Review round up: Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu is back and we’re tracking down reviews for his new outing. Detective Pikachu Returns releases on Friday, October 6, but you can hear what the critics think below.

Detective Pikachu Returns reviews

Siliconera: 8/10

“Detective Pikachu Returns is a charming Pokemon mystery adventure that is anchored by a heartfelt story. While its cases are accessible and just mildly challenging, the game’s puzzle-solving and level designs are incredibly fun.” Read the full review here.

Nintendo Life: 7/10

“Graphical disappointments and repetition aside, though, what we’ve got overall does match up to its predecessor in giving us a unique take on a beloved character alongside a sweet, sometimes emotional story that highlights the importance of the bond between human and Pokémon.” Read the full review here.

Inverse: 7/10

“Detective Pikachu Returns ends up feeling much like its predecessor, a fun story and charming world that could have benefitted from more gameplay variety.” Read the full review here.

IGN: 6/10

“Detective Pikachu Returns does manage to pull off a few surprises by subverting some obvious mystery tropes around butlers perpetrating crimes, and alliances shift unexpectedly. But it’s still a story where the most obvious suspect in each case is likely the culprit, and the ending you expect is what you typically get.” Read the full review here.

GamesRadar+: 3/5

“My opinion of Detective Pikachu Returns is largely summarized by how I feel about Pikachu’s little running animation. It’s delightful to see him run pell-mell after Tim, hat flapping about, off to his little job that he finds such pride in.” Read the full review here.

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