Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: New Japanese Trailer!

A new 2 minute long trailer for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon has been uploaded to the Official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel.

The trailers shows off some new gameplay and seems to give a look at some new features within the game, including a look at the Lapras fast travel interface that allows you to quickly travel to different regions of the game world. Some beautiful cutscenes are also featured, showing off what lovely visuals fans can expect from the game when it launches. Also of note is that the trailer is available to watch at 60 frames per second, hopefully suggesting a return to 60fps for the Pokémon series?

  1. Can anyone please translate what the text said from 0:30-0:40,because it seems like the personality quiz is back…

    1. The second question is asking something along the lines of “what will your partner think when they meet you?” (very rough translation, may say something a little different) with the options being “cool” and “cute”

      Give me a few minutes and i can translate some more

    2. The first question… something about becoming royalty? What is the first thing you do?

      The options are “Hi! You are the same class! I speak for myself” (not sure about the last part)

      and the second one is something about being too nervous and losing your voice

      not really sure about this one

      1. oh! (your friends) want you to become king! What do you do? (something like that)

        so the first option is probably something about equality and the second is about being nervous and losing your voice

        the onomatopoeia at the start of the question though is a throbbing or nervous noise… not sure about that part

    3. From 32-35 is “Answer the questions honestly…” and then something like “As you are sleeping you will become a Pokémon!”

    4. A redditor has done a much better job at translating than me… /u/Latiaslost did the whole trailer

      Pikachu: Eh? What’s this?! Somehow… I’ve become a Pokemon?! Eeeehhh~~?! Piplup: Join a research team and explore a bunch of places… And someday, I’ll >finish my map of the world’s stars!

      Before long, you are head off into an adventure where you explore many dungeons with your partner, and explore the vast world.

      Piplup: Whoa! The calm village makes you feel like smiling, doesn’t it?

      Before you begin, you must answer several questions given to you.

      Answer the questions honestly… Let’s awake the Pokemon sleeping within! It’s a nerve-wracking first day at school… What want the people you’ll be friends >with to be like? In the same class./They’ll chat with me./ I wonder if they’ll greet me?/ I’m nervous.

      By answering these, you choose yourself and your partner.

      What Pokemon would you like your partner to be? Cool!/Cute! There are 20 different Pokemon to choose from! You’re Pikachu! Pikachu: Whoa! Look at that!

      Go, with your partner, to the Mystery Dungeons!

      It’s a monster house! These mysterious dungeons change shape each time you journey inside. It’s a spinning trap! Pikachu’s confused! Snivy warped!

      [The screen with the connections lists pokemon you’ve met, which is 52.] There are over 720 Pokemon, all Pokemon, appearing onscreen.

      All 720 Pokemon appear onscreen!

      Combine powers with your allies, use tools, and work through formidable dungeons.

      Riolu used the Role Call Orb! [The Forest is called ‘Yesterday’s Forest’] Snivy use the Sleep Branch!

      During your adventure, there is a dreadful case of Pokemon being turned to stone, one by one.

      Lombre: Recently, there’s been incidents of Pokemon being turned to stone. Piplup: Ehh?! Pokemon to stone?! Latios: Keep up! Latias! Kyogre: Stonified…?

      Both legendary and illusory Pokemon are being turned to stone, by a mysterious power.

      Lugia: Both legendary and illusionary Pokemon have come here… Zekrom: We… have been turned to stone… Reshiram: Who’s work is this? Dialga: Also… from where?

      This envelops the lives of all the Pokemon in the world.

      Deoxys: That’s…! Gaaaah! So, what has happened… on this planet?

      It’s an adventure with unimaginable Pokemon, on an unimaginable scale!

      Arceus: This needs the concentration of all the Pokemon in the world… Piplup: Gyaaaaa!

      source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/39531m/pokémon_super_mystery_dungeon_new_extended_trailer/

  2. This is looking to be extremely good and is already way better than gates to infinity

    It seems the personality quiz returns as stated by Armageddon below

    A very strong plot with pokemon turning to stone and possible giratina as a new villain

    I beleive the return of the cute cutscene we it shows you travel to the name of the dungeon you choose

    It’s the small things like belly,quiz, and the cutscene makes it special

    1. This is kind of silly, but I also miss the dinner scene from explorers of time, darkness, and sky. I thought it was cute and it added a family type of charm to each day.

