Pokémon GO Community Day, Kyogre Now Available

Niantic has announced two brand new events for the ever popular mobile app!

Introducing Pokémon GO Community Day! Community Days are monthly events to encourage trainers to GO meet and interact with the Pokémon GO community in their area! During these days, at pre-announced and pre-scheduled times, a special Pokémon will appear more frequently around the world. When caught during the event, this special Pokémon will know an exclusive move, Lure Modules will last three hours, and other bonuses such as increased XP or Stardust will be in effect.

January 20th will mark the first Community Day, and it features everyone’s favorite mascot, Pikachu! Alongside the Double XP bonus, any Pikachu caught during the event timeframe will know the exclusive move Surf! Here are the specific times for each region:

  • The Asia-Pacific region: January 20, 2018, from 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: January 20, 2018, from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Americas and Greenland: January 20, 2018, from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8)

In related news, Kyogre is now available as a Legendary Raid Boss across the globe until Valentine’s Day (February 14th) 2018! Along with the Legendary’s introduction, two special boxes are on sale in the in game shop: The Great Box for 780 Coins (9 Premium Raid Passes, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Star Pieces) and the Ultra Box for 1480 Coins (6 Lucky Eggs, 6 Max Revives, 15 Premium Raid Passes, 20 Star Pieces)

Niantic sure have stepped their game up! Who else is still trying to catch ’em all in Pokémon GO?

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  1. Interesting

    I’m watching the episode of Pokémon where Ash faces Brock and Flint mentioned Brock’s mother died of grief, but if I remember it was either in Chronicles or a Japanese special that Brock’s mother became a Water type trainer… I wonder what story they made to explain that

        1. Yeah I meant later in the show.
          Btw did you read my fakemon post on the last article? Just asking as I don’t think anybody has and I’d like some feedback. You don’t have to read of course.

          1. Thanks, I tried to put research into it to make it a good progression between evolutions. I also sort of went the Shelgon route with the mid-stage. I might attempt to draw it one day.

  2. Korea gets Shiny Kyogre and Groudon soon too (for the main games). I’ll probably hunt Groudon through wormhole anyway so I’m not too bothered about not getting it free.

  3. It’s really dumb that ekans/arbok can only learn poison fang by egg move yet learn crunch/ice/thunder/fire fang normally. More idiots at gamefreak

    1. It is. I honestly think they need to have someone look through all of the ‘mon again and make sure they have moves that they obviously should. It’d be fine if it was an anaconda but it’s a fanged cobra.

      1. Literally!! I don’t understand how someone made the conscious decision to add poison fang to its moveset but as an egg move. Why??

        1. They make changes to movesets all the time, even in the same generation, I really don’t understand it unless they really want to ship it with Seviper.

      2. And my Poor Poor Togetic.. still no Moon Blast. They must be aware how OP it will be with it.. hmm..
        ( 0_ 0)

        1. Does it get Moonlight? It might just not be that moon related. Dedenne also doesn’t get it which is annoying, doesn’t get Dazzling Gleam either.

  4. I can’t believe Nintendo is still making new specialized 2Ds … Or maybe I can.
    Who is buying these!?!?
    If they Really cares about people having a system that suits them.. they would just make customizable skins.. not expect someone to buy another one of your dead systems.. :///
    Honestly hate that.

    Also… Why does no one care that Poipole is basically a Starter in the UB universe.
    I would of expected at least 2 fellow fakemon to follow it.. but whatever…

    1. The 3DS has a huge library of fantastic games. If someone missed the boat or just wants an improved system to play them on, then that system is perfect.

      Especially if you’re still skeptical or hesitant in whatever way about the Switch and you got some money to spend, it’s not a bad purchase

      1. Definitely not. It was really a great system. But I can’t see them making games for it much longer. What’s left now that Kirby and Pokemon are gone?

        1. The people buying it probably know it’s at the end of its life but the fact remains that there are hundreds of games for the thing and they probably want to play them.

          1. The point is… These people are not new to Nintendo. They would have to Really New and Really Late to Just be buying their first one based on what you’re saying. It’s purely for collectors.

          2. Honey. There are people new to Nintendo. There are not only kids, but adults that haven’t played games in a long time and want to get back into it.

