Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure trailer and details

The hit mobile game Pokémon GO is adding more ways to play with your favorite Pokémon. Check out the official details:

Get ready to explore the world with your Buddy Pokémon! In the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, your buddy will be by your side in your Pokémon GO explorations like never before.

Buddy Adventure is an elevated bonding experience for Trainers and their buddies. You’ll get to know your Buddy Pokémon’s mood as you increase your Buddy Level by playing with your buddy, feeding your buddy treats, and battling and exploring with your buddy. In addition, swapping Buddy Pokémon no longer resets progress toward earning Candy. Like any great Pokémon Trainer, you’ll find that the world around you will become richer with Pokémon by your side as they grow with you and help you along your journey.

The Buddy Adventure feature set will roll out to Trainers around the world by 2020.

The Berry that blossomed into friendship

Kick off your buddy adventure by feeding your buddy Berries. This will increase your Buddy Level to Good Buddy, and you’ll see your buddy on the map, following right behind you! To feed your buddy, just head to the new buddy profile page, tap on Play!, and interact with your buddy. You can also give your buddy a quick treat directly from the buddy profile page.

Each Pokémon has different quirks and ways to express itself. Watch closely to see a diverse range of movements and expressions, whether you and your buddy are playing together or exploring the world around you!

Along with feeding your buddy, you can also play with it! Watch what your buddy does when you interact with it in AR+ mode. Different Pokémon react in different ways! Make sure you have AR+ turned on in your Settings.

Unlock exciting new Perks with Buddy Adventure

As you and your buddy get closer and your Buddy Level increases, you’ll get to unlock exciting new Perks together! The Buddy Levels are Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and Best Buddy.

  • Good Buddy: Your buddy can join you on your map view! You’ll also see how your buddy feels on the buddy profile page.
  • Great Buddy: Having a hard time catching a Pokémon? Your buddy may help you out in Pokémon encounters! It can also bring you items that can help you in your Pokémon GO journey.
  • Ultra Buddy: Your buddy will help you explore the world around you by letting you know about interesting places nearby! Your buddy will also bring you Souvenirs, which you can keep track of on the buddy profile page.
  • Best Buddy: Become Best Buddies, and your buddy will sport a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off to everyone just how close you two are! Pokémon that you’re Best Buddies with can get a CP boost in combat as long as they’re still assigned as your Buddy Pokémon.

How to become better friends with your buddy

Become better friends with your buddy by earning affection. Affection is measured by hearts, and you can earn hearts with your buddy by exploring with your buddy on the map, battling with your buddy, playing with and feeding your buddy, and taking snapshots of your buddy. The more affection you earn, the better your buddy’s mood will be!

When you reach the highest mood (excited), you can unlock the following Perks:

  • The distance it takes for your buddy to find Candy will be cut in half.
  • The number of hearts earned per action will double.
  • Trainers can earn bonus hearts!

With the upgraded buddy profile page, you’ll see your buddy’s progress toward finding Candy, your buddy’s current mood, a chart of daily activities you can do to earn affection with your buddy, and your Buddy Level! You’ll also be able to see the history of other Pokémon who have been your buddy and the adventures you’ve shared together. Remember: friendship is something you build together! So be sure to complete the daily activities with your buddy each day to earn more affection and become fast friends!

Coming soon: Meet your (real-world) buddy’s buddies, too!

After Buddy Adventure is available to Trainers around the world, there’ll be even more to look forward to. Soon, your buddy will be able to meet your fellow Trainers’ buddies in Shared AR Experience mode!

In the new Shared AR Experience mode, you can sync up with up to two other Trainers with AR+ to take a group photo with your buddies together! It’ll be the perfect chance to create your own epic Pokémon moments and capture new Pokémon memories with your friends!

We hope you have a blast discovering all the new ways you can bond with your Buddy Pokémon, Trainers! Be sure to share your favorite buddy moments and photos with #PokemonGOBuddy once the feature is released.

