Ranking the Revealed Pokémon of Galar

You love them, you hate them, and you can’t help but want to make one yourself when you see them. Below is this writer’s own tier list on the new Gen VIII Pokémon that have been officially revealed. Plan to see an updated version of this article when the games are fully released.

Here is the link to the tier maker used in this article, though there are others. Just beware of spoilers when you search! We want you to rank the officially revealed Pokémon so far, so we can get a feel of which Pokémon of Galar appeal to a wide audience and which are universally agreed as… ew.

Note: the rankings in this article are purely the judgments of the author, and you are in full right to disagree (or agree), especially down in the comments! These rankings are based on what has been officially revealed, not considering leaks, rumors or unofficial sources.

S Rank – LOVE

  • Starting off right away is everyone’s favorite sheep. Mareep who? Seriously though, just when you thought Wooloo couldn’t get any more adorable, you find out they roll!
  • Corviknight is so intimidating, imposing, and really captures the regional-bird vibe with a great twist
  • A hilarious and creative use of the industrial era fashion, along with the smoke-stacks. Galarian Weezing is top notch

A Rank – Very Good. Many Pokémon fall in to this rank, so let’s move fast.

  • Yamper truly embodies the newer style of Pokémon, and he really is a Very Good boy
  • Drednaw and its Gigamax form both capture the older style of Pokémon really well. It looks like it could easily fit in with Gen I Pokémon, and that’s a good thing
  • Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone feel like they are living their best life, their true life, in the Galar region
  • Polteageist is a more cute ghost type, but a welcome one. It conjures up a sort of Beauty & The Beast vibe, and its name is quite creative
  • Impidimp is up this high as a meme, but really that is what this PokÉmon is all about. It’s got a fanbase already, and that has grown even more since the 24-hour chime stream
  • Rolycoly is one of the Pokémon that ignite hopefulness for its future. It does have a similar feeling to Geodude, with a lot more attitude than something like Roggenrola
  • Galarian Ponyta looks exactly as expected to, though the lack of a Fairy typing is surprising. Still, it looks great!

B Rank – Good. Another large group, these ones are generally well designed but not my favorites, or could have done better.

  • Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. These three have really climbed in the rankings, as most starters do. At first, all of them were much lower. Looking at them now though, they are all good designs
  • Morepeko is an interesting twist on the Pika-clone of this generation. Not my taste, but it does look more interesting than some past generations
  • Zamenzenta and Zacian are interesting enough legendaries. The sword in the mouth is a bit odd, but I would put them about the middle of the pack compared to past box-art legends
  • Sirfetch’d is hilariously good. Its leek is just so long! A surprising design and they did well to give an old Pokémon some well deserved attention
  • Eldegoss is quality. Much appreciation for the big poof, the spreading of seeds, etc
  • Cramorant is the new man’s Pelipper. Gulp Missile seems like an interesting ability, and It’s easy to look forward to using this Pokémon. But… its design isn’t anything particularly special. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it could be better

C Rank – Meh/Okay. These ‘mons are just not anywhere near favorites. Either not fitting personal taste, or could have been better.

  • Alcremie isn’t necessarily bad, just not the tastiest of the Galar Pokémon flavours. The Gigantmax form is a bit cooler with just how large and grand it is, and it is cool that you can find different varieties of Alcremie
  • Gossifluer feels similar to many other feminine-plant types we have seen in the past. It just doesn’t do enough to excel beyond those

D Rank – Dislike and nothing can be done about it.

  • Obstagoon was an interesting concept on paper but fails to deliver. Behaving like a human and a general distaste for humanoid Pokémon places this one way down low
  • Duraladon is the first one of the new reveals that got an audible “no way that is a Pokémon”. There are just so many cooler ways a Steel/Dragon Pokémon could have been done.

Overall that’s the list! Comment down below with your thoughts about these rankings and feel free to make your own! Once again, here is the link to the specific one used above. Whilst you’re here why not give us a follow on Twitter and come join our Discord for constant Pokémon chat!

