Pokémon Sword & Shield Review Round-up

The release of Pokémon Sword and Shield are close—very, very close—and the reviews for the games are now being posted. Here are some highlights:

  • IGN: 9.3/10, Editor’s Choice “…the best Pokemon games I have ever played…”
  • Kotaku: Positive “For the first time in my adult life, I was seriously thinking about strategy in a Pokémon game, and I had a blast doing it.”
  • Gamespot: 9/10 “The vibrant Galar region is a consistent delight to explore, incentivizing and rewarding collecting and battling in equal measure, and grandiose battles add an exciting dimension to the familiar Gym formula to deliver an engaging adventure beginning to end.”
  • VG24/7: 3/5 “Pokemon Sword & Shield is all too often a bit disappointing, and in some places actually feels a little unfinished, but it also fully provides that warm, fuzzy feeling that one expects from the series.”

Let us know what other good reviews you find. Are you particularly excited by what you’ve read from them? Apprehensive? Let us know!

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  1. Overall what I expected. A decent game, more of a step in the door for the rest of the generation just like XY, DP and RS were in their time. Nothing groundbreaking but I wasn’t expecting that in the first place.

  2. From what Ive gathered these reviews honestly seem a bit generous, imo. I’ll have to see how it actually plays and how the cuts affect the QOL.

  3. I may be overly optomistic, or just plain stubborn, but i will not believe game freak lied until i see blatant, undeniable proof. I don’t understand why they would lie about such a thing when they knew they would be discovered eventually.

  4. I feel a bit more disheartened about the whole thing, but I’m still getting my copy Friday and still going to enjoy the game overall; but what has transpired can’t be ignored.

  5. Leaving it at this

    You have a reason to get it? Get it
    If there’s no reason to? Don’t

    It’s your money, spend it how you want

    1. Pretty much.
      If you don’t feel like the game ppeals to you… don’t buy it. There are other games coming out right now you can try. And maybe you can just skip to the next game if the things you didn’t like about it get addressed.
      If the game looks like it appeals to you, buy it.

    2. This so much. Personally can’t wait for these games. Excited to explore the wild area and meet all the new Pokémon I’ve not seen yet. Will probably get both versions eventually too since I want to play sword along with my nieces when they get the games. This will be my youngest nieces first mainline Pokémon game so I refuse to miss exploring that with them. And yes one of my nieces is picking scorbunny seraph which I know will make you happy lol

    3. 100% behind this!

      Don’t buy it and don’t ruin it for others, who are excited .I’m not expecting perfection – of course – none of the previous games were THE ultimate Pokemon game, but maybe that’s just what makes me wonder what’s improved in this one – little by little.

      and yeah, nothing compares to the excitement of starting a brand new PKMN game, takes you back to childhood (if you started with Red/Blue of course)

  6. Man I’m hyped! I cant wait for friday! Between this and Dead By Daylight’s teaser trailer for chapter 14 coming out an hour ago, I cant contain my excitement!

  7. BTW Gmax Pokemon can only be caught in Gmax Raids and can’t be bred. This means the Pokemon must be caught in its final form as a Gigantamax Pokemon, and you can’t find, say, a Chewtle with a G Factor in lower ranked raids.

    I mean with Nature Mints, Hyper Training, and egg move sharing, this isn’t too bad for competitive at all. It’s just a bit disappointing that your in-game Mons still can’t compete with comp prepared Pokemon in certain situations.

    This and Hidden Abilities are the only massive barriers left

    1. Hidden abilities are surprisingly not terrible to get in this gen. A lot of mons you can lock down when you know the raid spot

  8. Oh yeah not sure if I mentioned it but recently got switch online for a year. After years of wanting to play it I finally played super metroid! Overall I enjoyed it but fusion is still my favorite 2d metroid game. Hope we can get a fifth one soon. My rankings for anyone curious
    1. Metroid fusion
    2. Metroid zero mission
    3. Super Metroid
    4. Metroid samus returns 3D

  9. Ok so really off topic here, but I’m just so grateful I need to share!

    I’ve been in a battle with my landlord who doesnt want to do any fixing in my apartment. My kitchen floor was removed, and since the maintenance man is really lazy, he hasnt finished the project for over a year. Well I had enough and called code enforcement, and things are finally starting to get fixed. I have a kitchen again, and I cooked a hot breakfast for the first time in over a year. My cooking is still so good, I’m so happy!

  10. Maybe I’m an idiot but let me get this straight: theres no GTS, correct? So how do we trade with other players other than locally?

