Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles coming to Netflix

An animated special, Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles, will premiere at the upcoming 2022 Pokémon World Championships in London and later be available to stream on Netflix on September 23. It follows Ash and Goh (and a few other old friends) in a Pokémon Legends: Arceus-themed adventure. It was originally released in Japan during January as … Read more

Unused ‘modern’ room found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The new Pokémon Legends: Arceus took us back in time to the Hisui region, but it appears that a remnant of the modern day exists as an unused room in the game’s code still. This was discovered by game researcher DeepGameResearch, and her discovery is shown in the YouTube video below by Faz Faz. I’ve … Read more

Pokémon Legends: Arceus updated to version 1.0.2

The newly released Pokémon Legends: Arceus has received an update, bringing it to version 1.0.2. While the extent of its changes is not completely known, and no patch notes have been released yet, Serebii reports that some localization changes have been made and a bug preventing the catching of Cherrim after it changed forms has … Read more

Hisuian Growlithe event coming to GameStop

A recent in-store poster has revealed that GameStop will be holding a Hisuian Growlithe and Feather Ball distribution for owners of Pokémon Legends: Arceus owners. According to the displayed information, the event will run from February 25 until March 13 in North America. While some fans may enjoy an easy way to snag Hisuian Growlithe, … Read more

Shiny Switching Guide: Possible Pokémon and locations

YouTuber Austin John Plays has looked into a discovery by Twitch streamer akaSnuggie, and it seems that some Shiny Pokémon encounters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus (see our regular Shiny hunting guide here) may change into a different species entirely under certain circumstances. Austin John breaks it down in his video below. This only works in … Read more

Pokémon Legends: Arceus launch and game coverage

With Pokémon Legends: Arceus officially starting its global release as midnight rolls across the world, we’re also starting our game coverage! Updated game pages January 30 Created a page on hairstyles and hair colors January 29 Created a Pokédex Research Level guide January 28 Started compiling male clothing options and where to obtain them Started … Read more