Coverage of the February 26 Pokémon Presents

Well Trainers, it’s time to learn what’s in store for the Pokémon franchise! We’ll be covering the stream LIVE for those of you who can’t watch it. You may need to exit AMP-mode to see the stream embedded below:

Updates from Pokémon Presents

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  • Beginning with a trailer commemorating 25 years of Pokémon games, cards, anime and more
  • Ishihara hands it over to Utsunomiya to talk about Pokémon Snap
    • Illuminia Orbs allow any Pokémon to glow and may affect their attacks and more
    • Stickers and frames can be added to photos you take
    • Photos can be shared online
  • Pokémon Day celebrations
    • Fight Gigantamax Pikachu in SWSH
    • Golden Acorns in Cafe Mix
    • GO has Kanto event
    • Pokémon Masters has Champions event
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl announced
    • Features chibi overworld sprites
  • Feudal-era Sinnoh game announced, called Pokémon Legends Arceus
    • New approach to the Pokémon series
    • Tasks you with creating first Pokédex
    • Pick from Rowlet, Oshawott or Cyndaquil

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