Do you think you’ll be using this feature a lot? I am certainly glad they’re adding more ways for us to interact with our Pokémon! Who will you make your buddy when the feature goes live?!

    1. yeah i stopped playing OU in favor of Ubers, the Dynamax ban is just too gross. Dynamax actually made the meta more fun for me. It added a new layer of fun, straegic gameplay, and the arguments that Dynamax is bad for the competitive meta are ungrounded. I would understand if they banned the pokemon that abused dnamax (Like the unstoppable dynamax sweeper Gyarados) but banning an intagral Sword and Shield mechanic is taking it too far. Smogon doesn’t suck, but Ubers is going to be the best Smogon meta now until gen 9 comes along.

    2. Because they realized that making a big deal out of anything Pokemon related makes for clicks as long as it’s partially negative.

      I think it’s pretty lame Smogon banned Dynamax, just feels like they failed to adapt more than anything.

  1. Pokemon Showdown is still down… It’s been nearly a day since the servers stopped working, but it’s still down. I wonder what’s going on?

  2. My shield Team

    Scorbunny: Friendly, energenic and a little knucklehead. Scorbunny loves to run about while finding loose stones and berries to kick around to practice his footwork, he refuses to give up the everstone he found outside Turffield as his favorite kicking rock

    Corviknight: This valiant warrior of the sky takes no prisoners when challenging others, Corviknight never backs away from a duel and if he loses he will take the loss extremely hard

    Stonjourner: This gentle giant was found near the monolithic stones just outside of Route 4. He is kind and quiet but very capable of battling by throwing his weight around Scorbunny harbors a little resentment to him due to the massive kicking feet

    Appletun: A meek timid Applin that Scorbunny nearly scared half to death by kicking it around like a soccer ball but eventually grew into a placid gluttonous Appletun, always hungry and sleepy but get in the way of his fruit and you’re in for trouble

    Runerigus: This sinister and twisted spirit brings grave misfortune to all it fights, We don’t understand why Yamask began to follow us. it is simply drawn to great power

    Falinks: The Brass of the troop is a tireless leader always looking out for it’s troops well being and anyone it has gained it’s respect. Though Brass has a bit of a perfectionist attitude and gets frazzled when the troop isn’t in sync.

  3. I like how Giga Machamp literally cannot do any damage to my Dragapult because I’m not holding an item for it to knock off. So it just keeps wasting a turn trying to do that and failing lol

  4. Notification: “Continue your Journey together with the New Pokemon….”
    me: *Q* WUT
    *opens the youtube video*
    “….Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure feature!”

    Me: >.>

    It “learns” High Jump Kick at level 20

    All I need to do is breed out a little Stonjourner and level to I dunno let’s say 15 that’s fair
    I am excited to use one and I feel it’s appropriate for me to receive it after getting my first badge outside the area where you see the Dynamax thingy near Turrfield

  6. Pokémon team update thanks to monkey I now have my final member. 7 badges entire team is level 44
    Groku the Rillaboom
    Titan the Coalossal
    Luna the Frosmoth
    Queenie the Hatterene
    Octavio the Graploct
    Cold Steel the Duraludon (really wanted to use gigantamax one but game refused to spawn one)
    Will probably get final badge later today. We’ll see if I finish today too. Kind of doubtful since I kind of want to watch a movie today.

  7. So yeah something kinda wild happened, the Scorbunny that I picked for Shield was Adamant… and the Meowth was Jolly…

    I mean I’m still trading the Scorbunny I painstakingly hatched but still that kind of luck would’ve been good when I first started Sword with my Grookey

    Later today I’m gonna need a teensy little bit of help to get them into Shield and either it happens today or Saturday with the help of my friend

  8. New Legend of Heroes game announced “Hajimari no Kiseki”, Trails of the beginning in english, and I just started Cold Steel 3.