  1. Reposting this since for some odd reason it came up as a comment edit??? Feel this needs to be said

    Just throwing it out here
    This is more TPC than Gamefreak
    It’s really apparent

    Gigantamaxes? Wild area? What do those things have in common?

    They’re incredibly marketable.

    With that leak about them fucking up the model transferring and how long programming that buggy ass wild area to work must have taken… think about how much time was used on everything else. Now think of how much TPC constricted them. You know why GF’s morale is so low? Cause they’re being thrown into a a shitty situation where they’re being blasted with criticism that should be aimed at TPC.

    Wanna know who to blame? Blame the heads. Blame the CEOs, blame the people profiting from the countless amount of merch that’s coming out of these games. If you put pressure on a water balloon, you’ll get wet, if you put this amount of pressure on a company like Gamefreak? You’ll get half baked games. Sure, they ain’t blameless, but this is your reason. This is why things are how they are. This is why the next games are probably gonna have the full dex, but still be barebones and buggy and empty

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk

    1. Ooohhh a downvote, wonder who it was. :0

      I’m just bein’ realistic here. We gotta face the problem and there’s no use tweeting #fuckgamefreak on every post they make because nobody’s getting helped by that. Turning a blind eye is also helping nobody either, I’m just simply saying who’s at fault here.

  2. Huh, they’re getting far more loose with Fire coverage this Gen. Shiftry got Heat Wave, most Fairies in the game got Mystical Fire, and Galaritan gets to enjoy being both the only Ice with a ton of fire coverage and being the only Ice/Fire

    1. I hatw the fact that maybe this gen will sell more in one week than smash…. honestly this is not ok :/

    2. I already pre-ordered it before we found out about half these problems… not being able to catch higher level pokes is truly a disappointment and the graphics and all look INCOMPLETE clearly they showed the polished parts in the trailers which is just friggin cheap. If your game is literally INCOMPLETE then let your buyers know. I hope people figure it out after launch and sales drop, then they take a breather before gen 9 (I think they’re already got good work in on Sinnoh remakes but they could still save it I guess) and think about their design choices etc. now that they’re on the switch. I definitely will not be trigger-buying the next games and I’m going to try and be less involved because I’m too emotionally affected by SwSh. I’m kinda glad they’re gonna be out soon, good or bad I can MOVE ON

    3. Only the Pokemon fans can save Pokemon.

      I think whoever is responsible for the games being in this state, needs to learn a lesson and that only happens when sales figures come through, cos money speaks louder than all the ranting and raving on social media.

  3. I never thought a modern Star Wars game would look better than Pokemon, but honestly Fallen Order actually seems like the better made game. But I try not to buy story based single player games like that at launch just cause I personally dont replay them much and would rather wait for in depth reviews and maybe a sale

  4. Lets talk TOXTRICITY
    This mon’s been rapidly soaring into popularity among pretty much everyone and has some especially fun stuff to work with.

    Type: Poison/Electric
    Ability: Punk Rock (use this)/ Plus (Useless)/ Technician (Good but lacks moves for this)
    HP: 75
    Attack: 98
    Defense: 70
    Special Attack: 115
    Special Defense: 70
    Speed: 75
    Base Stat Total: 502

    Some notable moves: Sludge Wave/Bomb, Overdrive, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Drain Punch, Shift Gear, Boomburst, Nuzzle, Toxic, Fire Punch, Snarl, volt switch

    + Excellent special attack and a decently high attack stat allow for it to use a large variety of offensive sets. It can be a hard Pokemon to predict if used right.
    + Punk Rock is an insanely strong ability, turning Overdrive into thunder with no drawbacks, snarl into a dark special version of lunge, and making Boomburst a terrifying move that can easily break down walls that would otherwise resist its stab. Also it gets technician, which is niche but cool.
    + Speaking of, Poison/Electric has a lot of offensive benefits because it only really gets resisted by ground types and certain dual type combos, but also works very well as a defensive type, only needing to fear psychic and ground type attacks (The prior of which tend to be relatively scared of Snarl)
    + A lot of coverage moves and options that work wonderfully alongside its offensive stats
    + It has shift gear. That move is INSANE
    + Depending on its set it can break the infamous Ferro/Pex core, OHKO Gyarados, threaten Tyranitar after a +1 boost to attack, and even make the likes of Corviknight have second thoughts. It’s an incredible anti-meta Pokemon

