Watchog’s Meta Watch: New Year, New Meta

Greetings, Trainers! We may have all piled on Christmas weight and broken several New Years’ resolutions already, but Watchog’s Meta Watch never stops watching – not on our watch! We’re in one of the most exciting periods for competitive singles play, where players are experimenting, trends are being set and no strategy is too outlandish … Read more

Watchog’s Meta Watch: Ice Spirits of OU Past

You there, Trainer – what day is it? Why, today’s the day we embrace the Christmas spirit and revisit some of the most powerful Ice types of competitive Pokémon past! The Ice type has a very checkered history. The Pokémon community has often considered it one of the worst types in the game on account … Read more

SWSH Meta Predictions

Watchog’s Meta Watch: 4 Pokémon that will rule the Sword & Shield meta

Pokémon Sword and Shield have shaken up the competitive scene in dramatic fashion; Gens 3 and 6 might have made some Pokémon unavailable at launch, but they didn’t outright remove over half of the Pokédex and major mechanics introduced in the two prior installments! Alongside the introduction of many powerful new Galar-native contenders, this chaos … Read more

ORRDEERR! – Parliamentary Pokémon

8 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release! The Pokémon games are packed with oblique references to real-life geographies and cities, with many Pokémon reflecting the native species or culture of the analogous region. For the fans fortunate enough thus far to have their native land featured in a main series game in the franchise, this … Read more