Pokémon GO Adds New AR+ Feature

Pokémon GO, the mobile Pokémon app sensation, will be getting a few new features on the iOS platform thanks to its work with Apple’s ARKit Framework.

The three major additions to the new system are:

  • Scale: With AR+, Pokémon are now fixed to a point in space, meaning you can walk up close to a Pokémon to see to how they’ll look in the real world. Imagine looking up at a massive Onix or walking around a gigantic Snorlax blocking your path! This feature brings us one step closer to truly realizing Pokémon the way they are supposed to be represented in the real world. Pokémon GO AR photos will never be the same again!
  • Awareness: Pokémon will run away if they become aware of the Trainers getting close, so be careful. You can sneak up close to earn an Expert Handler bonus, but think twice before running right up to that Charizard! You’ll need to be extra cautious so you don’t scare it away. An awareness meter will appear next to the Pokémon, and if the meter fills up, the Pokémon will flee. If it does, you can try tapping on the tall grass nearby, which may cause the Pokémon to reappear and give you an additional chance to catch it.
  • Expert Handler Bonus: Think you have what it takes to be an expert Pokémon handler? While in AR+ mode, you’ll finally have the chance to prove it! If you’re able to catch a Pokémon while in close proximity, you’ll have a better chance at earning Great and Excellent Throw bonuses, as well as an all-new Expert Handler bonus that awards even more XP and Stardust.

Players using Android and iPhone models older than the 6s are out of luck for now, but Niantic may be able to expand the availability of AR+ in the future.

  1. This is actually very interesting. I guess I am lucky in that I do have an IPhone 7. I wonder if these AR changes are limited to when you are catching Pokémon or if it expands to the overworld map.

  2. Pokedex Number: 85
    Castmos (Forecast-atmosphere)
    Classification: The Weather Pokemon
    Height: 1’5” /6’07”
    Weight: 2.6 Lbs/10.7 Lbs
    Typing: Normal/Flying (Normal can be Fire, Water, Ice, Rock, Cosmic, or Nonexistent(Mono Flying) depending on the weather)
    Ability: Climatic
    HP: 75
    Attack: 75/150/150/150
    Defense: 75/150/150/150
    Special Attack: 75/150/150/150
    Special Defense: 75/150
    Speed: 75/150/150
    Base Stat Total: 450/600
    Pokedex Entry: Similarly to its previous form, its body is highly reactive to the weather and it will change form in order to match it. Although it isn’t that strong normally, it becomes incredibly powerful in its weather forms. Trainer who witness a Castmos in a weather form for the first time may even mistake it for a legendary Pokemon due to the sheer power exuding from it.
    Pokedex Entry Weather Form: Upon unleashing its true form, its power skyrockets beyond any expectations expected of it. A Castmos in a weather form is able to level an entire city within a span of mere minutes, given that it actually wanted to. Interestingly enough, its mood and temperament also seem to change with the weather as well.

  3. Ugh Bloodwork is never fun

    But this gave me the motivation to work out my iconic Bug/Dark Mosquito Vamsipher

    The Mosquito Pkm
    M: 0% F: 100%
    Life Drainer (HP Stealing moves do 30% more damage)

    HP: 60
    Atk: 100
    Def: 55
    SpAtk: 145
    SpDef: 60
    Speed: 125

    Struggle Bug
    Work Up
    Draining Kiss
    Bug Bite
    Mega Drain
    Essence Thief (Special Dark Type HP Draining move learnt when evolving)
    Leech Life
    Giga Drain
    Quiver Dance

    “swooping down on moonlit nights they strike their prey with their long proboscis draining them of nearly all their fluids”

    “Famously despised for its natural wretchedness, they pierce the night with its eerie buzzing”

  4. Remember that popularity poll from before SuMo? Where Greninja won? Order of the filly evolved starters according to their popularity

    Greninja > Charizard > Blaziken > Sceptile > Infernape > Blastoise > Swampert > Empoleon > Samurott > Delphox > Typhlosion > Serperior > Venusaur > Torterra > Feraligatr > Emboar > Meganium > Chesnaught

    Keep in mind this is japan only but it’s super interesting

    1. Okay so why the helling hell is Empoleon so low
      And better yet why the hecksauce is all of gen 2 so low

  5. I am quite happy with the announcement of this update. I have taken several extended breaks from this game, yet as of this morning I have caught 251 of the available Pokémon species. Thus I would have argued for them to roll out an update with more Pokémon. However, the quicker these updates rollout the shorter the longevity of these games will be: the time when they will have released all Pokémon that are currently available as of the current generation. I think that big updates like these not concerned with adding more Pokémon would be able to mitigate this. That and I need a way to get Stardust more efficiently. I have a lot of Pokémon to use stardust for. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c35382919422436706b7cd2e4beea97f11c600322f44f422e74e0881f3194133.png

