Giant Garchomp plushie capturing hearts of Pokémon fans

What’s almost as good as having a real, living Pokémon? Owning a giant plushie of it! Ok, ok, it may be a far cry from having the real thing, but it’s as close as we can get. But they sure do look adorable! And lucky for Garchomp fans, Premium Bandai revealed a huge plushie version … Read more

Hands-on with Pokémon plastic model kits

Bandai’s Pokémon plastic model kits don’t seem to always get the attention or fanfare of Pokémon figures, based on the engagement rates I see across my tweets, but I wanted to find out what putting one together was like and how good the end product looked. Were they going to look good on a desk … Read more

Walmart to Distribute Serial Codes with X & Y

It has been recently discovered that if you now buy copies of Pokémon X & Y at a Walmart in the states, they will contain special serial codes. If you buy Pokemon X you’ll get a serial code to download a special Garchomp; if you get Y you’ll get one for a special Scizor. Both of … Read more