Shadow Pokémon & Team Rocket Arrive in Pokémon GO

After being datamined earlier this year, Pokémon GO is finally rolling out the new shadow Pokémon mechanic. It is tied with the appearance of Team Go Rocket who will have to be battled in order to rescue their mistreated creatures.

Shadow Pokémon can be purified through the use of Stardust and Pokémon Candy and will learn the move Return in replace of Frustration. Pokémon who have been purified have a small reduction in the Candy and Stardust needed to power them up and also gain IVs, as confirmed by Joe Merrick on Twitter.

Team Go Rocket grunts can be encountered at PokéStops which appear darker blue than normal. Defeating them in battle can be a challenge so prepare accordingly.

The ONE PIECE Pikachu promotion is also going on, so don’t miss your chance to catch a Pikachu wearing an adorable straw hat!

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