The NEXT Pokémon Game: Could it be announced soon?

NOTE: This article is purely speculative and is based on facts and current information available from various sources.

There’s no denying that there’s a new Pokémon game of some variety coming somewhere along the line, whether it’s a follow up to 2013’s X & Y, the first generation seven games, or something entirely different. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re getting something and there are at least two new Pokémon (or formes) coming along with them.

It’s been two weeks since we learnt of the mysterious new kaiju-esque Pokémon that will show up in the next Pokémon movie (due out in 2016) and it’s widely accepted amongst Pokémon fans that the Pokémon is a forme of Zygarde. Chances are we will receive an announcement soon as to what exactly this Pokémon is (perhaps alongside a larger reveal such as a game, much like Black and White Kyurem were revealed alongside Black 2 & White 2) as it’s rather unlikely fans will be left waiting one whole year for a full announcement on what exactly this Pokémon is.

Since then we’ve learnt of another Pokémon’s existence, being the green blob-like thing shown off at the end of the screenings for Hoopa & The Clash of Ages movie. This green Pokémon is perhaps the most interesting… From what we know it seems rather unlikely it is a forme of Zygarde, but instead an entirely new Pokémon, shown off in the same way Victini was before Black & White were released way back in 2010.

This in itself is possibly a huge pointer towards new games (with a new generation) being on the horizon, with an announcement even closer still. But, we wouldn’t be writing this article if there wasn’t more, would we? As we all know, Junichi Masuda gets around. The Pokémon Director visits an awful lot of places in his time and often tweets about those places.

On July 3rd Masuda tweeted that he was at The Pokémon Company, something not too out of the ordinary one would think, but there’s something that makes this a little more interesting. After Satoru Iwata’s passing Masuda published another tweet suggesting he had met with Mr Iwata and that he seemed well. While there’s no available evidence to suggest the fact, some believe that both  Iwata and Masuda were at The Pokémon Company preparing for an announcement in the near future.

Next month is already a fairly big month for Pokémon, with the World Championship taking place towards the end of the month and it’s certainly not out of the question that some sort of announcement regarding new Pokémon could happen too. What is uncertain is how we could receive a new announcement, Corocoro is due out on August 12th and could bring an announcement, but there’s also the chance that Iwata and Masuda were recording a Pokémon Direct similar to the one in which X & Y were revealed. Pokémon Get☆TV in Japan also could hold an announcement soon as they have been known to do in the past.

We could exude more and more from the information we have readily available, but we’ll save that for another day (;)), but for now that’s all. We do believe there’s an announcement of some kind just around the corner, we just don’t know what! We want to know what our readers think is going to happen, will we receive an announcement soon and what will it be for?

As always, we’ll bring you any information as soon as it is released, right here on PokéJungle, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. could you imagine if Mr Iwata was in the direct, it would be so sad, yet happy, you know?

  2. In other news: we’ve decided to postpone PJT15, stay tuned for further details.

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  3. I’m getting antsy…it makes me sad there’s no game this year. Hopefully it’s out spring 2016 and we get an announcement soon.

    1. no need for sadness , if u deal with that logically that’s mean they working on quality not quantity , and as sugimori said they make less pkmn cuz they want make people remember most pkmn .

      1. While I’m definitely glad that they’re working on quality, it doesn’t help the fact that I can be impatient! 😛 Something tells me though that the next game won’t just be a remake of Kalos otherwise it probably wouldn’t have taken as much time.

    2. most likey will come out before july 2016 as thats when next year movie is.. we might see an announcment in world champs

  4. i can’t stop my self thinking about Zygarde forms , waht if GF want to surprise us , u know in black and white 2 they represented Fusion as new concept wat if this time they would represent a defusion , like Zygarde body contain 2 souls the first one is green (the small one these sketches) and the other one is black and it’s the silhouette one on corocoro .

  5. This whole thing has me thinking very much so….more than I’d usually think about a new game. I’ve seen people more often than not say things like ” Game Freak is unpredictable” and ” anything can happen!” Normally I’d say they r very wrong as GF is usually very predictable and no not “anything” can happen….(I’m a pessimist at heart lol) In any event I find myself falling into spots where I…honestly have no idea where GF is going with this. If they had just released the Zygarde form I would say that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the next game or games r sequels or prequels or even just a normal 3rd version, but the thing that has my head rattling is the fact that there was a Pokemon that no one can properly identify. That has me very confused…GF has never revealed a new anything in this fashion b4, thus causing me to say…..Game Freak is …..*sigh*…..unpredictable…there I said it lol. I’ve seen people theorize that maybe gen 6 has 2 halves and they may b correct. Whatever the next release is, it’s going to b very different from what we’re use to I think. Sorry to make a whole block of text, but this thing just has me not only super excited, but very thinky lol I just find GF’s change in activity very interesting and thought porvoking from a industry standpoint is all hahahaha