  6. Decided to change my mascot legends a lot

    The Summer Pokemon
    As it runs through the Slavy Region in intense heat, it gives everyone the will to come outside and have fun. When it howls, Summer nights get warmer.
    Signature Ability: Summer Harvest
    All of the members of its team get more HP (when using Healing or HP draining moves) even if it isn’t in the battle.
    Signature Move: The Howl of Heat
    Power: 90
    Accuracy: 80
    Sets up Harsh Sunlight

    The Winter Pokemon
    It’s always observing the people of Slavy. Some people think it has a Heart of ice, but sometimes it can make people care for each other more.
    Signature Ability: Mountain Shards
    When it or a member of its team enters the battle, Stealth Rock is set up
    Signature Move: The Ramming of Cold
    Power: 90
    Accuracy: 80
    Sets up a Hail

    1. Nothing Pokemon related afaik. I only know I asked for Zoro and Franky One Piece Funko Pop! which aren’t out until at least the end of January.

    2. Lol yall getting wholesome gift and me and my mum bought each other the exact same bottle of Smirnoff

    3. I live another year in order to eventually pay off my loans and such that it won’t fall on the shoulders of my other family members. It is a long-term present.

    4. Getting a bunch of Pokemon card boxes including some Shining legends and a Shiny Silvally box. Also the USUM guide book because why not?

    5. Not that I know of but I am planning to get my nieces ultra sun and ultra moon for Christmas. Will be closer to January though because of money and they both understand that they aren’t getting the gift until then. They obviously don’t know what they are getting yet but I am sure they will love it lol

  7. My kakapo line

    The Kakapo Pokemon
    The eggs of this pokémon make for a delicious treat, and are constantly being eaten by rattata and meowth.

    HP 50
    Atk 25
    Def 30
    Sp Atk 70
    Sp Def 50
    Spe 20

    Abilities- Telepathy, Frisk
    Hidden Ability- Natural Cure

    The Kakapo Pokémon

    Rimpoe is said to have the ability to predict the future by looking at fallen berries.

    HP 95
    Atk 50
    Def 80
    Sp Atk 135
    Sp Def 100
    Spe 60

    Abilities: Telepathy, Predictor – evasion increases whenever a pokémon eats a berry
    Hidden ability: Natural Cure

    1. I actually really like this fanmon. It would be nice to add a bit more description to it because I wanna know more about it but I friggin love it as of now

  8. Seraph you around? Wanted to share how OP one of my legendary trio’s moves are

    -Poison Darts
    BP: 35
    Acc: —
    PP: 5
    “The user takes quills seeped in heavy poison and fires them at rapid pace at the target.”
    Effects: This attack never misses, hits 2-5 times, 20% chance to Badly Poison, while 50% to Poison

    One of my synthetic trio members gets it, a Poison/Flying type one to be exact.

    1. This is honest to god broken. I have a mon with an ability that combines two of the most broken competitive abilities in the game but managed to make the mon weak enough to balance it out
      You can still balance this,but a lot of work is needed

    1. Not s rumor but there is speculation the region will be based on Spain because of ash’s new outfit in next years movie

  9. Tfw when you realize your mon that isn’t broken would be banned by smogon because lol shadowtag

        1. Why does everyone want to make Flygon suck so bad?

          Bug/Dragon- It loses its whole gimmick around sandstorm and basically becomes Cacnea (A desert thriving Pokémon that is injured by its own habitat)

          Bug/Ground- Vulnerable to so much more common types than original type

          1. Thats not what I was saying? I’m saying it looks bug like and turner designs those types of mons well

    1. I hope gen 8+Sinnoh Remakes brings back Megas (espically for gen 5,6,7,8) and Sig Z moves.

        1. I agree. This time I want megas for ALL the starters tbh this just needs to be a thing, gives them more viability.

          1. I agree. They also should give Megas/some sort of them to the mascot legendaries and Dialga and Palkia.

          2. I think megas should be used to add viability to pokémon instead of making legendaries look cooler.

  10. IMO, the following Pokemon should get Megas in Generation 8:
    – Porygon-Z
    – Meganium, Feraligatr, Typhlosion
    – Togekiss
    – Azumarill
    – Slowking
    – Ursaring
    – Kingdra
    – Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon
    – Luxray
    – Roserade
    – Spiritomb
    – Drapion
    – Mantine
    – Tangrowth
    – Dialga
    – Palkia
    – Serperior, Emboar, Samurott
    – Musharma
    – Unfeasant
    – Escadrille
    – Lilligant
    – Krookodile
    – Cofagrigus
    – Jellicent
    – Pyroar
    – Florges
    – Malamar
    – Aurorus/Tyrantrum
    – Noivern
    – Volcanion
    – Incineroar, Primarina, Decidueye
    – Rimbombee
    – Lycanroc
    – Araquanid
    – Tsareena
    – Salazzle
    – Mimikyu
    – Bruxish
    – Solgaleo
    – Lunala
    – Tapus

    1. I doubt anything that gets a Z-Move will get a Mega, and vice versa. Otherwise at least one of Mewtwo and Lucario probably would’ve gotten one..

