April Fools: Welcome to PlayJungle!

Overtime, things change and evolve. The world is an ever changing place and so is our site! Today we are proud to announce our site has levelled-up and evolved into PlayJungle.net!

We understand some fans might be a little confused, so let’s clear up some of that confusion. We have loved and supported Pokémon for years, but recently we have felt ourselves drift away from the franchise. We’ve slowly been drifting towards the next biggest brand starting with P: PlayStation!

We are very excited to start this new journey into the world of PlayStation and hope our fans will stick around with us throughout the next stages of our adventure. What exactly does this mean for our site and other platforms, aside from the new look and name? Here’s a quick look at how things will be changing soon:

  • A new site URL: soon we will switch to playjungle.net
  • The fastest and most accurate PlayStation-focused news delivered directly to our fans.
  • Exciting new ways for our fan base to engage with us, including things such as: giveaway, PlayStation-oriented livestreams and much more
  • The very best PlayStation experience and fan-site you’ll find online. Expect to see much of what you loved about our old site, just under a new name and content focus

We’re super excited for the future we’re building together as PlayJungle and hope all of our fans are excited to create some unforgettable PlayStation moments together. Share your thoughts and opinions with us below!

Stick around for the first PlayStation news and features soon, but until then why not Like PlayJungle on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow PlayJungle over on Twitter! If you just can’t get enough of PlayJungle, head over to our official Discord to take part in active discussions about everything and anything Digimon!