  11. So people who’ve tested are saying dynamax breaks competitive as bad as I worried it would…..

  12. Grook: Jolly Adamant
    Roly: Naughty or Rash
    Chew: Impish Adamant
    Ziggy, Cuf: Adamnt or Impish
    Clob: Adamant

    I swear those mints better not cost an arm and a leg….and a few pancreases AND I hope they change it on the summery because i really have a bad time keeping track of all the stuff

  13. Okay! I think i’ve gotten the names down for the Pokemon on my team… Both male and female depending on which I get. Thoughts? Suggestions? Etc…??? The Italicized ones are the Pokemon I haven’t quite decided yet…

    Jeff’s team (Shield)

    Inteleon – Zee (as in the Dutch word for Sea) or Renly (as in Renly Baratheon from Game of Thrones)
    Corviknight – Elton or Arthur (as in Sir Elton John or King Arthur)
    Obstagoon – Diggory or Scamander (cause Hufflepuff) unless it’s a female
    Bolthund – Barnaby (cause that’s my real dog’s name)
    Thievul – Valentino (after the Italian clothing designer)
    Eiscue – Egbert (Considered to be the first King of England)

    Aurora’s team (Sword)

    Cinderace – Sansa (if it’s a female) or Scorch (if it’s a male)
    Cramorant – Giuseppe (cause it looks like a Guiseppe) or Clinton (after my Queen Hillary)
    G. Darmanitan – Olaf or Else (from Frozen) or Montmartre (one of my favorite districts in Paris)
    Dubwool – Sully (from Mosnter’s Inc.) or Coco (aftr Coco Chanel the designer)
    Indeedee (male form) – Gaston (From Beauty and the Beast) or Luxembourg (my other favorite district in Paris, St. Germain with the Luxumbourg Gardens)
    Dragapult/Toxtricity – Diana (after Princess Diana), London (after the city in England), or Spears (after the Princess of Pop Britney Spears)

    1. In order of what I think you should do

      Zee (Sounds cool)
      Elton (More unique and original)
      Diggory (Sounds nicer)
      Gaston (Funnier)
      Diana (Interesting)

  14. Ok I’d like to ask this because I genuinely am curious

    In an all out battle who would win? Eternatus or Ultra Necrozma
    (Spoiler tag your answer if it contains story spoilers, I haven’t seen them either yet)

  15. Has the Polteageistform difference been explained yet? I’ve seen allusions to it, but I haven’t seen any clarifications or images. If anyone has those or any related info could you reply to this, preferably under a spoiler tag?

  16. Galarian Darmanitan name options…

    Olvad (Hungarian for Melt)
    Gelida(feminine)/Gelido(masculine) (Italian for Frosty)
    Fredda(feminine)/Freddo(masculine) (Italian for Chill/Chilly)
    Kensington (I like that neighborhood of London…)

  17. I wonder if Coalossal’s ability still triggers if it holds something like the Absorb Bulb or if it’s only activated when receiving damage.

  18. I essentially name every team member I have, so why should this be any different?

    Inteleon: Hattrick, Big Boss, Randall
    Corviknight: Odin, Gungnir, Ronin
    Appletun: Puff, Petey, Tree Trunks
    Toxitricity: Strummer, Djent, Slipknot
    Grimmsnarl: Sabaton, Durge, Loki
    Falinks: Ensemble, Spartans, Azenor

  19. I’m struggling to make nicknames for Grapploct and Frosmoth.. I gotta have something by tomorrow

  20. Okay so I’ve changed my nicknames already.
    Everyone is gonna have names based on punk or metal band members (except Toxtricity who shall forever be named after my personal hero, the late Philip Lynott, bassist and singer of Thin Lizzy)

    Rillaboom, Ranken after Andrew Ranken, drummer for The Pogues

    Toxtricity, Philo (personal hero as both a bassist and singer)

    Grimmsnarl, Abbadon after the original drummer of Venom

    Copperajah, Ganesh after Ganesh K., bassist and former vocalist of Indian metal band Kryptos

    Dracozolt, Brent after Brent Hinds of Mastodon

    G-Darmanitan, Galder after the guitarist of Dimmu Borgir

    Zacian (cause I always end up using the box legendary when I get it), Cuchullain.

    I couldn’t help myself with Zacian, as this is the one region I can use all my Irish names

  21. Holy Damn why is Chariman Rose’s Battle theme so amazing? It’s like Lysandre, Lusamine and Ghetsis fused.

  22. ARGH! I can’t wait to start playing! Nov. 15th my Shield Galar adventure starts, and Nov. 17th my Sword Galar adventure starts!

  23. Friend wants to play SwSh alongside me so I’ll be getting the game far earlier than I initially anticipated

  24. So, to those who have pre loaded a game o to their switch before;

    When can you start playing? Midnight on the day of release? I’ve got a friend d coming over so we arent sure how this works as we’ve never done it before.

  25. For my Nuzlocke run, all Pokemon I catch will have AoT based names and I won’t be allowed to use Dynamax. This all in service of a joke only I will be there to laugh at.

