Ranking the Revealed Pokémon of Galar

You love them, you hate them, and you can’t help but want to make one yourself when you see them. Below is this writer’s own tier list on the new Gen VIII Pokémon that have been officially revealed. Plan to see an updated version of this article when the games are fully released.

Here is the link to the tier maker used in this article, though there are others. Just beware of spoilers when you search! We want you to rank the officially revealed Pokémon so far, so we can get a feel of which Pokémon of Galar appeal to a wide audience and which are universally agreed as… ew.

Note: the rankings in this article are purely the judgments of the author, and you are in full right to disagree (or agree), especially down in the comments! These rankings are based on what has been officially revealed, not considering leaks, rumors or unofficial sources.

S Rank – LOVE

  • Starting off right away is everyone’s favorite sheep. Mareep who? Seriously though, just when you thought Wooloo couldn’t get any more adorable, you find out they roll!
  • Corviknight is so intimidating, imposing, and really captures the regional-bird vibe with a great twist
  • A hilarious and creative use of the industrial era fashion, along with the smoke-stacks. Galarian Weezing is top notch

A Rank – Very Good. Many Pokémon fall in to this rank, so let’s move fast.

  • Yamper truly embodies the newer style of Pokémon, and he really is a Very Good boy
  • Drednaw and its Gigamax form both capture the older style of Pokémon really well. It looks like it could easily fit in with Gen I Pokémon, and that’s a good thing
  • Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone feel like they are living their best life, their true life, in the Galar region
  • Polteageist is a more cute ghost type, but a welcome one. It conjures up a sort of Beauty & The Beast vibe, and its name is quite creative
  • Impidimp is up this high as a meme, but really that is what this PokÉmon is all about. It’s got a fanbase already, and that has grown even more since the 24-hour chime stream
  • Rolycoly is one of the Pokémon that ignite hopefulness for its future. It does have a similar feeling to Geodude, with a lot more attitude than something like Roggenrola
  • Galarian Ponyta looks exactly as expected to, though the lack of a Fairy typing is surprising. Still, it looks great!

B Rank – Good. Another large group, these ones are generally well designed but not my favorites, or could have done better.

  • Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. These three have really climbed in the rankings, as most starters do. At first, all of them were much lower. Looking at them now though, they are all good designs
  • Morepeko is an interesting twist on the Pika-clone of this generation. Not my taste, but it does look more interesting than some past generations
  • Zamenzenta and Zacian are interesting enough legendaries. The sword in the mouth is a bit odd, but I would put them about the middle of the pack compared to past box-art legends
  • Sirfetch’d is hilariously good. Its leek is just so long! A surprising design and they did well to give an old Pokémon some well deserved attention
  • Eldegoss is quality. Much appreciation for the big poof, the spreading of seeds, etc
  • Cramorant is the new man’s Pelipper. Gulp Missile seems like an interesting ability, and It’s easy to look forward to using this Pokémon. But… its design isn’t anything particularly special. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it could be better

C Rank – Meh/Okay. These ‘mons are just not anywhere near favorites. Either not fitting personal taste, or could have been better.

  • Alcremie isn’t necessarily bad, just not the tastiest of the Galar Pokémon flavours. The Gigantmax form is a bit cooler with just how large and grand it is, and it is cool that you can find different varieties of Alcremie
  • Gossifluer feels similar to many other feminine-plant types we have seen in the past. It just doesn’t do enough to excel beyond those

D Rank – Dislike and nothing can be done about it.

  • Obstagoon was an interesting concept on paper but fails to deliver. Behaving like a human and a general distaste for humanoid Pokémon places this one way down low
  • Duraladon is the first one of the new reveals that got an audible “no way that is a Pokémon”. There are just so many cooler ways a Steel/Dragon Pokémon could have been done.

Overall that’s the list! Comment down below with your thoughts about these rankings and feel free to make your own! Once again, here is the link to the specific one used above. Whilst you’re here why not give us a follow on Twitter and come join our Discord for constant Pokémon chat!