            I think the 3DS is the perfect system for that. It’s small, not too pricey, and has a huge variety of fantastic games already released.

            A new 3DS is a much smaller investment than a Switch coming off year one

          3. The fact after 1 game.. $100 more would get you a switch with no game.. but yeah their choice. I still don’t like it. Personally

          4. True. I think this year may be the last year for special edition stuff though. I am curious though how much they still make on releasing all those editions

          5. I wonder if they only make a very limited amount and make more as needed.. compared to starting with a very high number. I can’t imagine all these little variations bringing in tons of money on their own.. but clearly they are profitable.

      2. No.. No… And NO. No One has missed out on this ancient system. It’s Dead. It’s a money grab catering to collectors. If anyone wants one.. they Have one by now. It’s completely stupid.

          1. I’m not against the new 2DS that flips open. It looks pretty nice.. but these parents are out of touch.. a little more money would buy a Switch. They only buy it cuz their kids are too young and unaware. Either way.. it’s a shameful money grab. I say this looking at Serebii and they are selling yet Another Pikachu 2ds

          2. i mean that 2ds xl has been announced for other regions since the last direct back in September. it was a matter of time it arrived here

        1. Oh my god

          Yes, there are people that haven’t bought a 3DS before and are now. That’s not a wild idea. It’s the truth.

          Making one last system to let those people experience all the amazing games the system has at the end of its life span has been a practice since the GBA.

          There is nothing wrong with this. I don’t know why you’re so upset about it

          1. Not for $156.. that’s the problem! They could easily buy one of the cheaper older variations that do the same thing. I’m just saying I feel these parents buying it are out of touch. It’s their choice. But whatever. I still think it’s mainly for collectors and that’s their choice as well.. so yeh

          2. Fam that’s a very small price tag wen you consider the price of other consoles. The New 2DS XL exists to provide an enhanced version of the New 3DS with the features like the better 3D, second joystick and the abiltiy to play games like Xenoblade and Super Nintendo VC, but in a smaller package with a cheaper price tag.

            Honestly I would give a kid new to Nintendo a 3DS over a Switch because it’s smaller and full of games that encapsulate so much from a series.

            Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time 3D and Link Between Worlds, Samus Returns, not to mention backwards compatibility with EVERY DS GAME EVER RELEASED.

            The system is perfect for new comers and I see no harm in it

          3. Ughhhhhhh… Maybe so. But I honestly don’t feel all these variations. I mean like a Pikachu one.. and Mario one.. a da da da one.. months after they show the newest core version. The blue folder one is necessary. I feel it’s a money grab. I’m just saying they need sticker packs.. not entire new systems to try and convince people to buy. That’s all.

          4. Don’t see why they couldn’t have improved on this idea with their new 2DS.. but I’m sure someone will tell me..
            ( 0_ 0)

          5. I doubt it was Because it was customizable.. maybe too bulky.. I dunno. Maybe so. I think they still could of improved it

        2. The DS isn’t dead yet, it’s going to go away, but not yet

          Also some people would rather play on a DS then a Switch and like Star said, backwards compatibility is a huge thing 3DS has over Switch

          1. No.. that wasn’t my point. My point was all these variations of the exact same thing just to put a Pikachu on it is stupid. . And it is.
            Otherwise it’s the people’s choice if they choose to see that a Switch is a better investment or not, tho it is . Different people have doff needs. I just wish they created something similar to stickers or went back interchangeable plates

    2. The 3DS is dead. Pokemon is the flagship franchise of the handheld system and it’s moving to the switch. I give the 3DS year and that’s it.

      Also why do you say that about poipole

  5. After over a month of searching, we finally found a house! We’re moving in the 31s1, i’m so happy!

        1. It’s funny though that DC just now realized they’re screwing up. Expect big changes from the DCEU moving forward. Recasts, cancelled movies, the whole lot. Cyborg movie should be the first to go.

          1. I honestly place it above quite a few Marvel movies though…

            And there’s only one thing DC can do to tip the scales against them and that’s fire Gal Gadot (She goes I quit DC for good, well except Flash on the CW and the old Justice League cartoon)

          2. If they lost Gal they may as well just stop making movies forever. That’s the only good movie they’ve made, and even then it’s only on par with Marvel Phase 1 movies. Suicide Squad is seriously one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen

          3. Suicide Squad is Even worse because it caused The Arrowverse to shelf some stuff they were going to do, which is why they Killed Deadshot.

