The NEXT Pokémon Game: Could it be announced soon?

NOTE: This article is purely speculative and is based on facts and current information available from various sources.

There’s no denying that there’s a new Pokémon game of some variety coming somewhere along the line, whether it’s a follow up to 2013’s X & Y, the first generation seven games, or something entirely different. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re getting something and there are at least two new Pokémon (or formes) coming along with them.

It’s been two weeks since we learnt of the mysterious new kaiju-esque Pokémon that will show up in the next Pokémon movie (due out in 2016) and it’s widely accepted amongst Pokémon fans that the Pokémon is a forme of Zygarde. Chances are we will receive an announcement soon as to what exactly this Pokémon is (perhaps alongside a larger reveal such as a game, much like Black and White Kyurem were revealed alongside Black 2 & White 2) as it’s rather unlikely fans will be left waiting one whole year for a full announcement on what exactly this Pokémon is.

Since then we’ve learnt of another Pokémon’s existence, being the green blob-like thing shown off at the end of the screenings for Hoopa & The Clash of Ages movie. This green Pokémon is perhaps the most interesting… From what we know it seems rather unlikely it is a forme of Zygarde, but instead an entirely new Pokémon, shown off in the same way Victini was before Black & White were released way back in 2010.

This in itself is possibly a huge pointer towards new games (with a new generation) being on the horizon, with an announcement even closer still. But, we wouldn’t be writing this article if there wasn’t more, would we? As we all know, Junichi Masuda gets around. The Pokémon Director visits an awful lot of places in his time and often tweets about those places.

On July 3rd Masuda tweeted that he was at The Pokémon Company, something not too out of the ordinary one would think, but there’s something that makes this a little more interesting. After Satoru Iwata’s passing Masuda published another tweet suggesting he had met with Mr Iwata and that he seemed well. While there’s no available evidence to suggest the fact, some believe that both  Iwata and Masuda were at The Pokémon Company preparing for an announcement in the near future.

Next month is already a fairly big month for Pokémon, with the World Championship taking place towards the end of the month and it’s certainly not out of the question that some sort of announcement regarding new Pokémon could happen too. What is uncertain is how we could receive a new announcement, Corocoro is due out on August 12th and could bring an announcement, but there’s also the chance that Iwata and Masuda were recording a Pokémon Direct similar to the one in which X & Y were revealed. Pokémon Get☆TV in Japan also could hold an announcement soon as they have been known to do in the past.

We could exude more and more from the information we have readily available, but we’ll save that for another day (;)), but for now that’s all. We do believe there’s an announcement of some kind just around the corner, we just don’t know what! We want to know what our readers think is going to happen, will we receive an announcement soon and what will it be for?

As always, we’ll bring you any information as soon as it is released, right here on PokéJungle, so keep your eyes peeled!

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