    2. Youre forgetting
      Gen 5 has so much mega potential it isnt even funny

      1. > Dragon/Rock with Rough Skin, Solid Rock, or a new defensive ability, lowered speed and sp.attack but its defenses and attack raise, becomes more gargoyle like

        >Bug/Rock, with a crystallised crown and a prominent stinger. Much faster to abuse the amazing offensive type of Rock and the pivoting ability of U-Turn. Give it Levitate for defense or Moxie for offense.

        > Ice with Swift Swim, or even a Slush Rush/Swift Swim combo ability. General improvements to make it even better, has icy brass knuckles.

        >. Keep the type, and make it Mothra and give it Magic Guard. Bye bye sneaky pebbles.

        The fossils, like Aerodactyl, revert to their ‘true form’ before the restoration process gave them Rock-typing.

        > Dragon/Flying Archeops that finally drops Defeatist, maybe getting Moxie to be a slightly better normal Salamence. Alternatively, give it Rock Head, keep it Rock type, and give it Head Smash and Brave Bird.

        > Water/Ground, is now like a soft shelled turtle. Has Swift Swim, becomes much more agile and offensive. Alternatively, make it a snapping turtle with Strong Jaws, but make sure the type isn’t Water/Dark because that’s Sharpedo territory.

    3. Hmm let’s see…
      -Meh, I don’t know if it could be interesting
      -Makes sense
      -Meh, how could it make it better?
      – Sure why not
      -Absolutely yes, yes, yes!
      -Absolutely as well
      -Its possible, but isn’t it good enough without one?
      -Why would it get a Mega? It really has no reason to
      -Mantine is Gen.2, but yes
      -I can’t actually think of a good design for this one
      -I think these next two need primal forms rather than Mega’s
      -Yes to all (Eeeeee Samurott)
      -If Lilligant gets one shouldn’t Whimsicott too?
      -These next 2 I can’t actually see getting Mega’s
      -Why Pyroar over Kalos Starters?
      -Why? One Mythical got a Mega so… Do they really need them?
      -Sure why not?
      -Meh doesn’t seem to fit
      -Only could work if a full fusion of all the forms
      -Make it evolutions first
      -Meh do they really need more?

      1. I really don’t see a reason though, it’s already good without it

        If thinking because I don’t like it, well I changed my mind I more respect it for besting me so much (and I had Burmy for my advantage)

  11. Geez I found this “youtuber” called Youngdefient who calls people who love BOTW and Odyssey “idiots and fake gamers” and literally stuck out his middle finger to the games. Plus he says BOTW won “only because of nostalgia”. What a jerkish jerk.

  12. Tbh I wonder what GameFreak would do to separate a potential Mega Greninja from Ash Greninja. I could see them keeping Protean but I wonder what they’d do in terms of design :0

    1. Ehh, why would GF give it a mega? Feels out of place considering Ash Greninja is a thing.

      So they’d probably change it’s colour palette or make it look like a pure phisical Pkm.

  13. Well because I can I want to say what I think should get Mega’s:
    -Johto Starters
    -Sinnoh Starters
    -Unova Starters
    -Kalos Starters
    -Alola Starters

    1. I don’t really want a lot of megas either, the megas I want are for only Pkm that I think would look good with them lol

      1. Buvet (Boo-vay, Boo + Duvet)
        The Sheet Ghost Pokémon

        A small sheet Ghost made of a patchwork. Its eyes and mouth are each on a patch, and the bumps in the sheet that make their arms are frayed around the ‘wrist’.

        Dex Entry
        Legend states that the first Buvet was born from a beloved family quilt that was maintained for a hundred years. It’s very extroverted for a Ghost type, openly showing love and affection.

        1. Looks adorable and I’m surprised that you can come up with a name that fast *0*

          I don’t quite see it being normal tho 😡

          1. It’s a ghost possessing a quilt, which is a normal thing. Think of it like Phantump possessing a tree and Honedge possessing a sword.

