Pokémon Sword & Shield Review Round-up

The release of Pokémon Sword and Shield are close—very, very close—and the reviews for the games are now being posted. Here are some highlights:

  • IGN: 9.3/10, Editor’s Choice “…the best Pokemon games I have ever played…”
  • Kotaku: Positive “For the first time in my adult life, I was seriously thinking about strategy in a Pokémon game, and I had a blast doing it.”
  • Gamespot: 9/10 “The vibrant Galar region is a consistent delight to explore, incentivizing and rewarding collecting and battling in equal measure, and grandiose battles add an exciting dimension to the familiar Gym formula to deliver an engaging adventure beginning to end.”
  • VG24/7: 3/5 “Pokemon Sword & Shield is all too often a bit disappointing, and in some places actually feels a little unfinished, but it also fully provides that warm, fuzzy feeling that one expects from the series.”

Let us know what other good reviews you find. Are you particularly excited by what you’ve read from them? Apprehensive? Let us know!

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