          4. I mean, it’s based on a great comic book story with lots of DC characters in an alternate universe and it will probably have the actor who plays Negan as a lead role

          5. I will be honest only 3 movies actually top DC movies on my chart between the two

            -Guardians of the Galaxy (as a whole)
            -Dr. Strange
            -Spiderman Homecoming (Excluding this one I’ve hated every Spiderman to date)

          6. Suicide Squad was indeed terrible and it’s a massive shame cos I still love that first trailer…

      1. To be fair I wasn’t too fond of the Marvel movies this year either, and I was pleasantly surprised by JL, considering I had absolutely no expectations for it…

          1. What was so great about Homecoming?
            like seriously nothing substantial or interesting happens in that movie. I enjoyed the original Spiderman and Spiderman 2 much more…

            The best part about Ragnarok was probably the Hulk and that’s mainly cos I love Mark Ruffalo in the role. Some of the humour was cringey and yet another lacklustre villain…

          2. Homecoming was very creative and original and had great humour.
            Ragnarok had that, but even more. But I agree that villain kinda sucked.

          3. Homecoming was awesome. I thought Holland was the perfect embodiment of what a modern Peter Parker would be. The Vulture was great too. Waaayyy better than the boring and lame villain he’s always been in the comics. That’s fine if you like the old spider-man movies, but really the only thing they truly got right, imo, was Doc Ock.

            Ragnarok was really fun. No, it wasn’t the dark and gritty tale people were hoping for, but that’s not really something that should be held against the movie because the tone of it was pretty consistent throughout. I thought Hela was a fine villain. I’m not sure why people are so hard on Marvel about their villains when like 95% of all movie villains only exist to conflict with the hero and don’t end up standing out either. I just wish she used more magic than she did.

          4. I honestly loved Tom Holland as Spiderman in Civil War but that was mostly because that Peter Parker personality bounced so well off the other established characters. I didn’t get that same feeling watching Homecoming. Yeah it may have been a more accurate interpretation of the character but I feel the earlier movies had more to offer.

            Ragnarok was mostly just fine. Nothing stood out, and in my opinion the Hulk scenes stole the show , seriously can we get another solo Hull movie, or at least more Hulk shenanigans with other characters.

            By the way my opinions on most Marvel movies is straight down the middle. The only ones I loved were Iron Man 1, Avengers 1, Winter Soldier, Ant Man and maybe Civil War.

  6. Genwunners need to stop existing. There are these idiots on the pokemon go facebook group I belong to saying Gen 5 is trash and that Chandelure is a bad design. Please stop pretending you’re pokemon fans

        1. Meh atm they are way less annoying then a new group I’ve discovered

          Genfourers, the people who love Gen 4 and go around saying how the next game is guarenteed to be DP remakes

          1. Genfourers aren’t a thing though. There are people who like gen 4 a lot, but they don’t disregard every other generation that exists. And no one who has a brain actually thinks we’ll get Gen 4 remakes before the first Gen 8 main game. We’ll get them, but after.

    1. Don’t let other people’s opinions tilt you so much. At the end of the day, they’re entitled to it and are still fans of part of the franchise, and the ones who either go out of their way to annoy others with it or fake those opinions to get a raise out of others are so obviously baiting that falling for it is just isn’t worth it.

      1. They’re just annoying because they didn’t even have their facts right. Thinking Aegislash and Klefki were gen 5 pokemon.

    2. People that says that Pokemon designs nowadays suck don’t make sense cuz Pkm designs weren’t that great to begin with especially considering gen 1 designs lol

      1. It’s Eggs but Seeds that evolve into a Palm Tree with 3 heads based on a Japanese Tree of Human heads or something.

  7. I miss when Team Rocket had Lickitung. Wish it could’ve stuck around long enough to be Lickilicki! Wobbuffet is just a gag :I

    Also, while I’m on the topic of the same episode, it’s interesting that when Misty was presented with the opportunity to trade Psyduck for Marill, a pokemon she really wants, she didn’t want to trade it. It kinda makes her battle with psyduck in the SM anime even more special since she slowly grew to care for it more and more :3

    1. Lickitung didn’t even get a proper send off it just got accidentally traded and was never seen afterwards

      Heck I think Wobbufet as a whole has actually battled what 10 times in almost 17 or 16 years?