      1. Lullahan (Lull/Lulz + Dullahan)
        Headless Pokémon

        An imp like Pokémon that utilises materials to appear headless, such as tucking its head in to armour. It uses this as an intimidation tactic against predators and to surprise passerbys.

        Masters of theatrics, Lullahan use a variety of tricks to hide their heads. However, they continue to do this in battle, which lowers their chance of hitting anything.

      1. UB: Battery

        Lithirine (Lithium + Flourine, the tow elements that lead to the best kind of battery)
        The Dead Battery Pokémon
        Beast Boost

        The best way I can describe it is that it looks like a quadrupled animal kind of like a sitting toad in shape, with many organic cylindrical batteries on its back (like six). As you go down their back, they have more or less ‘crystals’ coming out of them, with the top pair being completely overrun and the bottom pair being totally clean.

        Dex Entry:
        One of the Ultra Beasts. As it ages, toxic crystals envelop their dying batteries.

      1. Gaidollon (Gaia + Eidolon + Doll)
        The Earth Spirit Pokémon
        Natural Cure/Cute Charm

        A feminine fairy figure that’s actually a floating top half without a bottom, but swirling sand surrounds it which gives it a ‘skirt’. It’s kind of like Florges, Gardevoir, but a bit thicker. Its body looks to be made of the finest clay.

        Pokedex Entry
        Gaidollon roams the deserts of the world, looking after those stranded in such harsh environments. If it’s not peckish, that is.

      1. Flyrri (Fly + Flurry, this ones kinda bad tho :x)
        Arctic Midge Pokémon
        Sturdy/Tough Claws

        An Arctic Midge, but its body is covered with ice and the colour is changed to a kind of light teal to blend better with that. It has tiny icy claws at the end of each limb and its wings are tipped with ice.

        This Pokémon is extremely hardy, and is adapted to living in the coldest places on earth. It has become one with the cold around it.

      1. Stacens
        The Static Jelly Pokémon

        A floating jellyfish that rubs its stingers together to create static electricity. It does this because the electricity it produces normally would kill most things on touch.

        It’s believed that this Pokémon adapted to life above land well before its predator Eelektross. In fact, scientists believe that Stacens is the reason for Eelektross’ change of habitat.

  14. for a long time ive been facing conflict. many negative thoughts try to take over my mind set and ruin who I am as a person while these positive thoughts try to face the negative thoughts. after all this time its why im a different person lately. im not an mean person to be mean i just happen to fighting my own battles inside my head and loss all trace of what reality feels like these days. im deeply sorry everyone

    1. Tbf, I didn’t saw you as more mean or anything, more serious maybe but definitely not mean imo, but id ok, is normal to get sometimes angry especially if you’re struggling with personal stuff really

  15. Has anyone ever closed and then opened their 3DS while on the home menu with the game still suspended in the background? It plays the Pokemon Center healing sound effect! I’m pretty sure this is new for USUM, I haven’t had that happen before.

  16. If they ever give Milotic a Mega, please don’t be part Fairy.

    Reason 1) The only Fairy-type move it gets is Disarming Voice. It doesn’t even get Dazzling Gleam, and Pokedex entries state that its scales shine in brilliant colors that change depending on the viewing angle! >:(

    Reason 2) Because of Reason 1, its ability would have to be Pixilate, which limits what abilities it could potentially have.

    Reason 3) It knows more Dragon-type moves than Fairy, so if they want to make the Mega part Fairy, they’ll have to create a unique ability that is like Pixilate, but changes Dragon-types to Fairy-type, still limiting the ability choices by being selective.

    In short, if it ever gets a Mega Evolution, either it becomes part Dragon, stays the same, or just not get a Mega. Now for Regional Variants on the other hand…

    I’d love to see a Pure Dragon-type Milotic or Water/Grass type (it becomes more in-tuned with the aquatic plants in the pond and grows seaweed-like hair or something).

    1. It should stay Pure Water and get Magic Bounce

      Update it’s moveset with Calm Mind as well for extra fun.

    2. I mean I don’t really want it to be Fairy either but Ampharos and Necrozma didn’t get any Dragon type moves until their forms happened, and even then they both only have two (one for Ampharos if it doesn’t learn Outrage, I can’t remember)

        1. Just a hypothetical based on how some other successful franchises spread their game releases

          1. Yes we are spoiled. There are plenty of game franchises that don’t release yearly and make great games but because Pokémon fans usually play very few games outside of Pokemon, they think that not getting a game yearly is some kind of sin

          2. There is so much more out there though? If you want RPGs, there’s Earthbound, Undertale, Stardew Valley

            Metroid, Mario and Sonic Mania are fantastic platformers

            Portal 1 and 2 are some of the best games ever made taking an FPS and turning it into an insanely clever puzzle game

            Zelda is fantastic. I was a bit hesitant to get into it at first but I’m glad I did. BOTW would be an amazing start.

