Upcoming News to Watch: Nintendo Direct & Pokémon Smash!

Tomorrow, April 21st (12:00pm Japan time), there will be another Nintendo Direct event hosted by Nintendo President Iwata. Although it’s slated to focus on Wii/3DS news we will be doing a live translation of any relevant information.  NL will be with us for that 🙂 Then… April 29th (7:00am Japan time) will be the a … Read more

2/22 Nintendo Direct (JP/EU/US): News

The press conference has now finished! Biggest news is that “Pokémon Plus Nobunaga” (working English title) is “to be confirmed” for Europe.  Not good, not bad… hope they localize it. Games Discussed: Kid Icarus: Multiplayer details Fire Emblem 3DS: Opening cinematic shown, DLC details Nobunaga’s Ambition: Extended TV trailer Mario Tennis Open: Trailer, download play … Read more

2/22 Nintendo Direct (JP): Stream

Free live streaming by Ustream This post will be removed after the livestream has ended. Please check for any new Pokemon related news by refreshing this post.

Nintendo Direct Press Conference Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Nintendo will host an online press conference and we’ll be there with our two in-house translators, Kriff & NL! This is not a Pokemon event, they’re likely going to cover Fire Emblem 3DS, Kid Icarus, and maybe Nobunaga’s ambition. Nonetheless, we’ll be right there to cover anything interesting that pops up 🙂  I’m also a huge Fire … Read more