  3. Serebii said something about “deciding your partner through questions, as per the original games” So… yay

  4. Hmmmm i wonder who my Partner will be, either i answer truthfully and stick with whatever I get or fconstently reset until i get something visually, tactically or just plain not another Grass type (i’m going Chespin so i don’t want another Grass type)

  5. Hunger is back! Yes! (I can’t believe I’m actually excited about that). There’s an Apple in the trailer at 1:00 in. Oh and random but I just got confirmation from a kind user on Youtube that the text (おなか ) near the green circle meter next to the HP bar seen very briefly at 0:12 in the first trailer stands for “Belly”!

    1. Could just b more info I guess……..or possibly nothing? Maybe more Hoppa info like an official release date for the Hoopa event?

  6. So which pokemon will be the main villian?
    In this trailer it looks like Giratina, but we know that some pokemon are turning to stone which could mean Yveltal..
    And all the legendaries could mean Hoopa Unbound..
    Or maybe all 3 working together

    1. My vote is going towards Yveltal, i mean it does suck out the life force of virutually anything and petrifies them
      and a whole quest to find Xerneas yadda yadda yadda we were a human or never in first place, then just a big ol grind

    2. I think Hoopa Unbound or Yveltal is gonna be the main villain. But Pokemon turning to stone? No Legendary Pokemon has that power. But Earthen makes a great point, Yveltal sucks up Pokemon’s life forces, perhaps in the process, leaving behind their petrified, stone bodies. But seeing Giratina in part of the trailer makes me think that Hoopa Unbound is putting all the Legendaries across the world using it’s rings and the other Legendary Pokemon are upset and confused and causing the world to fall out of balance and creating various natural disasters, Pokemon turning into stone being just one of the many natural disasters plaguing the Pokemon world. And Arceus is the only one that knows what is happening & asks you to stop Hoopa Unbound for good.

      1. Yeah and besides its kinda a dead ringer since they are version mascots of this era
        I wish that the adventurers try to somehow bring their fallen comrades back by going to some kinda “underworld” or a Graveyard but unknowing stumble onto the lair of Giratina but He/It sends the heroes to the reverse world (and its one of those “time-wasters” and when they make it out nearly half of Pokemon world is petrified)

  7. the question system is BACK!!!!!!!! yesssssss <3 and what was that web thing? friend of friend of friends web or something?

  8. I love that they added the dungeon map back ^-^
    The far-right area looks a lot like the region of the first games.

    1. I noticed that too! It can’t be a coincidence. The map is like a carbon copy to the map in the original games. Lapras looks to be heading to the lower half of the region to the south of Pokemon Square where most of the post-game dungeons were. You can even see the volcano Friend Area that housed Groudon up to the north and the inlet near where Pokemon Square is! And off to the northwest corner, you can see a tiny part of the Three Fields where you fought the Legendary Beasts and Ho-Oh on Mt. Faraway. And in the trailer, it is a Lombre in a town that tells you that Pokemon are turning into stone at 1:20 (I know it looks nothing like the original Square but perhaps it takes place during a later time period). Lombre was one of the residents of Pokemon Square. It appears you can visit multiple towns as well. Cause there’s another town that appears at 0:30. Perhaps you can visit the map from the second pair of games as well! I’m so excited for the game!

  9. Looks fantastic! Much better than expected. And guys…Retro Studio’s most recent tweets say “Can you dig it? e3.nintendo.com”. Drill Dozer involves digging. ARE WE GETTING A NEW DRILL DOZER? OH LAWDY!

  10. This looks better and better. Will there finally be a good Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game?!

      1. It’s not leaks cause most Nintendo announced themselves

        This means they are cutting projects that are smaller out of e3 in order to leave the huge projects for e3

        1. I’m talking all around, not just Nintendo. This video is just one of a few leaks from what was probably suppose to b saved for E3 from a few companies.

  11. I’m just about to finish the after game of Explorers of Sky. Very confident. Lots of reviver seeds. After this I’m focusing on Red Rescue team

  12. I know that’s Goomy and Deerling but is the last Pokemon Pancham? And they join a Expedition Society?

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