  9. Okay, what’s wrong with Pokemon Showdown? It’s been completely dysfunctional for the last two days exept for teambuilder. I finally managed to connect once today, but the servers aren’t working again. Is it down, or am I the only one having the problem? It’s annoying.

  10. So just sold most of my old games, including most of my Pokemon games. Now that I’ve done my dream team runs, I’ve kinda realised that I’ve just been playing for the sake of collecting and I’ve decided to just take a fresh start.

    Also I got £118 off of them and I can just play them on emulators for free lol

  11. As much as I dislike some of the mons from SwSh I’d honestly probably have to say Stonjourner is the worst new pokemon. It’s not that it’s ugly or anything, it’s horribly designed all around. They just took Stonehenge and..gave it arms and a face. It doesn’t have cool in-world lore or even reside in the place where there are literally rocks that resemble it.

    It would’ve been way more interesting to incorporate ghost or fairy into its designs. Maybe it’s actually a gravesite and ghosts manipulate the rocks? Maybe it’s a psychic type than can open portals between the “doorways?” Maybe fairies create wisps for people to follow to the stones? There was zero creativity put into this thing

    I really think they should edit or oversee their designs more than they do. This thing doesn’t make sense in world at all. It has no lore for what it’s based on, the design is amateurish, and its location makes no sense. Overall really bad pokemon.

  12. Clash Avenue Comic Update: I’ve only been using 8.5″ X 11″ (~215mm X 292mm). Not much room to work with. Got a bonus from work, so going to get A-type paper (250mm X 350mm) for the rest of the comic. So, Chapter 1 is going to be very weird since I’m slowly piecing things together as I buy new things. As I’ve stated before, this is an experimental comic I’m doing for fun and I do have hopes to finish out the whole story, whether anybody likes it or not (lol)

  13. With a new decade on the horizon I’ve decided i want to start the decade with one feat i still have not managed to do. Beat LeafGreen (My second favorite Pokemon game) but doing it similar to my BW run last year

    Not planning a team and not accepting suggestions for moves, team members, etc.
    I find Pokemon 100% more enjoyable when I do it that way cause it feels more natural to me

    1. Are the starters in tier order or are their tiers just randomly placed?

      Otherwise seems mostly fair to me.

    2. BTW Grookey not being in Rillaboom tier doesn’t mean it isn’t super high up, it’s just to illustrate how much I enjoy Rillaboom

  14. Hop is still waiting in Slumbering Weald, i’m pretty sure he’s either decomposing or devolved into a feral English ungabunga after being isolated for this long

    Its not like i’m his friend or ever going to return the rusty sword or anything

  15. Well I now have all 8 gym badges in Pokémon sword. Will probably finish game in next day or so. Once I finish I’ll be starting on cuphead since a friend bought me it for Christmas last week.

  16. Pokemon is being rebooted, and only 151 Pokemon are being kept. Nintendo chooses you off the street because they think you can still do a better job than Masuda.

    What are some Pokemon that immediately come to mind to stay and go?

  17. By the way for anyone wondering yes I’ll be playing sword again in 2020 to use Scorbunny. Will just play cuphead and probably digimon hackers memory first though.

  18. So recently I’ve gotten Netflix again but besides The Good Place I’ve mostly been watching cartoons: Dragon Prince, She-Ra, and unrelated, RWBY. However I’m looking to watch more live action stuff, anyone got any recs?

    Also lowkey considering becoming a Mermista stan account irl

    1. OitNB, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (puppets count), GLOW, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Happy!, Santa Clarita Diet (both those last 2 got cancelled at the end of their last seasons though), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Umbrella Academy, Friday Night Dinner (might be more on All4, I forget how many series it has), Star Trek Discovery (Next Generation is also on there, skipping season 1 is fine of TNG), Fargo, Stranger Things, Russian Doll. There’s a bunch of older stuff too, and I could suggest some anime if you want.