            Saying you only play one type of game is dumb. it;s like if you only ever watched action movies and nothing else. You are holding yourself back from having some amazing experiences. My love of gaming blossomed when I started trying new kinds of games

          3. -Earthbound can’t be found on a system I have
            -I don’t like shooter games like Metroid (It basically sounds like Call of Duty in a more kid friendly space theme)
            -I have no clue what Portal is

            And why don’t you ever pester Cascoon about this? He only plays Pokémon and Smash as he tells me?

          4. – Then emulate it.
            – Metroid prime is the FPS one but Metroid is a platformer. Either way, you should try it because you clearly don’t actually no what it is. You can’t just say “I dont like shooters”. that’s what i did and because of that i missed out on some great games.
            – Of course you dont because you refuse to actually look outside your small circle of games you have decided are the ones you play and nothing else can enter that circle.

            And we do tell Cascoon. He has the same problem

          5. I honestly want to play Stardew Valley, Earthbound and a few others. Like Odessy after the demo I played at Walmart. I realize its much easier to control than in the past (Where the first Goomba always killed me, everytime)

          6. And that’s the issue. Pokémon fans are spoilt af. Most games have years between main installments and they’re much better and actually have campaigns of a decent length

          7. Pokémon can’t compain for a year tho… by the time the game came out everything will have been spoiled

            I honestly would be content waiting for Pokémon Switch, just gives me more time to replay my other games and fish every ounce out of games

          8. Other games manage to have longer release times and not be totally leaked years in advance.

          9. But dude we all know one thing

            Know how Star complained about USUM so much and its releasing system? Imagine the whole fanbase starting to turn that way. That’s how fans would react to them revealing a year or 2 in advance and getting nothing in between till a bit before… or getting tiny rid bits in between

          10. So what you’re saying is that the entire fandom are children afraid of change? Because I’m telling you now big changes would have people receiving it positively, negatively, and neutrally, not just negative because you say they would.

          11. I was complaining about USUM for multiple reasons but a major one was that it’s another 3DS game. I would be more forgiving of a Switch game taking a long time to come out than I was of USUM which was preeety pointless

      1. Two year dry.


        But I’d take that if the end result end ups being amazing which hopefully it will

    1. This is actually a pretty big deal for them to post a model of Pikachu like that. 2018 or very early 2019 are looking more likely.

      1. 2018 isn’t happening, or at least is drastically less likely due to the fact Zeraora wasn’t revealed this year. It means it’s being kept as the surprise of the movie, whereas if Gen VIII was in 2018 it would’ve been a Gen 8 Mon or form as the surprise

        It’s not impossible but it’s unlikely

        1. For all we know, Zeraora could be Pokemon’s first-ever cross-gen Mythical Pokemon. It’s certainly not likely either, but it’s also not out of the realm of possibility.

  17. Ok ok ok I’ve had this idea for the battle revolution/stadium series

    The main series starts doing different things with the battle system and make it more real time

    The stadium series keeps the old style of battling and basically becomes dedicated to competitive battling. You can create Pokémon teams and maybe it has some tournament modes and customization options with online leaderboards

      1. No it doesn’t

        At all

        Can we not try something new? We’ve been doing this turn based battling sh*t for 20+ years. Even finally fantasy isn’t doing turn based combat anymore.

        1. Pokemon Super Eevee Edition had an interesting take on rehauling the battle system. I’m not sure what to compare it to (haven’t played much outside Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario).
          The forum page (linked below) doesn’t really explain it, so I’ll give it a shot: Each of your team members has a gauge. When that gauge fills up, it can use a move. Each member has a certain total PP, and each move requires some PP. So your total could be 100 and you could have one move with 5 PP cost, one with 10 pp cost, etc. You also have an unlimited amount of moves iirc. The opposing Pokemon also attack on similar timers.
          I think it promotes some cool, fast-paced battling!

          1. That’s basically the battle system from FFIV-FFIX and it seems cool trying that on a Pkm game :0

      2. What? Lamest excuse ever.

        Pokémon is about the collecting, trading and battling. Which can be done regardless of the battle system.

        Final Fantasy used to be turn based and was probably the definitive turn based game and it’s changed

        1. Think, make it based solely on speed stat and you have free will to attack whenever
          Outcome: Every fast Pokemon becomes broken cause nothing can hit in between.

