What would Pokémon Power Rangers look like? Intrepid cosplayers show us

For Otakon 2015 five skilled cosplayers went as “PokéRangers”, featuring Mega Garchomp, Charizard Scizor and Rayquaza… as well as plain ‘ol Magikarp. Although Western Audiences may associate the theme with Power Rangers, the actual cosplay was a Super Sentai (that’s an ‘s’ not an ‘h’) crossover, which is essentially a series of very similar shows from Japan and where the inspiration for the American show came. Below are some of their photos and there’s a full imgur album with even more.

Which one is your favorite design? If YOU were a PokéRanger what would you be? I think I’ll sheepishly admit I’d be the Pink Ranger with a tight spandex Cherrim outfit.

<3 PJ