    – 75 speed is pretty rough and lets it get outsped by a lot when it lacks speed boosts or a choice scarf. Considering it’s not super bulky (Around average, maybe) and is meant to play offensively, this is rough.
    – Due to its lower speed, its 75/70/70 bulk becomes a lot worse due to how many threats are able to outspeed it and kill/weaken it. Any faster mon with super effective moves is immediately a threat.
    – Ground types wall every move it uses, and steel can do so as well if your moveset is not adequately equipped for them.

    Overall this Pokemon is quite good. It has a lot of offensive potential and can easily defeat a lot of threats. Shift gear in specific can make it an absolutely horrifying Pokemon to go up against. However due to its average bulk and lower speed, you may need to play more cautiously with it. It can sweep teams if its walls are not present, but will function more often than not as a cleaner if its counters are present. All in all UU or OU. Do not sleep on Toxtricity, it is a threat.

    1. Shift Gear is a strange one, cos it boost attack and speed, while this thing has a higher special attack

    2. Oh! And if any of y’all happen to have a mon you guys want me to look over next, gimme a heads up!

      Just leave it to Gen 8 ones please

  5. Earthen is pained… spent entire day outside in the pouring sleet pushing carts that were frozen solid

    I very much would just like to play the game, regardless of any criticism that is ever present, because once you start playing a Pokémon game you probably won’t be able to put it down, catching and managing a team is just addictive and I’m sure that the wild area will be fun to just lose yourself in, I am fighting off all the negativity and there’s a astronomical amount of it now

  6. Alright I think I finally have my team down just need some opinions on one thing
    Boltund/Mr. Rime
    So which one? I know I’d have two psychic types, but Boltund is monotype, so I’d still have the same amount of type coverage over all
    Also, if I get lucky and find a Cufant I’ll use that, but I’m not going to actively search

  7. Just re-iterating
    Y’all know no matter how much Gamefreak wants to change, this isn’t all them right? TPC has a lot of the strings in their hands.

  8. G-Max lapras was really a no-brainer. They could’ve played up it’s pleiosaur origins and the Loch Ness monster cryptid which is in the UK, and yet they went with…whatever it is

  9. Popping in just to say I’m still excited for these games. Yes I’ve seen the evos (haven’t seen full dex so please no spoilers) and yes I still love all three starters. Still choosing sobble! All that said some fans in the community need to cool it. Saw last week that apparently people tried to combat A thank you gamefreak hashtag with a F*ck you gamefreak hashtag. Is that really the point we’ve come to in this community? Look I get being upset with some of the decisions but to go this far with it is just insane. And to try and tell people what to do as well is insane too. Really if the franchise has you this upset you can always take a break from it. Heck I’ve done it with the wwe recently. They kept making choices that annoyed me and I finally got fed up. Haven’t watched a full episode in weeks and only keep up through looking at results online. Watching AEW much more and loving it. And doing this has definitely helped my mental health. I do hope wwe will do something soon though to bring me back in. All that said wanted to share this sobble picture that my youngest niece drew for me. I’m quite impressed with how good she did.
    Anyway will probably not be on much until I actually get the game Friday and start playing. Can’t wait!

  10. Huge thing I missed!! Apparently only Amped Up Toxtricity gets shift gear! The other form gets magnetic flux!!!

    Kinda unfair if you ask me

  11. @fairyforgetful:disqus Hopefully this shows up clear! lol But here’s Locke Bronson (I came up with that monstrosity of a last name but bear[bare?] with me). Thanks for being a character in the comic book!!

    COMIC BOOK UPDATE: I’m doing it digitally and there’s a bit of a learning curve so pages may come out a bit later than I wanted. Apologies for the delay.