      1. Because it’s actually OP when it knows what to do, were they to use it more Team Rocket may actually succeed.

    2. They missed the opportunity for Jessie to get Lickitung back in gen 4, where it could then have evolved into Lickilicky. Though personally I prefer it as a Lickitung.

      I love Mistys’ relationship with Psyduck, she is often exasperated with it but truly does care for it.


  8. I’m fine With Fairy Type, it just bugs me it’s outright Immune instead of resistant to dragon

    1. No. Dragon was a terrible spammy type because of how little resisted it and how it had strong moves that were meant to have drawbacks but in reality were easily spammed (Outrage and Draco Meteor). Either Fairy needed immunity or Fairy and something else needed to resist it, because two resistances isn’t enough for one of the best attacking types in the game.

        1. This is a franchise where rats shoot electricity and Poison isn’t super effective on most organic Pokemon.

          1. Yeah, but it’s still close and unlike Dragon, Flying has a big spam move that heals being Roost (Idk If STAB works the same for healing moves, but regardless Roost is pretty spammy)

          2. No. No status move gets ‘STAB’ besides Toxic which will always hit if a Poison type uses it. Flying is not as bad as Dragon was.

            And all recovery is spammy.

    2. To be fair the immunity was needed as most Dragons would probably still muscle past Fairies if it was just a resistance…

      1. Rights to stream something and rights to make a sequel aren’t the same thing. Maybe someone else had a long contract for streaming before Netflix started making Still-Not-Funny House.

      2. Disney owned only the rights to produce new Star Wars, the rights of the old movies except New Hope would transfer over from Fox in 2020 and New Hope distribution rights would remain with Fox.

        Of course, that’s all a moot point since Disney owns Fox now. But that’s why they couldn’t bring out the new movies together with older ones themselves.

        1. So maybe now we can finally get the original movies on Blu-Ray in their original albeit cleaned up form without the crappy constant Lucas additions?

  9. I made it through the Blue League in Pokken with very little effort due to Chandelure’s Hyper Beam move or whatever it is. There really isn’t much challenge to it. I really hope they make it more difficult to land those hits in Red League and beyond because right now, it feels like MK8D 50-100CC all over again.

  10. I am bored and I feel the need for flames, some kinda fire Fakemon to reignite my mood…

      1. Bugaboom
        Blast Beetle PKM
        Detonator (deals fire damage upon fainting)
        A very spherical insectoid Pokémon with a glossy black shell, it’s short six orange limbs are tucked under its body and its helmet shaped head can tuck into itself and coil its antenna to resemble a classic bomb

        “The food it eats are broken down and mixed in with volatile compounds that can explode if threatened”

    1. Maybe a 3 stager water Squid that evolves into Water/Fire Calamari into Water/Fire hot oil Kraken (I know it’s dumb, but I like deep fried food)


      1. It’ll be more of a Dark Brown than Zigzagoon, Black would be too diffrent from rl Polecats

        1. It’s the shaping of the markings as well, maybe a less ‘infinity’ shaped mask and with a sharp ‘v’ for the top with the bottom maintaining its roundness?

          1. I mean this mask is supposed to be like the classic Robin mask, I don’t think changing it would work…

    1. Cool I guess, but it can look like a Zigzagoon clone tho, especially when both are route 1 pkms

      1. I think that one is even more simmilar to Zigzagoon’s than the current one lol, The mon is pure normal.

          1. Well Jessica Jones is soon so I think we are getting one this year. I have alot to catch up on with the Defenders shows.

  12. Ok not f*cking fair, not cool GF not cool!!!!

    I was facing a Liepard that my Minchino had put asleep and I switched out to save Minchino and somehow Liepard was allowed to wake up and knock out Minchino despite it being asleep.

        1. Because priority in all forms remains even if a Pokemon is asleep, it’s just that you won’t notice it unless it wakes up.