    2. The only live action stuff I’ve really watched on Netflix is Power Rangers, but I assume you mean something else, so maybe something like iCarly (Which I believe just came back to Netflix) or It’s Always Sunny

  19. When we last saw our belligerent hero

    He and his Scorbunny and Rookidee were halted by an androgynous butthole!

    This purple clad snob challenged us to battle but something was wrong, Scorbunny wouldn’t obey my commands and goofed around or flat out ignored me and let Butthole gain the upper hand and knocking him out
    Rookidee was our only hope and deftly confounded this elitist’s Pokemon with Payback earning our victory and his newfound sense of justice triggered his evolution into a valiant Corvisquire!

    Out of Galar Mine we head off to Turffield and to challenge the first Gym, Hopefully Scorbunny will grow out of his rebellious phase

    Hey… did one of those rocks move?

  20. The rest of the special ball codes:

    1YAHAYA: Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball
    0KUGAFUKA1B0RU: Love Ball, Friend Ball, Dream Ball

    1. Just looked it up. Whatever. I’ll still read the books and watch the movies. Separate the art from the artists. Besides I bought all my books used at 2nd and Charles so she technically didn’t get the money from me lol

    2. I assume you also won’t read most of literature (especially American) till before the 1800’s due to racism, sexism and homophobia correct

  21. >Ground/Steel Galarian Stunfisk based on bear traps
    >No Steel/Poison Galarian Qwilfish based on underwater mines

  22. Well tragedy struck me once more I think my spare 3DS aka my Brother’s just died

    The touch screen makes a crackling sound when used and is unresponsive and the circle pad won’t stop moving right and I am extremely bummed out of this

    It was working perfectly fine yesterday and now ded. I don’t understand I take perfect care of my electronics and still it dies out…

    1. Can we get one one that fixes those fruit basket textures (they’re so much worse than the SwSh trees and yet no one is saying Koei Tecmo is lazy)

  23. What are your three favourite and three least favourite starters, one for each type, and how well do they go together as a trio in terms of stats and aesthetics?

    1. Favorite

      Least Favorite

      For the record, I don’t hate or even dislike any of the Starters. I think the Favorites go pretty good together, idk about the least favorites.

    2. Faves:


      It’s bulk boy hours. They go well, although stat wise there’s no faster starter so it ends up like Alola 2. All three give off a kinda tropical vibe too, so they’d defo fit in the same region. They’re all also physical attackers which is mehhh for cohesion.

      Least Faves:


      I think these three actually go quite well together. Colours go well, and they’re linked by Decidueye into both sneak (Decidueye and Inteleon) and occult (Decidueye and Delphox) themes. They all also use tools. Feathers, sticks, and water balloons (Drizzile)/a knife (Inteleon). Stat wise, it’s two fast special attackers and a slower mixed attacker that prefers physical attacks. Not the worst that could happen, but not the best.

    3. Favorites:
      Grass: Grookey, Rowlet, Bulbasaur
      Fire: Chimchar, Cyndaquil, Charmander
      Water: Mudkip, Oshawott, Squirtle

      Least Favorites:
      Grass: Treecko, Snivy, Chikorita
      Fire: Litten, Torchic, Scorbunny
      Water: Piplup, Popplio, Totodile

    4. Favorites:
      Grass: Rowlet, Grookey, Chespin
      Fire: Torchic, Charmander, Litten
      Water: Totodile, Squirtle, Piplup

      Grass: Chikorita, Snivy and Turtwig
      Water: Poplio, Oshawott, Froakie
      Fire: Cindaquil, Fenekin, Tepig.

    5. Favourites:


      The latter 2 are more similar in stats and aesthetically I guess the are both slim bipeds with a human fighting class theme. I would say Infernape and Venusaur are closer to being proper animals in their designs, Greninja is a bit more humanoid.

      Least Favourites:


      The last 2 have mid-stages I like but I feel are failed by their finals.

