Which starting Pokémon will you choose in Sword & Shield Part 1

Today we’re looking at the starting Pokémon of Sword & Shield, a trio of creatures we’ve become quite familiar with. What we don’t know is how their evolutions will look. That’s why today we’re asking you to choose what starter you think you’ll be using without knowing what they’ll evolve into.

We’re gonna follow this article up with a Part 2 once the evolutions have been revealed. Do you think your answer will change? Let’s find out! You need to decide:

  • Which starter you’ll be choosing, Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble.
  • Why you’re choosing it.
  • Whether or not you think your answer will change after you see their evolutions.
  • A guess at what the starter’s final typing will be.

Easy enough, right?! Put the 4 answers down in the comments! Feel free to join us on Discord too!