PokéJungle Halloween Special 2019

15 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release!

It’s finally upon us! The spookiest day of the year is here! Happy Halloween, Jungle fans! We hope you all have a great day filled with spooks, surprises and the joys of Halloween. Stay safe out there trainers!

This Halloween Special serves as a place for everyone to discuss all things Halloween. Want to share your Halloween costume this year? Go ahead! Got some spooky ghost stories? Share ‘em. Just want someone to hang out with and keep you company during the spooks? Here’s the place.

Halloween Week 2019

This is the first year we’ve delivered a full week of Halloween content and we think it’s been a success! Next year we plan to extend the length of the week so we can publish even more spooky content for you all to devour.

We thought as this is the final post in Halloween Week 2019 we’d give one last summary of the content we published over the last 7 days. We’ve still got tons of exciting article in The Path to Sword & Shield and even more beyond that, so stick around as things are about to get even more exciting.

Halloween Week 2019 Content:
Day 1: Halloween Week 2019
Day 2: Which starting Pokémon will you choose in Sword & Shield? Part 1
Day 3: Pokémon Sword & Shield Starter Giveaway
Day 4: Polteageist – Origin of Species
Day 5: They’re Alive! Gold & Silver Beta Mon Are Rising From the Dead!
Day 6: Lorekeeper’s Logs, Volume 3: Ghost of a Chance

Community Creatives

We say it often, because it’s true: our community here on PokéJungle is full of creative, inspirational individuals. We constantly have people sharing their original creations with us. While we didn’t receive the biggest response to our creative call-out for Halloween Week, we received some great submissions and we’re pleased to share them all with you. Be sure to give the creators the praise they deserve and check out their other work (where applicable!)

_ whited out!” – SpectralSeraph

The Ace trainer stepped into the dark mansion, equipped with a red visor to help them see better in the dark. It’d been a while since he last battled, and he was itching to get some training done. He’d done enough wandering into dangerous places that this house didn’t scare him at all. In fact, he was rather prepared!

“The area seems rather old… Abandoned houses like these tend to have Ghost type Pokemon.” The Ace trainer adjusted his visor, turning to his partner Krookodile with a smug grin…

“Halloween Story” – SceptileScythe

The cold, frostbite-inducing wind seeped into the cave in which a lone Absol lived. Aysha shivered, despite her thick fur protecting her. The Absol had no means of staying warm, and heading out of the cave was suicide, not only because of the cold, but also because of the danger she could sense. Her horn quivered. There it was again, the oh-so-infamous feeling of disaster. However, this won’t be worth warning the humans about. The feeling was directed towards herself.

She knew she was in danger, but unlike her usual premonitions, she didn’t know much other than that… 

Trick or Treat!

We already did our trick or treating this year, almost a week early. Our first giveaway in The Path to Sword & Shield is still accepting entries and you can enter below! There’s not long left to enter, so get on it while you still can!

Pokémon Sword & Shield Starter Giveaway

Once again we hope everyone has a great Halloween and we hope to see some more creations/costumes in the comments below. Until then here are just a few conversation starters for everyone to reply to in the comments:

  • Which is the best Ghost-type Pokémon and why is it Rotom?
  • Which Ghost-type Trainer gives you the biggest chills?
  • Ghost?

Sadly today marks the end of our Halloween Week, but fret not, we’ve got more lined up for you in The Path to Sword & Shield and even more right up until the end of the year and beyond! Don’t forget to comment down below and chat on our official Discord server. If you haven’t already follow us on Twitter for the latest Pokémon news and goodness!