  6. No, no, my request is that you keep the featured image

    Halfway through the year makes sense as a point to announce anything for 2016! Unless predictions are for the game to land 2017? I seem to recall all of nintendo’s landmark releases have been revealed via direct since its inception (correct me if I’m wrong), so that’s my call for the medium. It has the benefit of worldwide reach of course; I don’t think nintendo are revoking simultaneous worldwide release any time soon.
    I’m curious that you’ve supposed this could be a new gen, Moving; do you suppose the sequel tradition won’t be upheld this time round? 😮

    1. well they can announce it in august 2015 and release it before july 2016 which is 11 months dont forget when xy was announced in jan it was out in oct which was 9 months between them.. oras was announced in march and released in November which was 8 months

    2. Then stay it shall!

      I’m supposing, both I… suppose. There’s undoubtedly another game coming, but as it is, it seems there’s equal chance for both, going by the information we have so far. 1 Zygarde forme would seemingly suggest a return to Kalos and the blob Pokémon a new set of Pokémon (perhaps an entirely new generation OR a Gen. 6.5?)

  7. I don’t see any announcements coming until Super Mystery Dungeon drops and has a cool down period at least – I know its a spin-off but they wouldn’t draw so much attention from it either. Not to mention, these new forms might actually debut in Super Mystery Dungeon for all we know. It wouldn’t be the first time (anyone remember Manaphy) and it may be there way of validating their claims that this Mystery Dungeon is so big it deserves to stand with the main series as the major release of the year.

  8. I’m fearing we won’t see any info until 2016, but then that could mean we wouldn’t see releases until 2016…. September-November
    I need new info, they just can’t dangle a new Pokemon without giving use some kinda teaser

  9. We will get news on a new game soon. I definitely see it being Based in Kalos regarding Zygarde and ‘the new forme’ or whatever its relationship to Zygarde is. Whether its a prequel which I would love to see set 3,000 years in the past linking the war and AZ.

    Also if its a prequel it can link smoothly into Hoenns lore. Being that the ultimate weapon was the beginning of how Hoenn started developing mega stones and all that jazz.

    Either way the next games will 100% Make the clear Kalos – Hoenn connection obvious. Also Zygarde will pull a Kyruem and become a beast. I can’t wait. 😀 🙂

    And this is what I would love and I sort of assume but I feel we will get more gen 6 pokemon added into the next game boosting the number of new pokemon to 120-130 for gen 6 altogether. But no new starters. 🙂

    1. No… It’s postponed. If you wanted it earlier you should’ve helped spread the word.

  10. If anything, the Pokémon World Championships is coming up. Mega Kangaskhan was revealed there. It could be that they’re waiting for that to make a big reveal for a 2016 game.

      1. I had forgotten about that. I thought it was a Corocoro announcement.

          1. They were leaked online by accident, then pulled, and then officially revealed.

      2. Slowbro and Audino were leaked a few days before, but Slowbro was officially revealed at last year’s World Championships.

  11. I just want one little iota of hint….err a better hint then Echoplasm or whatever i named that thing

  12. Imo next pokemon game will be “z” (or whatever it will be called). The little green pokemon may be related to Zygarde (look the move thousand waves, those little green thing may be thousand of this new pokemon). Also there is no reason to program two signature moves for Zygarde and not give him a new forme in his personal game. Why to create another generation when they didn’t end Kalos story? Zygarde cannot have a central role in another generation in another region. The only possibilities imo are:
    – Pokemon Z.
    – Pokemon Z with new pokemon, but always in Kalos with different story.
    – Pokemon Z someway related to Emerald.
    What I feel is that whatever it will be, it will be relased next february on pokemon 20th anniversary.

    1. you may never know… coro coro is coming up in 2 weeks time so we might see more of the new trailer pokemon from this month one… dont forget the 2016 movie is in july

  13. If they are to reveal something at the World Championships, it would have to be something major that they want millions of people to see at the same time. I can definitely see them announcing something big there.

    1. Most likely meaningless. Sugimori does a lot of character designs for the movies and anime in general. And she’s in the Hoopa movie.

    2. Clearly she’s connected to Hoopa in the movie. She has the same ponytail and has rings for hair.

    3. She’s Hoopa before she was killed, dismembered and burned during a witch hunt because of her supernatural powers which led her becoming Psychic/Ghost type. Ever wondered why Hoopa has floating arms and no legs, now you know, because of dismemberment process.

  14. I am ready for a new game to be announced main story wise (unless it’s pokemon stadium 3), I am ready for this game, much more time has went to developing it I hope.
    Hopefully they don’t build that bubble when developing it where they don’t allow any good past game mechanics to come through it.
    I also hope these games have Battle Frontier!! it’s been hinted a lot, if it’s not in this game, I will quit hoping for it.