          1. Return will do decent damage when you’ve used it a while. I don’t remember needing Strength that much in the game, you could always use another ‘mon just for that.

  13. Someone stole my towel at the local pool today. A towel. An old rag worth nothing. Something I need to dry myself off. A freaking towel. What’s wrong with people.

    1. Only reason other than someone just being a total d*ck that I could see is a homeless person needed it to keep warm and couldn’t afford one or someone mistaking it for theirs.

    2. Maybe someone mistook it for theirs? Or perhaps some pervert saw you leave it and wanted to take it for a good old sniff and some ‘alone time’.

      1. Nah, I doubt that since I was with a friend and hers got stolen too. We asked staff, but they said they never take towels away and somebody else must have taken it.

    1. I guess it works like Static and Flame Body but with Infatuation which only lasts as long as the user is in battle.

  14. Honestly I kinda think they need to do away with low grass for pokemon switch. It’s a really boring way to encounter pokemon. I think *tall* grass should stay, but the regular short grass where large pokemon couldn’t possibly be hiding just makes no sense. Idk if that means you should find pokemon in the overworld, but I think it could be a more immersive change for the series

      1. Yeah, but that also limits how they assign pokemon to what areas. Idk just watching the anime makes me think it would be more fun if there were more overworld pokemon that were able to be caught or have meaningful interactions with.

    1. I think random encounters are still the best way to add as much variety in regards to which Pokemon are available on a given route.

      I don’t know how well overwolrd encounters would work…

    1. The name ‘Polemask’ can use some work and regional rodents are all Normal-type. The second stage definitely looks like a Normal type.

      1. I know that usually the regional rodents are Normal, but for this one it makes more sense as a pure Fighting type and my regional Bug is part Normal anyway.

        1. It looks more like a Dark-type, and birds and rodents have shared Normal for years so I don’t see why it’s an issue when your Bug does it.

          1. Birds only shared Normal with rodents because GF doesn’t like pure Flying. I just feel like Fighting is too simmilar in concept to normal to give both of them to the mon, but Idk.

          2. Meloetta, Mega Lopunny, Bewear. Fighting is martial artistry, righteousness, and discipline. Normal is normal. Different concepts.

      1. I have to say, when you compliment me, I really have a feeling that I did something better than usual.

        1. i think my only real critcism of the design is the arrows on legs look unnatural. If you want to keep that little pattern I’d move it to under the paw or maybe going across the chest

    2. I like them, though I feel the second stage could do with a bit of the dark fur on its’ chest like a superhero symbol.

      Do they have darkness and no parents?

      1. Yeah, when an egg with Polemask hatches, both parents are automatically released (jk lol)

          1. Polecante’s ability called ”A Promise” makes it Switch HP ammount with an ally if it’s KO’d (so if its ally is KO’d and Polecante has half of its HP, Polecante will be KO’d and the ally will get half of its max HP)

          2. Doesn’t that mean the only way it would actually get to battle is if you lead with it?

            I think Justified should be one of its’ abilities.

          3. No, te ability only in Double battles, I should’ve made that clearer

            Maybe Justified could be its HA

    1. This is really nice, I like how natural it feels whilst also obviously having a somewhat clear path. Really good design dude.

      Any idea what sort of Pokemon would be found there?

      1. Also I just noticed the little bit of snow there that shows the player that subtly leads the player to the bit of river they can Surf on, god that’s a good use of visuals.

        1. Yes! I tried to guide the player a little, but not too much, to that one tile that they can surf on.
          There’s also a not-so-subtle effect from right to left, where the amount of snow and snow trees increases.

      2. I think the only one I’m certain on is Snover. That’s actually something you all could help with! I have some ideas jotted down, but that’s only really for Route 1.
        To the left of this will be Route 11, which will be completely covered with snow. This one of course is a more light snow route. So Route 11 will have more “big” Ice (Beartic, Piloswine, etc.?) types and Route 10 will have more “little” Ice types (Snover, maybe Snorunt like @TheLastKurusu:disqus mentioned, etc.?), if that makes sense.