  12. So i really hope Ash at least catches some Galar mons while he’s on this escapade
    I mean seriously the season will be awfully droll is Ash is restricted to merely Pikachu and I know they’ll at least give him Galar Pokemon just to push the game
    Grookey is easily the most Ash kinda Pokemon of the three
    Rookidee also is a very likely capture because the rule is Ash always has a flying pokemon for recon (Pikipek was the truly only exception)

    Now the rest of the Galar dex just doesn’t feel very Ash since he prefers all around pokemon with a fair amount of speed and power, nothing too extravagant or edgey

    1. I want Ash to have Dragapoult. I could see Drednaw but most of Ash’s defensive Pokemon don’t get enough shine. Snorlax was the one they did justice. Maybe they’ll give him as Galarian form this time around. I could see him with Sirfetch’d

    1. It’s body is soft and fat so no matter how much you beat on it your fists will never get sore

  13. No that I have a Switch, do I get Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or just leave it at Sword and Shield as far as Pokemon games go?

  14. Project due next week on Thursday plus some friends being out of town this weekend means I’m delayed to enjoy the game. But at least I’ll have the guide book by the time I’m able to play

  15. You know what I wonder. When are the new icons coming in?

    I’d love to change Yoshi out after while

    1. I feel really bad for the GF employees (if there are) who genuinely care about pokemon and know what its fans want but have to put up with this because of superiors 🙁

  16. Stuck between two premises for my Jungle Writing Project.

    Idea 1) Trainer Guild.
    This is the one you’re all familiar with, and the one I’ve been working on currently. Concept is that Pokemon communities like PokeJungle are translated into ‘Trainer Guilds’ that provide accommodation and services to trainers in exchange for trainers doing allocated jobs and roles. Training is a lot harder in the setting than it is in the games/anime, so evolving takes longer and most people have 2-3 Pokemon.

    It’s kind of like a more western version of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. Slice of life, episodic. Easy to read.

    Idea 2) Fantasy World
    This is the alternative that I keep flirting with. Basically, the world is split into eighteen regions each governed by different bodies, and boundaries are set by the prominence of the Eighteen Crystals. These crystalline swellings of elemental energy are said to be the manifestations of the creator’s eighteen aspects, and it is said that they are the source of the power that people and Pokemon have manifested.

    In this story, humans have slight powers and have one companion Pokemon they’re gifted the egg of when they reach the right age – this depends on which of the Eighteen Nations they’re born in. This is more of a serial story, and if you want to imagine the concept it’s kind of Final Fantasy/Bravely Default meets Avatar

  17. http://g-media.work/archives/%e8%a9%95%e5%88%a4%e6%a0%aa%e5%bc%8f%e4%bc%9a%e7%a4%be%e3%82%b2%e3%83%bc%e3%83%a0%e3%83%95%e3%83%aa%e3%83%bc%e3%82%af%ef%bc%88%e8%a8%98%e4%ba%8b%e7%95%aa%e5%8f%b737462%ef%bc%89.html

    god, PLEASE read this. Chrome can google translate it. It’s an interview with a gamefreak employee who left

    Reason for Retirement: “I decided to change my job because I wanted to make an interesting game”

    Points that I think are bad or frustrated at the company: “There is no enthusiasm for the game. Because it is a Pokemon, you can sell any piece. Because my salary is also high, there are many people who think about how to get a high bonus without making a mistake, rather than the enthusiasm of making a game, so it is difficult to challenge new things.”

    It also talks about how they make people do stuff they aren’t prepared to do and end up needing help from other staff who end up retiring despite their excellence. Just read it. I’m so fucking disappointed and upset with Pokemon and something needs to fucking change.

  18. Is there a pokemon that you like that others seem to dislike?

    For me, its gotta be Delphox. It’s my favorite fire starter and everyone seems to loathe it and wish it would die.

  19. Well i’ve worked all day today in literal sleet and i think i need to get some rest
    Tomorrow is the last full-full day of waiting
    Technically thurs is but y’know midnight and all

    I need a warm soak….like a Goron

  20. On the glitches like the raboot randomly dying

    “Allegedly, that’s a modified version and everything is bugged in this dude’s version, he has max master balls as well”

    So the majority of it is coming from a pirated hacked game.