          Balance the speeds
          Outcome: Pokémon like Ninjask could get equal speed with something like Ninjask

          1. It’s almost like they’d work around this rather than being dumb enough to make one stat rule the game.

          2. Something can be done about that like make it the speed stat work differently, they can figure something out eventually

      3. Lol you’re talking like one of those FF fans that only wants the franchise to be turn based

        It’s ok to try something new, it’s ok to innovate, having the same battle system over and over is going to get boring

    1. GameFreak: Makes game on a console where they’re going to get less sales and have much higher expectations

      Also GameFreak, apparently: Yay let’s dumb it down

      1. It’s getting more and more streamlined campaign wise but it’s becoming more complex in other ways lol

          1. No, it isn’t. Most humans will gladly take change if they know it’s positive. It’s a fear of the unknown, not change, which is a major flaw with most humans.

            Whereas some Pokémon fans literally say ‘no don’t change it’

        1. When? I thought we all were hoping for change? I thought we all disliked USUM for lack of change? I thought we appreciated Totems for the change.
          At least I did.

          1. Totems aren’t really a change to the scale we’re speaking about. Totems manipulate what’s already in game, they’re not totally new.

        2. #aimed but yeah, I’ve had this same issue with other fanbase as well, like people not liking how FFVII Remake is not turn based even tho the new combat looks like FFVII combat but more dynamic.

          And changing and making things that differ from the previous can be a great step to the right direction, just look how different BOTW is from other Zelda’s and how awesome it ended becoming.

    1. Pokemon Fans should take these couple of years to actually experience what gaming has to offer. Maybe they can get some actual perspective for the medium.

      1. The battle system is the game tho. Changes to everything else is like putting icing on a bland ass cake.

          1. When was the last time you actually played competitive on an actual game?

            It’s always on showdown because no one wants to make a competitive team because it’s boring a tedious.

          2. Fam
            Are you going to honestly tell me that walking in circles hatching eggs for hours to get the perfect bred mon then EV training it, THEN doing that 5 more times for a complete team is fun?

          3. It better if youre sinking that much time into it.

            Personally I’d rather spend 20 minutes putting a team comp together then just playing the damn game and battling.

            Thats what showdown does and that’s what people use because it just makes sense

            If Pokemon just made that and updated it whenever new pokemon came out they could not only continue the competitive scene while the other games change on their own, they could actually balance it.

        1. It’s boring because it hasn’t really changed for the past 20 years. it holds the rest of the franchise down from meaningfully innovating and catching up with modern games

          1. Tru they aren’t really innovating anymore, the biggest change to the combat was special/phisical split and the rest was just gimmicks that tried to make battling more interesting, they’re cool, but not really innovative

    2. I thought you meant like how fans change who/what to blame for not liking pokemon. But, yeah, it’s ridiculous. Some of our best pokemon features have come from innovations they’ve made to the formula. But they can still go further

  18. Apparently the Steam Winter Sale is finally starting tomorrow! I hope HollowKnight takes a huge drop in price. Hopefully I can finish that one damn Mario level today

      1. You’re also forgetting Pokken

        …there were no other fighters developed this year btw. DEFINETLY none by marvel, nope not one.

            IT DIDN’T HAPPEN

  19. Does anyone want to play me on Smash or Showdown?Or ingame battle royale?? or in game battle? Anybody…

    1. I would be but I’m still waiting for these damn tier shifts and the imminent banning of Toxapex.

  20. If 2k has a brain cell in their company they’ll make an evolve 2 without the DLC shitt the first game had

  21. Ok so because the current encounter and battle system is directly opposing the idea of an open world here are things gamefreak should do if they dont wanna scrap the battle system

    1. Encounters are seemless. When you encounter a pokemon, there is no crazy intro where it flashes and the music starts then its like A WILD WOOPER APPEARED WOW GO PIKACHU. Instead, a battle theme fades in similar to Zelda or Xenoblade and your pokemon gets right into position. Instantly the UI appears and you can battle. If you run away, the battle instantly ends and the pokemon runs off so you dont just encounter it again

    2. Pokemon in the overworld. It could be sorta like Earthbound. They kinda do this a bit in areas like Lumiose Badlands and the desert in Alola… but it sucks there. So how can we make this tolerable? Well first off, certain pokemon may not chase you right away. There could be more passive ones that only attack if you get close yourself. For example, a Jiggilypuff would just be minding it’s own business until you threaten it by getting really close. Other kinds of pokemon could be aggressive. Maybe spearow swoop down to attack. Gibles run after you.On top of this there could be some that run away from you. Repels make all pokemon run away. Plus you could have these pokemon interact with the world and other pokemon. It could make the world more lively while also finally getting rid of the random encounters. Plus imagine spotting a shiny and just running at full speed towards it to catch it.

