New Pokémon Snap update now downloadable

I know many of you aspiring Pokémon photographers have been waiting eagerly since news of a free update for New Pokémon Snap was announced — and it’s finally here! Go update your game and get started exploring new routes and finding new Pokémon! Just as a reminder, it features three new areas: Secret Side Path … Read more

New Pokémon Snap getting free content update

Pokémon photographers rejoice! Nintendo Switch game New Pokémon Snap will be getting a free update on August 3! New areas and features Players will be able to see 20 new Pokémon not previously found in the game and explore new areas: Secret Side Path (Day/Night) – The NEO-ONE shrinks to a tiny size when you explore … Read more

New Pokémon Snap released for the Nintendo Switch: Should you buy?

Calling all photographers: the follow-up to the iconic Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap is finally here! The aptly named New Pokémon Snap can be downloaded or purchased physically for the Nintendo Switch and has been well received by critics. Is New Pokémon Snap worth buying? Many fans are wondering whether this on-rails photography game is … Read more

Arbok in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap review round-up

Gaming outlets have started publishing reviews for New Pokémon Snap, coming this Friday, and we’ve gathered some excerpts from them. What’s great news for fans is that they seem pretty positive and the length of the game doesn’t seem to be a huge issue! After the original’s short runtime, many worried that its sequel would … Read more

New Pokémon Snap overview trailer released in English

While we have seen the overview trailer for New Pokémon Snap in Japanese, the trailer has finally also been released in English. Watch it below: New Pokémon Snap will be released for the Nintendo Switch on April 30 for $59.99. How are you feeling about the game? Excited? Waiting to see the reviews roll in? … Read more

New Pokémon Snap previews reveal new info, impressions

The media blitz ahead of New Pokémon Snap‘s April 30 release has begun! Several gaming outlets have been able to watch an extended demonstration of the game, which revealed a few previously unknown tidbits. Fresh revelations about New Pokémon Snap The game features optional motion controls for aiming the camera New Pokémon Snap features voice … Read more