        1. What’s the levels looking like for this area?

          Also, is Route 11 where the Icy Rock for Eevee would be? :0

          1. My guess would be around 40s, but it’s really up in the air. I’m not following the traditional gym system at all.
            And thanks for mentioning that lol, I completely forgot about it. Yes I could put it there.

          2. Some ideas I guess :p

            Snorunt (since its level up evo doesn’t occur at that point)
            Snover (as you said plus it evolves around that time)
            Vanillite/Vanillish (it is the Fresh Snow Pokemon which could reference how the route isn’t totally snowy, but Vanillish is more level appropriate)
            Sneasel (It kinda fits into this sort of area imo)
            Noctowl & Stantler (to throw in a bit of variety and I could totally see them in a snowy route)
            Rare: Jynx/Smoochum (another Ice-type that I personally think would fit okay into this sort of area)

            Magikarp (kinda everywhere)
            Shellder (evolves into an Ice-type)
            Rare: Lapras (we’ve seen it in fresh water before, and it’s an Ice-type)

            If you’re not too bothered about traditionally salt water Pokemon showing up in fresh water, I guess Seel or Spheal could also work :0

          3. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely consider all this, and if I use anything (from anyone here), I’ll be sure to credit you 🙂

          4. That’d be really nice of you dude but there’s no need to credit me for it, I’m sure you would’ve figured it out by yourself 😀

      1. Lol thank you! It’s weird going back to past gens routes (specifically Kanto and Johto) and just seeing how bland they are. They really could have done a lot more, considering I’m using the same tileset as FR/LG, just recolored a little.

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    2. Honestly I think your region will be really great (tho I think it’d be better overall if it had fakemon)

      1. Thank you! I’ve toyed with the idea of having Fakemon before. The trouble is that I’m just one person working on this, and it’s a lot more work to tack on (graphics, cries, movesets, stats, dex entries, etc.). I’m also not a big fan of them in other games, but I’m not opposed to them.

        1. If I could learn how to use the software I could always help out (I’m going to be honest I had thoughts of wanting to revive Jade Jungle with everyone’s help of course, but couldn’t think of how to get people who would want to work on it)

          1. I still have all the old JJ files. I wouldn’t mind sending them over if you wanted to revive it. 🙂
            For now, I don’t think I want Fakemon in my game.

          2. I can try and give guidance. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have due to college, my own game, etc.

        2. Maybe you could find someone who would just make fakemon (not trying to say me, you need someone that is actually good at making fakemon)

          1. If he doesn’t want Fakemon I wouldn’t push him into it. Fangames are actually a really good way to explore old Pokemon as well, and if he wants the player to focus on the narrative a lack of new Pokemon can do that. Quite a few well known Pokemon fangames have a lack of Fakemon, to varying success.

          2. Nope. It wouldn’t matter if there are Fakemon or not because they’d shut them all down for the same reasons.

          3. Uranium’s downfall was calling itself Pokemon. They probably could’ve swapped the name to “super monsters” or something and it wouldve been fine

          4. Nah, its downfall was its popularity that reached such amount that even sites like IGN started covering it, the amount of time that it took to complete was maybe among those factors that made it so popular as it was.

          5. And indeed, I’m focusing heavily on the story. It’s currently divided into four arcs

      1. I figured, Archen only got a small hit with Ancient Power and just got swept. Minchino I shouldn’t be so hard on because I’m pretty sure Emolga are just inherently faster than them

    1. I did it… I won!!!!! And I now know something, Pignite and Palpitoad are the F*cking all Stars of my team
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d23c35885a929b3db0e7ae2df5a2b59deac396a4f5f8e0ec8b235797144c3410.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe5e2f65035b48cf27aea50eacc2113b01726e0fe6f57b0e4abce92ea40903d1.gif

      Palpitoad survived with 4 HP to crit. the female Emolga and fainted it, Pignite actually took Zebstrika out in one single Flame Charge and Palpitoad went rounds again with Emolga2 and in the end Bubblebeam prevailed. On the other hand, Minchino failed to land Retaliate after Simisage went down, Archen did absolutely nothing, Simisage tried, but fell short and Musharna was a good stall

          1. I just think it’ll help with coverage, especially going forward to the Flying and Ice Gyms.

          2. Does it have Leech Seed? I’d probably go with that in the last slot. Otherwise Focus Blast could work, or Brick Break, something to get past Steel types. Bite is too weak to warrant a slot imo.

