Fans have a gruesome new theory about Glastrier and Spectrier

The second DLC area for Pokémon Sword and Shield brought us to its namesake area, the Crown Tundra, and also introduced us to the Legendary Pokémon Calyrex and his two steeds: Glastrier and Spectrier. While there’s some great UK lore that seems to influence the horses’ designs, some fans say there may be a horrific reason for their appearance.

First shared on Reddit by user Gamingwithbrendan, and later on Twitter, an image shows the similarities each of the Legendary horse-like Pokémon and Galarian Rapidash… and why its death may have led to the creation of Glastrier and Spectrier: one is its frozen corpse, while the other is its ghost.

The similarities are uncanny, but there are also some other details hidden within the game to take note of:

  • Galarian Rapidash can be found roaming in the Old Cemetery in the Crown Tundra (Shield only). This is the same place that the Shaderoot Carrot is found, an item necessary to summon Spectrier.
  • Glastrier’s Shield Pokédex entry states that it has “tremendous physical strength”, something that Galarian Rapidash also has. The latter’s Sword entry states that its Psycho Cut “will punch a hole right through a thick metal sheet”. Both Pokémon have strong Attack stats.
  • Galarian Rapidash’s Pokédex entry says that it is “brave and prideful” (Shield), while Spectrier’s says that it “craves silence and solitude” (Shield). Did dying embarrass the once proud Rapidash?

It’s unlikely that we’ll get any official confirmation one way or the other, but we’d love to hear your thoughts about this theory in the comments below! Share any other clues you may have found as well. You can also hop into our Discord for more Pokémon discussions.

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