikachu
            Super: Treecko and Chimchar return!

            (They’re my favorite pokemon…)
            I kind of like playing as the same pokemon because then I see it as a sequel (kind of like Zelda) more than a whole new game.

      1. Good, been working 70 hours a week at 2 hljobs cause I have twins on the way, but I saw a link for the pokejungle facebook pagw, and I had a few hours open this morning, so I thought I would drop in and say hi to everybody 🙂 hope everyone is doing well!

        1. Good! Last time I spoke to you, you had just proposed. When’s the wedding or have you already gotten married?

          1. Well, we were planning to go to Vegas this spring, but that got put aside when she found out we were having twins, so it’s being put off until we actually have money to do anything haha

          2. Oh, well at least it’s a good reason. Congrats on everything!

  14. YES YES YES This is what we needed!!! Tbh it looks like it may be even better than sky, but I ain’t gonna go overboard. Either way I am soooo excited because this looks like it has an amazing story jam packed with legendaries and those starter pokemon OMG I am so ready to play as treecko again I mean thank arceus this is gonna be awesome. *takes deep breath

    1. I’m glad Spike Chunsoft learned from their mistakes. They showed a Wailord as your teammate traveling down a dungeon corridor. The one thing that bothers me is that they had Legendaries of a similar size in GTI. Why the hell weren’t they recruitable in Gates to Infinity? Oh well, it’s beyond me. Anyways, I’m really excited!

  15. I’m going to give this series one more chance. This game actually looks interesting. Hope the music just as good as usual though. It’s going to be a very big game. I wonder if the stories will line up with the main series…

  16. I’m pretty Sure Hoopa Unbound will be the main villan since their are so many legends

    1. That’d be pretty cool. Also seems like Arceus will have some kind of role as well (judging by this picture). Perhaps the two were in battle a really long time ago. Arceus won that battle and sealed up Hoopa’s power into the Prison Bottle. Then one day, at the Pokemon Town in this game, a Pokemon found the bottle and rubbed it and Hoopa’s power was returned to him. And then Hoopa plans to take over the world and ya de ya de ya da, you know where it goes from here. Lol. I got the idea from the fact that the town kinda has an olden look, like it’s from medieval times. It looks rather large too from the little we’ve seen. Perhaps a King and Queen rule the area. I can see it now. King Tyrantrum and Queen Aurorus. I wouldn’t mind that being the plot.

      1. The trailer is actually very similar to the trailer for the upcoming pokemon movie..

  17. Say goodbye to Ookarus because apparently that was the prick from earlier after looking at his IP. I don’t care who you are. Watch your attitude.

      1. He was on as a guest. He started talking about how lazy GF over Mystery Dungeon even though they don’t make the games. Then people tried to correct him and he attacked us.

        1. thanx for make this clear ……but i am impressed how u can catch the quest IP …….lol i think if Ookarus knows that he will not attack u ……this is human nature bro .

    1. Shame that he would have such bad things to say about Game Freak and our community. To think that we were friends back during the ORAS hype period. I guess some people are not what they seem, especially on the web.

      1. Exactly. Nothing he said made sense. I don’t know why a lot of the community has changed.

    2. Wow surprises me that it was somebody that was a regular more or less here…. oh well if u can’t b nice u shouldn’t say anything lol

      1. though I’m not quite surprised due to the other incidents of trolling

  18. If there’s a demo maybe I’ll give it a try…..not 100% tho….. I’d prolly b either Froakie, Chespin, Cyndaquil, or Squirtle tho if I do play

  19. I see Riolu in that circle lineup, I know who I’m picking! As for my partner, I’d happily picky Froakie, as Greninja has been put on my team for ‘what if Pokemon was real?’
    I never played GTI as I couldnt be bothered to get it for it’s release date (not a massive fan of MDs, I prefer the Ranger series), I might get it in the future because it is a Pokemon title as well as this, who knows
    All I know is that this seems to have some kind of storyline (even the Delta ep is in there) so it should be good!

    1. I got GTI because I was visiting colleges during Sprink Break a couple years ago and I had nothing to do while we were driving 😛

    1. This game might actually be good. And I don’t even like Mystery Dungeon.

    2. it’s too early for waiting 7th gen , the Z game or whatever u want to call it didn’t announce yet .

  20. This is a dumb thing to be excited about, but around the 0:23 mark, you can see piplup and pikachu wearing a bowtie and scarf. This makes me happy :p

  21. I started back on my Black 2 version. Gotta catch zekrom before my pokebank subscription runs out. Luckly I left off towards the end of the game

  22. My one fear that I just got recently is that what if the “Super” in the title is for this: You notice the green circle meter at around 0:12 that says 88? What if it fills to 100, you can summon a Legendary Pokemon of your choice to fight alongside you temporary as I saw a similar looking title on the floor in a Monster House at 0:14 when they are in the Monster House (though the green circle is not present at that part near the HP bar). It’s not too far off a theory since they do say you can fight alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. And that because of this, you can’t actually recruit Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. That would totally suck ass! Then again, I am a very paranoid person. Lol. As many of you on Pokejungle that know me well, have probably realized at this point.

    1. Its believed to be hunger. Which I believe since it uses the same numbers and the bar seems to relate.

      1. Now that I think about it, it’s very possible, considering that like you said, it uses the same number system and the bar seems to relate. I do notice it doesn’t appear all the time on your screen while in the dungeons near your HP Bar and that tile on the floor at 0:14 could be something completely separate. Perhaps it could restore your points or lower them? The circle looked to be of a different shape than the one near your HP Bar but of the same color. Whatever it is, it’s quite intriguing indeed. Can’t wait for more information!

    2. I believe the Monster House green tile might be the tile you step on to refresh any stat changes, since it looks similar to the other game’s design and it’s usually green :3

    1. I m on my shiny adventure for OR So far my team consists of:
      Muddai (shiny marshtomp)
      Beowulf (shiny mightyena)
      Zeenju (shiyn masquerain)
      Right now I am hunting for shiny zangoose

  23. Random thoughts from me: I can’t wait to play as Tyrantrum in this game! Oh god, I love that Pokemon too much for my own good! If it wasn’t so darn rare in the main series games, I’d have one on every single team in future generations. Lol.


    1. That sucks, the whole personality quiz made it more interesting, what’s the point if you can pick and choose

      1. I would actually reset until I got a Mudkip so it’s an improvement for me 😛

  25. Who are you guys choosing as your main characters? I have my heart set on Fennekin and Froakie

    1. It’s so hard to choose D: My first run might be me as Fennekin and the partner as Piplup :3

  26. As much as I’m really not one for these games, the fact that there are all but one pokemon on this (we all know who you are), and that i can play as mudkip, i may actually get this one after it’s been out for a while.

    1. it’s really hard to say
      only because only 7 out the 40? will have access to mega evolutions (and no Gamefreak won’t just dump-truck a bunch of megas for side game)
      So i wouldn’t count on us being to mega evolve

  27. After today’s Nintendo Direct in North America, we got some more information on Super Mystery Dungeon. So, apparently Pokemon are turning into stone and Piplup is sad because kids aren’t allowed to join the Exploration Society. This game sounds even more promising than it did yesterday!

    1. Not a bad plot, a youngster with ambitions being denied because of age while some supernatural crisis plaguing the land
      I like it

    2. That sounds like an awesome story line already! Not to mention that you can choose one of all starters from Kanto to Kalos, including Riolu and Pikachu, although there isn’t a personality test.

    3. :O Expedition Society? Kind of like a rescue team-ish thing? :O 😀 YAS I like this a lot omg yas we need this nowwww

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