    6. Favorites: Decidueye, Charizard, and Samurott, linked by the theme of “reading as a different secondary type at a cursory glance” (All three are tied with another tbh, I just couldn’t come up with a common thread for Torterra, Typhlosion, and Swampert)

      Least: Rillaboom, Emboar, and Inteleon

  24. Alternative question:

    You live in a region where double battles are the norm. You’re the professor, and along with the trio of starters you let trainers choose from, you also give them one more Pokemon.

    Can be a choice from another starter trio. Could be a common enough Pokemon appropriate for a beginning trainer, like the monkeys or Eevee. Could be common Pokemon of a complimentary type, or even just something popular like Pikachu.

    What Pokemon do you hand out, and why?

    1. Ralts.

      Every run through of Emerald I ever did, my first capture was always Ralts, and I basically played with my starter and the Ralts line until I either caught an Aaron at Granite cave or waited until the desert was unlocked so I could get Trapinch.

    2. Starter Set 1:

      Venusaur/Incineroar/Swampert (Bulkier Starters)

      Starter Set 2:

      Serperior/Infernape/Greninja (Faster Starters)

    3. Realistically? Eevee. It learns move to aid in double battles and can teach newcomers all kinds of evolution methods while giving them freedom to see what kind of types they need for their team. It’s also cute and popular.

      I think Shinx would also be a good choice. Electric is useful type to carry with you, and I would love forcing everyone to have a cute cat with them.

      I also feel Togepi would be good. Happiness as a method would try them as a trainer and let you know how well they’re bonding with their pokemon. Also gets moves like Wish and Life Dew so it could act as a healer for them. Similarly, Munna would be good cause it could provide some use as a utility pokemon for starting trainers with moves like Yawn, light screen, lucky chant, etc

  25. So, what good things have happened to you guys recently?

    Got some of my uni grades back, and found out I got an A overall for a module! Was scared for it because my group got the lowest mark (C) in the class for a group project – which we could’ve avoided if we did as I pointed out but meh – but my essay got an A+ so I’ve got an overall grade of A!

    Very psyched, especially since I was so nervous about the essay (it was about discrimation against transgendered athletes in sport, luckily I was able to discuss it at amateur, professional, and international levels meaning I had tons of content).

  26. Here is my new exploit on how to get Shiny Pokemon from Max Raids: You go to a Den, and get a shiny, then you catch it.

    Thank you very much. Remember to buy Gfuel with my referal link and get a NordVPN subscription. Also download Raid: Shadow Legends.

  27. Huh, apparently Coalossal learns Scald. That’s cool.

    Just a shame they didn’t man up and decide to make it a fully physical or special attacker instead of wasting points into one of its Attack stats.

  28. My journey in Galar has gone swimmingly
    -After defeating Milo we celebrated near the geoglyph where one of the stone pillars came to life in the form of a startled Stonjourner, after a dynamic kick from its powerful legs shattered nearby rocks Scorbunny decided to outgrow his rebellious phase in order to get better kicking strength. Half buried in the ground was a rusty timer ball which made the capture easy for who knows how long Stonjourner was standing there.
    -Scorbunny was growing more jealous of Stonjourner and decided to show off his leg work by kicking berries around along with his everstone, until one of them shrieked as it was an Applin!? A testament of his newfound precision and training Scorbunny kicked the terrified Apple Core Pokémon into my opened backpack for a “goal point” where it must’ve clicked one of my Nest Balls and got captured, it was hardly much but the folks nearby said Applin are a rarity and are lucky to have one.
    -Stonjourner isn’t much of a battler more of the patient relaxed type but he quickly crushed the ever burning Kabu with relative ease and winning our fight and that means a celebratory dinner out. One of the restaurants in Hammerlocke was popular so we headed there and had quite the meal and the chef provided the upstart trainer a slice of Sweet Apple Cake which Applin leaped out and ate it all by itself promptly evolving into the lazy overfed Appletun, the Apple Nectar Pokémon favors a more sedentary battle style by sitting around hurling up Apple Acids and letting Leech Seed feed it back while it munches on Leftovers, the glutton…

  29. I work til midnight but it’s deceased in here ughhhh

    random thought – what do you think of the shiny form of your favorite pokemon? Good, bad? Better than the original, or did they draw the short straw?

