Pokémon TCG Live’s limited beta now open

Fans in Canada can now participate in the limited beta of Pokémon TCG Live, a follow-up to Pokémon TCG Online. Unlike its predecessor, Live won’t be limited to PC, Mac and tablets: you’ll now be able to participate in Pokémon card battles right from your iOS or Android phone!

For players who are able to join in the beta, the option to import your collection of cards directly from Online exists, although I believe this will be a one-way trip for the collection and it will be no longer accessible in Online. You can add to your collection using code cards from Pokémon card packs you’ve physically bought (or at least the code cards that come with them) or in-game using currency that you’ve earned. The game itself doesn’t actually contain micro-transactions, so you’ll either earn rewards and spend them to get new cards or through the code cards in the real world.

One exciting addition to Live is ranked ladders, so those who are looking for a more competitive experience will finally be able to test their mettle and (hopefully) make it to the top.

Some fans have panned the lackluster graphics and somewhat creepy human avatars, but the core gameplay should be an accessible way to learn and play the TCG from the convenience of wherever you have time use your phone for a match!

Let us know if you’ve played or what your thoughts are after watching the video above! You can also discuss the game in our Discord server.