  26. Team member names for my Sword mons(all of them are inspired by pop culture stuff):
    Rillaboom: Grass Monkey (inspired by “Brass Monkey” by the Bestie Boys)
    Bolthund: Corg (short for Corgi, also is intended to sound like Korg from Marvel since I could see that personality in Bolthund)
    Sirfetch’D: Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins, totally see Sirfetch’D having the personality of that character)
    Carcoal/Coalossol (I’m willing to play the game with an Eviolite Carcoal lmao): Initial D (cause of the meme songs and Steam Engine’s effect)
    Polteageist/Cramorant: Mrs. Potts/Nigel (The first from Beauty and the Beast, the second cause of the pelican from Finding Nemo)
    Orbeetle: Scotty (Star Trek, also has a saucer like shape and is based on a scientist while having red as it’s color)

  27. Sometimes I wonder if they create a character first and then their main pokemon. Like Alder and Volcarona are a perfect fit

    1. honestly I would expect its the reverse. Pokemon generally take months to create from concept to approval(sword and shield averaged 3 months per pokemon), so they probably just design a character to complement the pokemon.

  28. So when Pokemon adventures/special manga gets to sword and shield arc Sword will prob have Sobble and I’ve come to terms with it. Shield will prob have Scorbunny

  29. Eurogamer said there are virtually no dungeons in S&S and the ones present have no complexity to them, which makes me sad because side areas and stuff are my favorite parts of the regions

  30. So, that’s my team!

    Intelleon – Bond
    His battle skills made him the powerhouse of the group. He’s kind of a loner, but it’s very friendly and charming.

    Bolthund – Q
    He is a hyperactive child and loves to play with gadgets like Rotom Phone.

    Coalossal – M
    She acts as the group leader. She is very protective and has a mother-child relationship with Bond, Q and Raoul.

    Rapidash – Le Chiffre
    Extremely intelligent and confident, Le Chiffre has a tough ego to deal with.

    Grimmsnarl – Raoul
    Skillful as Bond, they cultivate a brother-like rivalry, but have a harsh relationship with M.

    Frosmoth – Vesper
    Calm and mysterious, Vesper is the only one really close to Bond.

  31. 2 MORE DAYS! 2 MORE DAYS! For me at least, since I’ll be waiting for my timely Friday afternoon delivery. I said that I’d be around more often…and I haven’t been…but I’ve been following all of this insane #GameFreakLied drama in my free time. Yes, there are an inexcusable number of glitches and some jawdropping design choices, but I’m truly hoping they would have ironed out a lot of them by the time Diamond and Pearl remakes are announced.
    I wanted to ask for a Switch friend code exchange like the good old X&Y days! I’ll post mine and I’d like as many friend requests as possible. Perhaps you’ve already had one of these, but if you’d like to type your own you can as well. Everyone is welcome!
    My FC: SW-3805-4579-5488

  32. I find it really weird that we have three Fairy-type aliens now, although Clefable is retroactive.

  33. How will most of you guys and gals be getting your games on Friday? I’ll probably stop by Bestbuy or Gamestop after work to pick up mine.

    1. I’ve got mine on pre order at Gamestop

      Going right after classes are done, then gonna sit and play my heart out

    2. Earthen will be camping out in the frigid outdoors starting at 10PM
      On top of that i gotta work until 4 have a appointment at 6 and hopefully can get a 4hr disco nap to recharge (the hardest part is actually falling asleep)

  34. Y’all asked now I shall deliver!!! GALARIAN DARM ANALYSIS!

    Galarian Darmanitan
    Type: Ice
    Ability: Gorilla Tactics/Zen Mode
    HP: 105
    Attack: 140
    Defense: 55
    Special Attack: 30
    Special Defense: 55
    Speed: 95
    Base Stat Total: 480

    Zen Mode
    Type: Ice/Fire
    Ability: What do you think?
    Base Stats
    HP: 105
    Attack: 160
    Defense: 55
    Special Attack: 30
    Special Defense: 55
    Speed: 135
    Base Stat Total: 540

    One of the first things you’re told when giving stats to fakemon is to not minmax them, as it takes away from how official they feel. That rule just got assblasted out of existence with this Pokemon because holy CRAP is this mon minmaxed. Anywayyys, let’s begin!

    + That attack stat? It’s ability “Gorilla Tactics” is basically built in choice band as an ability. You can proceed to slap another choice band on for all you silly willies who said “My 140 base attack (379 pre band, 568) choice banded mon hits too weak! I wanna hit hard enough to OHKO Ferrothorn with a neutrally effective move!” WHY CAN IT DO THAT?! OH AND YOU CAN SCARF IT
    + It has a lot more coverage than a mon like this should be allowed
    + If you want a more refined unga-bunga approach you can go zen mode which is even FASTER and a tad bit weaker, but with extra fire type glue to add to the glue buffet this Pokemon has on a daily basis.

    – You literally will not activate Zen mode without a focus sash because getting looked at the wrong way will kill you instantly. That HP stat better hard carry
    – Awful defenses despite good HP
    – You must buy your own glue to eat. The Darm does not come with any.

    I literally cannot say anything else. This is OU. Literally nothing in the game walls it.

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