  21. Who wants to help me pick a starter? I’m really torn because all of the final evolutions have grown on me! There’s not a single one I don’t like.

  22. Nintendo 128 GB microSD cards were for sale on Amazon, so I nabbed one in order to play Pokémon Sword right as Friday begins. Now I have to debate whether or not I should go to morning classes.

  23. I’m so glad the people here aren’t being toxic about what they like/dislike about the games, they are regaling the fun old times and being excited for the new games this is what I wish this community was like all over 🙂

  24. Its unique style of coiling allows it to blast sand out of its sand sac more efficiently.

    Thanks Sanaconda lmaooo

  25. Going off of a discussion below, here’s a question : what’s a Pokemon you initially hated and grew to really like?

    For me it has to be incineroar and it literally just happened yesterday. I’ve been vocal about my feelings about incineroar before so I think it needs to be redeemed. The reason for my change of heart is entirely subjective though.

    So I have this weird pet peeve of mine. I classify Pokémon designs into masc and femme and then I like to put them on my team in the opposite gender. Don’t ask why, maybe it has something to do with being subversive or whatever but it really helps me get attached to the Pokémon knowing that it’s not just playing up to some stereotype. Example, my first ever SM Playthrough was with my male Primarina. I’ve also used male Gardevoir in the past, which apparently doesn’t make sense to some people.

    So I kept resetting till I got a female litten last week when I decided to play Ultra Sun once before Swsh to get the hype fuelled, and since I hadn’t ever played with litten I thought let me give it a try. I also wanted to name all my Pokémon after characters from SU. I named my Litten Amethyst as an homage to her purple puma alter ego, and started imagining stories around her that matched amethyst’s personality. Before I knew it, I’d fallen I love with her as a torracat and was genuinely excited when she evolved into inci because I really did see her as amethyst. She’s aloof, loves to joke around to mask her vulnerability but secretly harbours a deep insecurity about not being strong enough. She channels that energy into her battles against other pokemon which she always treats as wrestling matches. She may seem standoffish, distant and goofy at first but soon enough you’ll realize she has a huge heart!

    Sorry for the long post

    Tldr, I now really like Inci

  26. Hey… If my Pokemons Sp.Atk stat is 80.. should I used it’s 120bp stab move fairy.. or seismic toss? 😕

  27. So Dubwool’s wool when made into a carpet works more like a trampoline…
    That sounds so fun :0

  28. Dang if the character limit went past 15 letters, I would called myEiscue:

    Well Eiscuuuues me princess

  29. Hate this guy… saying “it is what it is” for everything….. because eof people like him we get games like this. This game is garbage, yeah we are gonna buy it because we love pokemon but we are so disappointed about the quality and being a pokemon fan is not accept whatever GF is offering…


    1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand your logic. you’re saying it’s because of people like HIM that we get BAD GAMES? You want him to be more critical and voice out against the games like we’re doing? I don’t think you understand that “being disappointed” and “not accepting whatever GF does” carries no weight if you’re going to end up buying it anyway because you love Pokemon. You do realise you contradict yourself! BUYING OR NOT BUYING is LITERALLY the only way to cast a vote to developers like GF who aren’t an indie company and don’t have an open dialogue with their fans, so as long as they don’t see a dip in sales they won’t get ANY message. so saying you won’t accept whatever GF does, and then also claim that because you love Pokemon you’ll buy the “garbage” game and be disappointed with it. I agree with you about the games being garbage and yet I bought the game anyway, and I KNOW it’s going to send the wrong message so I kinda wish I could undo it but I can’t. Sadly, GF is going to think it’s going to fly. But if you’re doing the same thing as him, at least Adrive is being optimistic about the games and looking on the bright side and enjoying them for whatever they are because short of not buying it there’s literally nothing else he, you or I can do to change the future of the franchise. I like complaining as much as the next fan does, but now that I’ve bought them, I don’t see any point in harping on. I’ll get whatever enjoyment from the games I can and I’ll be sure to be more mindful for the next game. If I disagree with the direction they go in, I will restrain myself from buying them so that my opinion counts. Sorry for the long post but I had to call you out when you said that it’s because of people like him. That’s just not true. Adrive is one of the few really nice Poketubers who only has love and hype to give for the franchise and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    2. I mean I don’t think its garbage and I think the quality is fine, it’s not perfect but nothing is

  30. Someone is trying to make the chat toxic
    Simple as that, don’t bring up anyone’s name. Hate/Love the game? Fine, just state it out in a non-biased manner. Don’t harass anyone who disagree with u/ not on your side.