  30. Just finished Pokémon sword. Once again really enjoyed it. Honestly just really love the gen 8 games. They’re just so much fun in my opinion. Final team was
    Groku the Rillaboom lv 59
    Titan the Coalossal lv 59(won the battle for me)
    Luna the frosmoth lv 58
    Queenie the Hatterene lv 58
    Octavio the Graploct lv 58
    Cold Steel the Duraludon lv 59
    Unsure if I’ll start the after story yet. Really want to get cuphead started

    1. Oh this reminds me what the heck is up with Gen.4 Teddiursa? Its light brown in all four games but every other Gen its Orange

  31. It’s the dead of the evening and the sun is about to set for our weary wankers as they trekked through the arid Route 6, as we see the lights of Stow-on-side we see a faint purple glow and suddenly a Yamask unlike I’ve ever seen staring at us without a sound, it’s gaze fixated on us with such seriousness, we were unable to breathe or move…
    The slab on its tail rumbled and suddenly saw its eyes glow a sinister lavender and one of my Dusk Balls levitates our of my bag and touched the Yamask capturing itself?

    It emerged only to take control over Stonjourner and compelled it to walk towards the archway of rocks and deliver a Mega Kick into one of the walls breaking open a pocket where we see numerous broken murals within it, the slab vibrated again as parts of the mural levitated into Yamask and taking on a completely different form Runerigus… after that it recalled itself into the Dusk Ball and refused to emerge… have we gained a powerful ally or a grim omen?

  32. Jeff’s Shield Adventure Update:

    Just beat Piers and received my Dark Badge. Spikemouth is a sad town… I’m still sad I’ve now gotten my 7th badge and don’t have my Eiscue…

    Zee (Inteleon)
    Elton (Gigantamax Corviknight)
    Gaston (Galarian Rapidash)
    Renly (Thievul)
    Barnaby (Bolthund)

    Gonna play Aurora and her Sword adventure for a bit, get her caught up to where Jeff is, which isn’t far. Her next gym battle is with Piers, so wont take too long.

      1. I haven’t played with Grookey yet, but I was a Sobble fan from the start. It’s my favorite starter this gen. I need to get a shiny Sobble cause I love the coloring

  33. “When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate.”

    “The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate.”

    “Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.”

    “Three beings were born to bind time and space.”

    “Two make matter and three make spirit, shaping the world.”

    “The Original One breathed alone before the universe came.”

    “The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon.”

    “The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds”



    “The Pokémon distorts space to change its size while affecting the world around them.”

    “Infinite amounts of energy pour from this Pokémon’s enlarged core, warping the surrounding space-time.



  34. Well I started cuphead. Had heard this game was challenging but freaking damn lol lost count of how many times I lost to the flower boss. Think I may just play this alongside another game so I won’t get discouraged playing it and give up. I’m thinking it’s time I finally play through Digimon hackers memory

    1. Grass wolf is a bit close to Zacian holding the weapon in the mouth. I don’t see what’s Fairy about it.
      I know what the bear headress is based on but hate it. Mid stage looks like a prick and a Dark type.
      I see nothing Water about the water line except it’s blue. Also the first stage name is very much like a racist slur regardless of your intention.
      I’d choose Grass, maybe have tree-bark talismans growing from the forelegs instead of the staff.