  15. I could see a new game getting announced next year and being slated for a Winter 2016 or early 2017 release date. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is taking the place of a mainstream release this year. Also, that Pikachu Detective Game hasn’t been fully revealed yet.

    Anyways, Zygarde is obviously will be the main focus of the game. Similar, to Rayquaza and Kyurem. He’s going to get a New Forme/Mega Evolution/Primial Reversion. This game is going to alter the story of Team Flare and Lysandre’s goals. It’s going to tie some of the plot points to OR/AS too. Volcanion will be included in a similar fashion of Diancie & Hoopa. The next movie would likely focus on Volcanion messing up the environment (somehow) and Zygarde awakening a new power to fix it. I think this plot will be used in a similar fashion the games.

    I expect to see slightly improved graphics from OR/AS, more clothes, better writing, improved characters, and the Battle Frontier. (Since OR/AS happens almost 10 to 12 years before Kalos; it should have completed it’s construction! Plus Kalos and Hoenn aren’t that far apart because of Mega Stones and that guy who swam the distance.) I doubt it would be a prequel or sequel to X/Y at this point. It could happened of course! :]

    1. It has to involve Volcanion. It would just make sense. But the will make the connection to Hoenn a key point to Kalos. Zygarde will not only wake to Volcanion but the giving and taking of life from X Y will also play a big part 🙂

      Also on a side note I randomly had a dream that the next game was called Z and I got it early. If only haha 🙂

  16. Hey all, I think I know what the two forms are, at least as much as I can based on existing evidence. Both pokemon shown in the teaser are forms of zygarde.

    Firstly, and this may seem like sidetracking but I promise it isn’t, a few months ago, Pokebeach revealed that the next TCG set will be the start of the “XY Break” era. It will be a split set called XY Break: Blue Impact and XY Break: Red Flash, starring Mewtwo’s megas. This new set introduces a new mechanic called Break Evolution: “In order to Break Evolve, you need the BREAK card, the pre-evolved Pokemon, and the Evolved Pokemon”. I think that Break evolution will be a new form of mega evolution, that uses the pre-evolved form in place of a mega stone (All break evolvable pokemon revealed so far are at the end of their evolution chain, Raichu, Golduck, Luxray, Zoroark, Chesnaught and Noivern). But Zygarde doesn’t have Pre-evolutions, I hear you say. But we don’t know it’s connection to Xerneas and Yveltal. They could potentially allow Zygarde to Break evolve into more powerful forms.

    Going into Zygarde’s mythology, it maintains the balance between life and death. It also has two signature moves that seem to be designed to counter land based oppponents (Thousand Waves) and airborne ones (Thousand Arrows).
    It seems to be common consensus amongst the fandom, that the giant pokemon is the Thousand Arrows form. I agree with this, as it appears to have several spikes on its head, along with the four arms. The Giant is Zygarde Break X, which borrows power from Xerneas. This makes sense, if you consider that Zygarde is taking power from life (which is why it grows), to defeat death.

    The blob is the opposite. If you watch the animation for Thousand Waves, the user turns into several small particles (or blobs, perhaps) and attacks the opponent. If the population of the ecosystem gets too large, Zygarde becomes a bacterium using Yveltal’s powers, to reduce it. It’s also worth pointing out that the blob pokemon has a red stomach. Which member is red? Yveltal!

    1. Break evolution is a TCG exclusive thing, but nice try. Though I’m in agreeance that they are both related to Zygarde. I don’t know about the fact that it’d incorporate the other two legendaries but eh maybe.

      1. How do we know Break Evolution is TCG-exclusive? I’m fairly certain I’ve read everything in Pokebeach on the subject, and nowhere does it say that. True, we haven’t heard about it being in the games/anime, but it’s not impossible that Break Evolution is the method by which Zygarde becomes the huge creature shown in Corocoro. And we know nothing of Mega Evolution Act IV.

        As for why it’d incorporate the other two, Zygarde does need something to tie itself to the lore of the other two. We know that in the TCG, Break Evolution requires both the pokemon and it’s pre-evo. Plus it would make sense for Zygarde to channel the power of life to combat death and vice versa.

        1. Because the card game adds all sorts of weird mechanics and such never touched upon in the games. It ties into the lore by existing.

          1. True, but I don’t remember Pokemon Prime, Pokemon legends (the HGSS mechanic, not legendaires in general), Pokemon EX, Lv. X pokemon or any other mechanic like that being made such a big deal out of, except maybe the new pokemon EX.

            Just by existing? No. Just no. While a certain amount of wishful thinking may have gone into the Break Evolution part of my theory, there is no obvious connection between Zygarde and the other two in XY. Rayquaza’s role as mediator was revealed in Emerald, Giratina’s role as the being that counterbalances Dialga/Palkia was revealed in Platinum, and Kyurem’s Absofusions were only in BW2. All three, and Zygarde in XY, were hardly mentioned in their debut games, and never in relation to the other two members of their respective trios.

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