          3. I don’t think that’ll work because it is evolved and Leech Seed isn’t in Simisage’s movelist.

  15. Dang I can’t wait to beat Hollowknight so I can watch a 45 minute explaining the plot to me. But like… I think if the story was able to get me to feel the emotion of a sequence then it’s still pretty good even if I don’t 100% understand it

    I feel like I’ll be thinking about Hollowknight for a long time after putting it down.

    1. Uh it’s kinda weird that a Metroidvania needs 45 minutes of plot explanation when the genre itself isn’t very focused in plot

      1. Lol well I mean it probably doesn’t I just stumbled across a video that explains the plot and as soon as i get the true ending I’m goona watch it.

        Hollowknight for sure takes the genre and sets a new bar for it in almost every aspect. That applies to world building too.

  16. Hmm guys I really want to ask because I feel if we aren’t gonna possibly get Pokémon Switch this year that maybe we could do something as a collective group.

    Anyone want to revive the Jade Jungle? We could start from the ground up, make ideas for it all and vote on them (Majority vote would win). You wouldn’t be 100% tied into it as only when you have time would you really need to help and such. It would something cool to do for people who aren’t doing much and are yearning for work. But if you don’t want to its find, but PJ would need to agree first as he is the leader here and if he wants it dead we should let it be.

    Just wanted to ask : )

    1. Would love to. It’s a matter of time though. School is back so I have to balance time between art and games and working on a full project like that would be too much.

    2. Sure! I’ll have a lot of free time in the next 2 weeks (Polish Winter Break) so I could Maybe help you in that time

    3. I would enjoy it, but I have exams first and then hopefully university after. To be honest, at this point I think we should let JJ die and make our own thing.

      1. Yeah we probably should look at old stuff and think about ideas for it, but I assume we should build from a new beginning

        And even if you aren’t able to do stuff with it all the time honestly even a small contribution every so often helps.

      1. And to answer the question I’m honestly in a gaming rut and most of the upcoming games isn’t catching my attention

    1. My list:

      100% sure:
      Dark Souls
      Hyrule Warriors
      Bayonetta SE (already paid)

      Maybe, but likely:

      If it’s any good:
      Mario Tennis

      Also looking super forward to Ys VIII, but that’s technically summer so doesn’t really count.

    1. From Bulbapedia : “Kyogre and Kaiorga may be a combination of 海 kai (ocean) and orca (a species described as a whale, but is more closely related to dolphins). Notably, it may also involve 海王 kaiō (king of the sea), which are the first two characters in 海王星 Kaiōsei (Neptune).”.
      Could have been Kyorcha or something though.

        1. Ohhhhhhhh I got it now, must be hard knowing the fact my friend who hates it when people calls hard games “just like Darksouls” actually says this game is “just as hard as Dark souls”

  17. Ok just as a start up (We can start tomorrow or whenever we draw enough people for voting) I think the first things first we should do is pick. Game’s name, Starter ideas and Main Legendary or Legendaries.

    Afterwards when we do a second idea fest we work on story and some of the ideas for how it works and will be executed (Star really has made me think of how to do a game (Also just as a thing to remember lets have Sewaddle in it just because of PJ)

      1. To ask about what’s it called? And the most basic things?

        I thought you told me I needed to work on the story (not fan fiction like) and build there first. Or was it testing out different things first to see what works the first thing? (I can’t fully remember your post from a while back)

        1. *sigh* just like…

          fam do you even know how youre goona make this? Do you know how to use RPG maker? Or how to ROM Hack? You should probably figure that out before what your starters are going to be

          1. No, but I can learn (Probably want RPG maker over ROM Hack)

            Actually probably a place where its based (Something to give us a bit of an idea of what the landscape should be or look like so later when we start making we know what to make). Is this a better idea? Or still something that should be put off till later? (Like if you were doing this how would you start other than knowing how to make it in the first place)

          2. I will, but I can’t do it tonight, but I will learn, will take about a week to a month for me to probably do it
            (Also because I agree with Fairy that it should only be old Pokémon it will save lots of time with creating the ideas and them failing)

          3. Then again that’s why lots of people are allowed to help, if I get stuck then I could ask for assistance and if no one can come to aid I’ll just need to put whatever I was doing off till I learn how 🙂

          4. Just wanna say that I know the basics of RPG maker and I’m still learning (I know how to make simple maps, mon encounters, add new mons and moves and some other stuff). I’m not adding anything to your conversation, but I wanted to let you know.

