New Pokémon Snap review round-up

Gaming outlets have started publishing reviews for New Pokémon Snap, coming this Friday, and we’ve gathered some excerpts from them. What’s great news for fans is that they seem pretty positive and the length of the game doesn’t seem to be a huge issue! After the original’s short runtime, many worried that its sequel would also suffer from a lack of content.

New Pokémon Snap reviews

EGM: 5/5New Pokémon Snap might be one of the most thoroughly pleasant games that’s come out for the Switch, if not ever.”

IGN: 8/10New Pokémon Snap is a successful modern reinvention of all the best ideas of Pokémon Snap, with more courses, more Pokémon, and more reasons to revisit familiar spots in pursuit of the perfect shot.”

VG247: 4/5 “Even with the grind, I do adore this game, though. It’s a video game safari that manages to evoke the sense of wonder of the real thing. It’s a worthy successor to the beloved original; a comforting, gorgeous, lovely little thing that soars when it just basks in its core conceit and lets you at its content.”

Nintendo Life: 8/10New Pokémon Snap brings back almost everything that made the original special and fleshes it out into a much more elaborate game. This is something you can sink some serious time into and while there are some minor frustrations and pacing issues in the story, playing freely at your own pace is a pure joy.”

The Guardian: 3/5 “It’s a laid-back game and one that offers many hours of gentle photographic research to anyone drawn to Pokémon’s weird world – whether you’re a veteran of 90s Pokémania, or a nine-year-old newly captured by its charm.”

It is somewhat reassuring to hear that most gaming journalists enjoyed their time in the Lental Region and the new game does justice to the original Pokémon Snap. Let us know what you think of these initial reviews in the comments or on Discord!

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