    1. I wish I could show this to the entire internet because for some reason most people forget this (Again referring to everywhere not just here)

  31. I feel like at this point we’re straying into extremes territory
    >everything is bad and you should feel bad for liking it
    >it’s perfect and you’re toxic if you don’t agree

    Both are kind of dangerous and make for a bad community, that’s just how I see it

    I’m personally kind of in a hard middle ground. There are really big problems present, but some things here really interest me. I just wish Gamefreak didn’t put me in this situation in the first place tho

    1. Agreed. The game definitely has its problems but then there are also QoL improvements like the nature mints, Pokemon box, etc. The inclusion of TR’s as a replacement for move tutors. My wishful thought is that GameFreak will eventually use all resources and make a stand to the Pokemon company about the games. They showed they are at least somewhat listening to the fans, such as trying breaking the barrier into competitive pokemon with the new vitamin mechanic

    2. Its getting to the point I don’t want to be online as all it does is cause me anger or sadness.

      Not just here but everywhere, sadly I have an unhealthy need for the internet as without it I don’t have anything to do which is bad for someone like me who lacks motivation to do things

    3. Exactly, this game definitely has problems, but harassing people over it and saying “This game is bad and if you think otherwise, you’re a shill” is not an appropriate response, and neither is blindly defending it. Personally, I’ve seen more of the former, and it’s just ridiculous. Yes, people can fight for a better product, but to the extent they’ve gone, it’s just become a bunch of assholes s**ting on people for liking a game they don’t and harassing the people behind it.

      1. I hate how now adays you can’t be critical of a product but still find joy in it. So many people act like you have to be one or the other.

  32. Here’s a question I haven’t seen anyone ask: What’s your favorite Galarian form/evolution? For me, it’s probably either Galarian Meowth or Zigzagoon (Though I’ve explained my feelings towards them already, at least for Zigzagoon).

  33. I think I’ve decided on my main team.

    1. Rillaboom, Ranken
    2. Toxtricity (Low Key), Philo
    3. Grimmsnarl, Barbas
    4. Copperajah, Ayas
    5. Dracozolt, Boots
    6. G-Darmanitan, Mint

  34. You gotta be freakin kidding me
    This absolute butthole squeezes out a win with a MSharpedo ice fang freeze and crunch Def drop on my Golisopod

  35. I need help finalizing my Pokémon names…

    Inteleon – Renly or Zee
    Corviknight – Elton or Evermore
    Thievul – Valentino or Versace
    Bolthund – Barnaby (thats my dog’s name)
    Eiscue – Egbert or Kensington or Walt
    Obstagoon – Scamander or Diggory (or some Hufflepuff reference)

    Cinderace – Sansa or Scorch
    Cramorant – Dior or Giuseppe
    Galarian Darmanitan – Olaf or Elsa or Montmarte or Napoleon
    Dubwool – Coco or Chanel or Sully
    Indeedee – Luxembourg or Gaston or Guido (it’s male form)
    Dragapult/Toxtricity- Diana or London or Spears

  36. With the next 2 days approaching I just want to say it’s possible to critically judge a product and still find it enjoyable. Also what might be a deal breaker for you may not be that for another and thats ok

  37. Apparently Galarian Farfecht’d evolves by knocking out 3 Pokemon in 1 battle. Unique, but I don’t like it that much

    1. I think this just a really bad cop-out if you ask me
      Fans raved to give that walking proverb an evolution but not even the real thing does evolve it’s its crappy reskin that barely changes anything

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