April 2021 Giveaway: 4 Pokémon Fit plushies!

New month, new giveaway! Our partners for Pokémon merch in Japan, Meccha Japan, has graciously provided a special prize of four different plushies! Be sure to enter before April 30!

April prize

This month’s prize is actually a collection of Pokémon Fit plushies (known as Sitting Cuties in the US): Jirachi, Minun, Registeel and Metagross. One winner will receive all four!

How to enter

Entry is easy and open to fans worldwide. Enter using the form below. Please note that you must be over 18 or have parental permission to enter.

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More from Meccha Japan

Meccha Japan is kind enough to not only send products for giveaways, but also gives our site visitors 5% off orders with code PKJ5! Below are fluffy Jigglypuff shorts and the first Nickit plush!

Let us know if you entered in the comments below (or on our Discord server) and what Pokémon merch has caught your eye lately!