  35. Shield Update!
    The eerily illuminated Glimwood Tangle was fraught with danger hiding in between the lights as our Anti-Hero was hopelessly lost, we kept hearing creepy noises and each of my Pokemon was missing! Scorbunny got distracted trying to kick a floating spore, Stonjourner tripped over a log, Appletun tried to eat one of the mushrooms and Runerigus attempted to siphon the light from the mushrooms leaving Corvisquire left to round up everyone whom eventually was captured by a thicket of Impidimp and their Grimmsnarl Patriarch! Grimmsnarl challenged Corvisquire to a fight, The Grimmsnarl was much stronger and his Impidimp cheated at every opportunity feeling like he failed his friends Corvisquire dug deep inside and found his courage in the form of evolution evolving into the mighty Corviknight and silencing the evil Grimmsnarl once and for all!
    Badges: 5
    Scorbunny: 42
    Corviknight: 40
    Stonjourner: 39
    Appletun: 39
    Runerigus: 40

      1. The roughest Falinks Brass I can find
        I’m trying really hard not to rush since I got my Fifth badge but Falinks is only found in route 8

    1. I still think you should use Grimmsnarl eventually. Feel you would really like it despite it being a fairy type.

  36. I really feel like the Wild Area is like the arena for The Hunger Games, artificial and controlled elsewhere but also with real stuff in it.

  37. So I gotta say I actually am enjoying using Stonjourner this early, it’s no surprise his sky high Attack and defense really make him useful as a Rock type and he knows Body Press where he juices the competition, but that’s pretty much all you get, Stab Rock for bugs, birds and fire types and pretty much soaking up physical attacks with ease and when faced with special moves he folds

  38. (Yeeesh hardly anything happened in the last 12hrs)
    Our group of rambunctious rebels found themselves in the arid ruins of route 8. Many strong Pokémon were fighting amongst themselves but nothing compared to the sight I witnessed, a gigantic Crustle being swarmed by small yellow and red Pokémon!

    They were fighting the Bug type from every angle landing successful blow after blow as their larger scarred leader signaled their every position to make sure their oversized foe was vanquished truly the makings of a true commander I had to catch it!
    But this was proven much more challenging as the moment they heard me they quickly dashed off into a crevasse.

    We spent hours turning over every stone to find it until we heard a commotion as the Falinks platoon was surrounded by several hungry Sandaconda, even their superb formation couldn’t gain the advantage from multiple threats; their unit was broken and the Brass was panicking as it wanted to save all it’s troops but couldn’t!

    I couldn’t just watch a mighty warrior go down like this so we sprung into action each of my Pokémon teaming up with a trooper and individually beat each Sandaconda until they were reunited and performed a inspiring move that powered themselves as they were determined to win and after landing a powerful Smart Strike on the Sandaconda they slithered off scared

    The Leader was moved how we stepped up and helped them I asked them if they wanted to join our ranks but it took it as an insulting challenge and got into formation to fight us!
    The Falinks was truly a powerful fighter utilizing solid and creative formations to gain the advantage but Scorbunny was just as determined and brash to win trying to pick each one off with speedy double kicks and flame charges until they stacked on top of each other like a tower and charged towards Scorbunny! Tired and exhausted Scorbunny had an idea and quickly bounced atop it and unleashed a powerful kick to send the Brass flying away from the troop, separated and panicked the troops scrambled to reunite allowing Scorbunny to kick each of them farther away from the Brass leaving it wide open for a newly learned Blaze Kick knocking it out and quickly catching it!

    Afterward the Falinks recognized the power of my team and marched triumphantly with us for every battle it would fight

  39. So the Delibird raids give double the candies and I think more other rewards. I got a Destiny Knot from one.

    1. i’m sure youve answered this but i lose track of things. if ever they released a ground/fairy pokemon, what would you do? would you use it to fulfill your self-appointed quest to try every ground type, or would you pass it up in keeping with your vendetta against all things fairy?