    1. The game should be in a well known, simple to develop form. Fakemon and stuff are going to make it so the game will never happen, because I can tell you now that stuff takes a good two years + to make if you want the game to be anything resembling quality.

      If it’s a self gratification for the Jungle starring self inserts of users, it’d just be better to make a fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And rather than focusing on the new, it’d be better to refine the old – giving old Pokemon new moves, making it so the game is easily playable, making a great variety of Pokemon accessible, etc.

      A lot of fun, innovative games only focus on old Pokemon – look at Reborn (ow the edge, stop looking) or Phoenix Rising.

      You’ve also got the question on whether things from the 3D era of Pokemon would be included, such as Megas, Z-Moves, Fairies, etc.

      It’s a long and gruelling process and if it happens it’ll take a good while.

      1. Well we don’t have to add new Pokémon.

        Though you’re definetly right about that so I wonder what are starters will be? (Being as we should vote on which ones people want to see)

        1. I think one solution could be to make only a certain ammount of fakemon. Only new starters, legendaries and the regional bunch (rodent, Bug, bird, Pikaclone) and one Signature mon for each self insert.

  18. This is pretty interesting. To those who care, post you Ranger dream teams. Preferably, limited to 1 per season, but you can make a team full of the different variations of Tommy Oliver for all I care

    1. I mean clearly the best team is the original MightyMorphin team. I know there’s a nostalgia factor, but MM really was a great set of seasons and the team was on point.

      1. Well, there was Rocky. But what I mean is like a team of Rangers from different seasons. For example:
        Red:Tommy (Zeo)
        Blue:Bridge (SPD)
        Black:Adam (Mighty Morphin)
        Yellow:Shelby (Dino Charge)
        Pink:Gemma (RPM)
        Also, they don’t necessarily need to be the same color they were in their respective season/seasons

        1. Rocky wasn’t the original Red tho. He wouldn’t be on the team from the originals. I get what you’re saying now tho. I’d have to think about the team then

  19. My inkay just died from a crit in my wonderlocke and I’m so upset. I don’t want to let it go ;-;

  20. So Skyla was easy to take down. My Klang destroyed her team pretty quickly. Using it as my pseudo Electric type is working out pretty well. Eventually I’ll want to get Thunderbolt on it tho because while Charge beam is good it’s not a heavy hitter right from the get go. I’ll need something that can hit hard immediately instead of having to charge up via the stat boosts almost every turn.

    1. I hate how it has a special attacking moveset but for some reason is given stronger physical attack

      1. Oh does it really? I didn’t notice. Just wanted to use one. That seems to be a lot of Pokemon’s problems. One Pokemon that has a similar problem is Zebstrika. It has decent physical stats, but considering most Electric type moves are special it’s stats are not used to it’s full potential.

  21. Hey guys since Seraph brought it up what would you guys like to see for a new type triangle (Just types not Pokémon)
    Here’s some I thought of

    Steel-Fairy-Fighting, Electric-Water-Ground, Rock-Flying-fighting andPsychic-Dark-Fighting?

    Any of these sound like a good starter set?

    1. Ice ground flying or ice ground steel

      Each one of these are relatively rare types ingame and I feel they’d make interesting starters

  22. I finally got around to seeing The Last Jedi tonight…to say I was impressed would be a massive understatement. I simply cannot understand how people would not find this movie fantastic. Somehow the story felt extremely easy to follow and small-scale compared to other Star Wars movies, if that makes sense, in a very pleasing way. Some ideas were really interesting to touch on, the cinematography and imagery were great, it was all just amazing. I’m going to go back and see all of the other movies again before Solo comes out, that’s for sure.

    In other news, I got my Chibi Robo on Fire shirt this evening. This is the beginning of my unwise college spending, I can tell.

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