Pokémon Art Academy Competition Winners Revealed

Pokémon fans from around the world submitted art designed in Pokémon Art Academy for the 3DS in hopes of having their design printed on limited edition TCG cards and the winners, as well as their art, have been announced.

The first category was ‘Dress-Up Pikachu’ and the winners (listed in order that their cards appear above) are ‘Xime’, ‘Ashley’, and ‘Me!’

Players were allowed more freedom in the ‘My Favorite Pokémon’ category and the winners above were Mireil (Primal Kyogre), Gosha (Tangrowth), and Gabi (Chespin)! Congratulations!

What do you think about these great works? Any one in particular stand out to you? I have to say that Kabuki Pikachu is pretty fierce. Werk.

<3 PJ

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