PJT ’15 has been delayed & some stuff

PJT ’15 delays

As most of our readers are hopefully aware, we announced out second annual tournament at the end of May and were all expecting to be heading into the final rounds right about now. However, due to issues with time, participant availability and some other issues we’ve made the decision to delay the tournament until later in the year.

A few of our readers seemed worried that we had completely canceled the tournament but there’s no need to worry! We’ve simply decided to hold it a little while down the line when more people are available to commit time to the cause.

We’ll also take time between then and now to talk to you guys about what you’d like to see in the tournament when it does arrive, from formats to legal Pokémon. We’d really like this to be a tournament created by you guys, for you guys.

Stay tuned over the next few months as we’ll publish articles to provide updates and surveys for our readers to complete. See you all soon!


Site content & Slack chat

As always we like to know what content our readers want to see on the site. Is there something specific you’d like to see us post about in a feature, or is there a rumour or bit of news we’ve missed and you’d like to see us report on? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do for you!

For a little bit of fun we’ve decided to see how many of our readers would be interested in joining a Team PokéJungle Slack chat. For those that don’t know Slack is a free chat app for web and mobile and would allow all of our readers to chat to one another at any time. It’s available on Android and iOS for free! If you’d like to join (we’ll be using the platform for PJT later in the year!) just let us know in the comments, if enough people want to we’ll open it up!

  1. We should conduct a swiss style tourney then the top 8 move on to the typical single elimination bracket
    I think this would be good and creative so we don’t have to do brackets the whole way, and there isnt a set a number either you just need an even number of people and it will work 😀
    So think about it please and tell me how you feel!!

    As for the rules I want standard battle spot rules

  2. Let organise a Smash tournament sometime or Mario Kart game sometime ? I’d love to play with some of you guys 🙂

    My Wii U add is Simkenno 🙂

  3. As i pm’d PJ, I believe that we should do a league style ( not Pokemon league) like the GBA or UCL. For those who don’t know the style

    A certain amount of people are selected and numbers can vary which is good for here.
    Each participant makes a team name ex New York Mankeys lumiose Latis etc as they are now a head coach

    Then in 1 session either on here chat or Twitter but somwhere specific coaches will defy their mons by rules created by PJ though it usually is more than 6
    Mons so its Not that restricting

    Now you can only use the mons you drafted unless you do a trade or free agency switch which leads to interesting sets and cool counter teaming

    As for the tourney itself it’s like what Cascoon said and is a round robin where each captain fights a different team till he fights them all and then top 4 players with highest score aka 12-2 make it to the “playoffs” etc

    Also since it’s a week for each person to battle and prepare I think it’s enough time to get your battle in invade there is problems one day or another and if you can’t make that week you can forfeit a match and still be able to win

    1. That sounds like it’s more trouble than its worth in the long run. It would be difficult for a majority of the competitors to fully understand if they’re not familiar with the rules. A simple 6v6 singles or doubles or even slightly tweaked VGC would be easier and quicker.

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