Nintendo Switch Weekly (4/29 – 5/5)

Not too much news this week regarding the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo may be holding its cards close to its chest before the big E3 event next month. There are two things worth mentioning however: Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Team Raph vs Team Leo This month’s Splatfest is TMNT themed with Team Raph vs Team Leo! The Splatfest started 5/4, … Read more

RUMOR: Pokémon Switch Reveal Coming at E3

USUAL DISCLAIMER: Rumor posts are for discussion and should not be interpreted as confirmed news. A rumor was posted recently which included Nintendo’s major reveals at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), held June 12th-14th in Los Angeles, but we held off about posting it because there was no reason to believe it – until earlier … Read more

Nintendo Switch Weekly

Welcome to the first installment of the Nintendo Switch Weekly! This series will be highlighting all of the latest news for the console and keep readers up to date if they don’t pour over video game articles every day! It will include all of the news from the past week, as well as some news … Read more

Look Out For These 5 Upcoming Nintendo Titles In 2018

Welcome to 2018. We at PokéJungle are still in shock that humanity made it this far after the Shuppet-storm that was 2017; but contrary to the real world, what a year for gaming it was—especially Nintendo! Which is what I’d like to start off on: reminding you that this year probably won’t be as golden … Read more

Nintendo Direct Mini Coverage // 1.11.18

Nintendo has released a small Direct presentation focused on its new Switch console with news about several upcoming titles. Most relevant to Pokémon fans is the addition of paid DLC packs for Pokkén Tournament which adds new fighters, Aegislash and Blastoise, as well as several new support Pokémon.

Content in Wave 1 will be released on January 31 with Wave 2 coming on March 23. Together the Battle Pack retails for $14.99.

Other games mentioned in the Direct Mini include The World Ends With You -Final Mix-, Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby Star Allies, Mario Tennis Aces, Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Fe, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC, Celeste, and more! Check out the presentation in its entirety above!

Which is the better addition to the roster, Aegislash or Blastoise?! Let us know below!

Kanto or Sinnoh: Which Will See Switch Remake?

Many fans are eager for a return to Sinnoh—a region left unexplored since Pokémon Platinum was released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS—but it isn’t necessarily the only title which may see a remake in Generation VIII or beyond. Pokémon Red & Blue/Green never got a true remake on the Nintendo DS or 3DS, although … Read more