  40. I’m enjoying the anime, but find it weird that they’re including non-gen 8 obtainable pokemon into the main protagonist’s party. Sorta like how Sword and Shield clearly doesn’t know what to do with the scale of some of the largest pokemon in-cannon, but also included them in spite of dexit… when they could have forever silenced Wailord…

    1. I’m still certain they kept Wailord just for the joke of the largest Pokemon getting to get larger

  41. Real Talk: Exp Share diminishes any sort of challenge my Pokemon are in their fifties when the last gym battle was 42

    I understand that the newer generations are entitled little sh*ts but the Exp All is ruining any chance of actually needing to grind to actually conquer any story battle, same goes with the exp candies they are easily collected in an afternoon of dynamax raids and they can accidentally be overused
    Cut scenes leading into mandatory battles where they auto-heal you are a problem too

    How to make it harder
    -No Exp All
    -No Exp Candies (Rare Candy is still allowed but greatly reduced)
    -No more people healing you for story battles
    -Must play with a vice fastened to your head and a rabid wolverine latched to your ankles (Hard Core Mode)
    -And perhaps a slower exp system where you can really only gain good Exp from Trainer and Gym Battles

    When my Shield Playthrough is done i might just kinda lose myself in some old console games
    -Skyward Sword
    -Mario Sunshine
    -Maybe Phantom Hourglass (I know it’s considered self harm)

    1. You don’t need to use exp candies and why would you grind if you know it makes you overlevelled

    2. I feel like I’m one of the few who had no issues with my team being over leveled. And you know you can just not use the exp candies?

  42. Is there someone who can trade me a Swirlix w/ Whipped Dream for my Spritzee w/ Sachet?

    Edit- Nevermind, I found one!

  43. Talking about issues with Sword and Shield

    Trainers are under levelled.
    Wild Pokemon are overlevelled

  44. Ok, time to start my first SwSh Nuzlocke.
    Character is called Hange Zoe. I can’t Dynamax any Pokemon, all characters are named after AoT characters. Not more than one Healing item per battle, I can take a maximum of 4 Pokemon to Gym challenges, each zone of the Wild area counts as a new encounter possibility. I can do Dynamax Raids but if something dies during one I have to release it as well. I can only do Grass encounters for new chatches unless a Pokemon runs into me, I can’t actively run at an overworld pokemon, but I can try to lure them with whistling.

  45. So after watching the subbed SWSH Anime I got a better understanding
    -Go manages to catch every hug type in Kanto in order to get closer of his dreams of catching Mew
    -Pokeballs now say Nice, Great, Excellent which im assuming is from Let’s Go (I picked it up from the raw version but even the subtitles say it)
    -It seems Go will regularly catch Pokémon and store them in the sanctuary park at the research base
    -Go Probably won’t use any of the Pokémon he’s captured in battle because systematically he has no desire to train to get stronger and build a team

    1. If Serebii is correct he might use Scyther as it says it’s in rotation unlike the rest who are merely just caught

  46. Last thing before I leave for Christmas Eve Eve with the relatives


  47. was excited for the new Inazuma Eleven game…. but seeing it also being an Android and iOS games deflates my exictement.

  48. The only thing I keep up with the anime for is on the off chance they reveal something new for the games. Only reason why I watched the finale of the Alola league was for that, and it didn’t pay off 🙁

  49. Made a new Fakemon for my PNW-based region. One that is based on a Fearsome Critter.

    Classification: Axe Dog Pokémon
    Type: Steel
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Height: 4’11”
    Weight: 325.5lbs.
    Description: With its axe-shaped head, it can slice through even concrete. While the head looks heavy, its neck muscles are so strong, it’s not really an issue in battle. It is known to have battles with Haxorus to see which has the sharpest blade.
    Moves it can learn: Hack n’ Slash (Steel – Physical – BP: 95 – Accuracy: 85% – Ignores foe’s defensive boosts), Night Slash, X-Scissor, Hone Claws, Iron Head


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