    3. Instant XP. So Earthbound has this feature where if you touch an enemy thats way lower leveled than you are, you just get the XP and you don’t have to bother battling it. This needs to be added. “But wait! What if i want to catch a lower leveled Pokemon!?” Well here’s how it could work in pokemon. You could have this as a setting you can easily turn off. If you’re just looking to get through an older area, turn it on to deal with any pokemon coming at you. Or turn it off if you’re shiny hunting. Maybe shinies activate the battle anyways and that could be a new hunting method idk

    4. Bravely Default style encounter settings. This one isn’t necissary but it could be nice. They could remove repels and replace it with an option to decide how often encounters pop up resulting in more or less XP gain.

    5. Save all the pomp and circumstance for trainer battles. Trainers can stay basically the same as they are now. Just give them separate character models from NPCs. Thats more of a personal grievance lol

    6. Make dialogue boxes and battle animations SUPER fast. BW did a good job optimizing the battles. Don’t waste your time. Also allow the option to skip Z move and Mega Evolution animations completely

    1. I basically agree with all of this but think you should specifically include the fact that legends should be allowed to have special treatment too

      1. Oh totally.

        i think this could make roaming legends like the legendary beasts, birds and latios/latias way more interesting to because they truly are a rare encounter

        1. Yee
          Yo imagine shitt like Necrozma done where you have to climb up that stuff but like the world interacts and tries to make it difficult and you gotta tredge through
          Better yet, ultra space

    2. ‘Remove repels’ no.
      This sounds good outside battle But how would actual battles work? TBH I like the same old formula. Im not “Afraid of change” I just like how the battles are now. I actually love the system

      1. Did you fucking read it? I literally said that they could remove them to allow encounter changing settings.


        1. First of all, you need to calm down. There is absolutely no reason for you to be cursing like that. Idk if you need to count to 10 or something but you need to knock it down 3 notches.
          Secondly, that does NOT answer my question. You said remove them? So are we just removing battles now? No battles at all? How are moves gonna work? Thats all I wondered?
          Seriously. I know you are mad that some people dont want change but getting mad isnt going to help anyone.

          1. *facepalm* Im getting mad because you didn’t read my post.

            This is one of the optional changes too. They could remove repels and instead have a scale that you can set your encounter rate at. Basically how likely it is that pokemon will spawn. From 0 which is few if any to 100 which is fuckin everywhere.

            I literally opened the post saying battles stay the same. That was the point of the post. Changes that need to be made if theyre keeping turn based combat in an open world pokemon game

          2. Again I read the post. I just misunderstood it. Rather than you being all nasty, just specifically said what were it was stated. Again, I know I read it wrong, but next time rather than ASSUMING that I didnt read it just copy and paste the sentence where it was at. Because I did read your post, I just missed a word when reading.

          3. I misread it. Geez. I read “they wanna scrap the battle system” and forgot the dont. Calm. Down this funky attitude needs to go. especially since I support the whle idea, I just had a simple question.

          4. Wow. That does not make up for ANYTHING. If anything it just shows you have a problem and just wont fix it. smh. If you know you act like that then you might want to get an attitude adjustment because that right there isnt appreciated

          5. lol fam im not that upset about it.

            im pretty used to people here not thinking rationally about changing the game they like so it came across as you just ignoring everything I said.

    3. Instant xp….YES. Also, I hate the whole battle intro fade in stuff too. Prolongs battles unnecessarily.

    4. 1. Seamless battles would be neat. Still, I think intros are here to stay, but they could be significantly sped up.
      2. Along with wild grass, Pokemon must be in the overworld. I say there should be a nice mix of wild grass Pokemon and roaming Pokemon. I personally enjoy wild grass, so I don’t want to see it completely disappear.
      3. Eh, I don’t know about the instant XP. That just sounds like a easy way to avoid battles and training.
      5. I think the trainer classes should have more skin tones. That would add a lot of variation easily in the world.
      6. Just yes. Z-Moves and Mega Evolution should have quicker animations; especially for Wi-Fi Battles.

      1. #3 isn’t a way to avoid battles, it’s a way to avoid running into really low level pokemon you don’t want to fight just so you can waste time clicking “run” and having that whole encounter be pointless. It would also help with the practically unavoidable level grinding that every pokemon game has.

