New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Info Drop — OCT 12

Once again, it’s time for even more Pokémon Scarlet & Violet News! Today’s news comes from a special broadcast called “Iono Zone” and is presented by a new Paldean Gym Leader named Iono. As soon as the information is revealed we’ll have a trailer and a breakdown below.

New information revealed in the trailer

  • Iono is the Electric-type Gym Leader of the Levincia Gym
  • She has asked us to play a game to guess her partner Pokémon, the hints are:
    • Squishy
    • Not Magnemite
    • Considered to be sluggish and has an easygoing vibe
    • Cas two bumps on its head that people mistake for eyes
    • Eletric-typeand its body expands and contract to generate electricity in its stomach
    • It’s cute

That’s it for today’s information, but Iono suggested she will be back with another stream to reveal her partner Pokémon. The question is… which Pokémon do YOU think is Iono’s partner Pokémon. (Hint it’s probably a new one)

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