What would Pokémon Power Rangers look like? Intrepid cosplayers show us

For Otakon 2015 five skilled cosplayers went as “PokéRangers”, featuring Mega Garchomp, Charizard Scizor and Rayquaza… as well as plain ‘ol Magikarp. Although Western Audiences may associate the theme with Power Rangers, the actual cosplay was a Super Sentai (that’s an ‘s’ not an ‘h’) crossover, which is essentially a series of very similar shows … Read more

Pokémon Art Academy Competition Winners Revealed

Pokémon fans from around the world submitted art designed in Pokémon Art Academy for the 3DS in hopes of having their design printed on limited edition TCG cards and the winners, as well as their art, have been announced. The first category was ‘Dress-Up Pikachu’ and the winners (listed in order that their cards appear … Read more

Band Covers Lavender Town’s Creepy Theme

The introduction to the actual music is rather long, but band Hypergear sets the creepy atmosphere for the music. You can skip to 1:36 if you’d just like to hear them playing. Would you like to see more fan-created content on PokéJungle? I’m testing the waters here, but we could certainly put more fan art/music/etc … Read more