Giant Garchomp plushie capturing hearts of Pokémon fans

What’s almost as good as having a real, living Pokémon? Owning a giant plushie of it! Ok, ok, it may be a far cry from having the real thing, but it’s as close as we can get. But they sure do look adorable! And lucky for Garchomp fans, Premium Bandai revealed a huge plushie version of the Pokémon that fans can literally fall asleep on.

The plushie is over five feet (160 cm) long and has an arm span of nearly 6 feet (180 cm)! As you can see in the images above, it’s of similar size to the adults next to it.

Unfortunately, Garchomp also comes with a big price tag and may be hard for overseas fans to buy. It will cost around $400 USD at current exchange rates, but isn’t likely to be sold outside of Japan. Premium Bandai often takes pre-orders for items like this and does not take orders after a product is actually made. So fans will be able to order for a limited time and plushies will be sent out in February 2023.

Sites such as Meccha Japan, which ship Japanese products worldwide can help fans acquire one, but the weight and size mean that shipping prices are likely to be quite expensive in addition to the cost of the giant plushie.

If you love Garchomp, make sure to check out our recent look at its plastic model kit in our YouTube video! You can watch it be be built from start to finish, although it’s a little (a lot) sped up.

In the comments, or on Discord, let us know which Pokémon you would love to see a giant plushie version of! I’m still waiting for a Leavanny I can prop up on my couch…

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