Halloween Week 2019

The Path to Sword & Shield is ongoing and we are now three weeks away from the release date of the games. You thought we were done with great new content for you all? Think again…

We’re super excited to unveil Halloween Week 2019 here on PokéJungle.net. We’ve got a week of content lined up for all of our readers, all themed around the spookiest holiday of all: Halloween.

What can you expect from Halloween Week? Here’s a brief summary of the content we have planned for each day, be sure to come back each day for the full content drop!

October 25: Halloween Week 2019 Announcement
October 26: ???
October 27: Giveaway
October 28: Origin of Species: Polteageist
October 29: They’re Alive! Gold & Silver Beta Pokémon Rise from the Dead
October 30: Lorekeeper’s Logs, Vol. 3: Ghost of a Chance
October 31: Halloween Special

We may have to change the content schedule slightly, but all of the content we have planned will be available on the site in the future should we adjust it, fear not!

For now, let’s get on to the first part of this week-long, spooktacular celebration!


Community is a huge part of what makes PokéJungle. We love our readers and seeing all of the creative, original ideas you share in the comments, on our Discord and on our social media accounts. We’re excited to give all of our community creatives a chance to have their work featured on our site in a Halloween Special at the end of Halloween Week.


First up, one for our writers! We know a lot of our readers enjoy writing creatively and we want those among you to submit your Halloween-themed pieces to use! We’d like you to keep things related to Pokémon and it should be around 5 minutes in length, read from start to finish.

Whether you write poetry, short stories, songs, memoirs or any for of written content we want you to send it in!


Halloween is a fantastic theme for any sort of visual work, from the spooky aesthetic to the autumnal colour pallet. We want you guys to submit your best visual work. It can be your latest sketch, a particular photograph you’re proud of or even a video you’ve edited. As with our writing submissions, we’d like it to be both Halloween and Pokémon themed!


Finally, it’s time to get carving. Jack-o’-lanterns are easily one of the most iconic parts of Halloween. We all love them. Planning to carve a Pokémon-themed beaut this year? We want to see them! We’ll accept any Pokémon-themed pumpkins, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or an avid amateur.


It’s easy to submit any of the above to us! You can post your submission below in the comments (you’ll need a Disqus account to do so) by replying to the featured comment or, you can tweet them to us on Twitter @pokejungle and use #PJHalloween19.

We will accept submissions until 23:59pm, October 30th wherever you live (though we’re nice so can allow late submissions). We will pick our favourites for each category (or all of them if we’re feeling crazy) and feature them in our Halloween Special 2019.

Don’t forget to check out all of our the content from The Path to Sword & Shield countdown so far. There’s a ton of great content already published, with even more on the way. See you all over the course of the next week for some of our spookiest content yet!

We can’t wait to share the excitement with everyone in the comments below, but while you’re here why not head over to our Discord server and follow us on Twitter for the latest Pokémon news and goodness!