      2. 1. Battle intros just take up time. They’re fine for legends and trainers but do you really need them when it’s just another wild Pokémon?
        2. I don’t think they should keep the tall grass. Let’s face it. Random encounters are annoying. They can go.
        3. It’s for low leveled mons. They would be worth very very little xp anyways. I reccomend you check out how it works in earthbound.
        5. Totally. I just get a little peeved when I talk to an NPC expecting an item or some dialogue and suddenly it’s a trainer lol.
        6. Yeeee

      1. Well he immediately forfeited after
        I mean it was a sloppy player

        I mean if my Nidoking outspeeds Landorus then he’s obviously doing something wrong….that being said I never reject free points

          1. Well mostly play throughs and it’s literally

            Level up Nidoran until it learns Horn Attack and get the moon stone in Mt Moon and evolve it AFTER Misty and before 23 so it learns Thrash

            I’m a Nidoking expert

        1. I mean he was probably running defensive
          The better question is how he didn’t see the ice beam

          1. Simple he saw Nidoking Tbolt Skarmory

            Ergo everyone assumes Scarf so he thought he had a free opening

          2. Yeah but SO many times they underestimate my Nidoking

            And what does that get them?
            Sash protects him from Earthquake and gets a Ice Beam

      1. Same as always
        Adamant 252 Atk 252 HP 4 Speed
        Ice Shard
        Stone Edge
        Knock Off

        Expert Belt

        That Expert belt Ice Shard always saves my butt

          1. Watch how someone would say otherwise

            I mean most would say Icicle Crash or Life Orb or have Stealth Rock

          2. Which is a little unique

            252 HP 252 SpDef 4 SpAtk
            Water Absorb
            Assault Vest
            Earth Power
            Sludge Bomb
            Drain Punch

            He’s so thicc that no special move will touch him

          3. Wait for it…..None 😀

            Never once have I used Stealth Rock, Hippowdon knows….ROCK TOMB DUN DUNN DUNNNNN OH EXPECTING AIR BALLOONS TO SAVE YOU

          4. I might be an idiot but this idiot tanked so many Charizard Y Solarbeams and Giga Drains 1HKO’d them

          5. Nobody ever does

            It’s ALWAYS Gastrodon or Quagsire always the same sets nothing out of the ordinary yet Quagsire is a bit more annoying at least

            Honestly Seismitoad is kinda a throwaway water blocker but I’ve used him for over three years and I just imagine fighting without his grungey face by my side

          1. I mean the extra damage stacks and I often only use Ice Shard on Birbs Plants and dagons so ja

    1. “The Disqus comment system is temporarily in maintenance mode. You can still read comments during this time, however posting comments and other actions are temporarily delayed.”

    1. I may be saying that tomorrow. Flying back home tonight and my sister really wants to see it and she has waited for nearly a week.

          1. I don’t think he necessarily was? Even then I think this movie is making a point that some people just are force sensitive. It’s not a special thing

          2. These gray blocks look quite confusing. I can’t even decipher what the two of you are talking about.

          3. Where have people been all this time? Many people are born force sensitive, where do you think all these padawans come from? Not from Jedis who are celibate.

          4. The kid is obviously not just some random force sensitive. He had lines & actually helped out earlier in the movie + the ending involved him? Nah he’s someone important

          5. The point of this whole movie is that no one is born important. It’s what you do that makes you important. He’s just a random.


      1. I don’t remember ever facing Nihilego in this game, I think they may have removed it because of the Ultra Space Wilds. Hopefully my memory isn’t that bad now

          1. It’s not a spoiler really. Well, goes to show you that I should do my research first. I did it last month, which is apparently too long ago…

          2. The game make so little changes early on it’s easy to forget everything until about….well, no, it’s easy to forget just about everything

    1. Congrats! If you had X-Mewtwo though you should’ve used Mega Mewtwo Y to counteract Gio’s Mewtwo

      1. I’ll just let you know that I’m now sitting at $1.7 million in Pokecoins after doing it, so maybe that’s a bit of incentive for you.

        1. I’m already bored with this rainbow rocket sh*t and I just started. Hearing the remixed theme was fun for about 2 times and then I got bored facing their awful rehashed teams of golbats and raticates that I’ve been fighting for 20 years now..and then add the horrible warp tile puzzles on top of that and color me disappointed

  23. Rose from the grave to talk a little bit more about the Unreal Engine posting of Creatures Inc. I gave the image some thought, as Creatures could be working on a variety of things. I’ll make a quick, simple list of what the possible title could be for the Switch.

    1. Assisting GameFreak with the upcoming Pokemon Game (such as making newer 3D models for Pokemon); which means the next Pokemon title could be using Unreal Engine 4.
    2. Sequel to Dectective Pikachu.
    3. PokePark 3. lol.
    4. An unknown spin-off game.

    Either or, I admire that more Japanese developers are utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to ramp up development. Hopefully, the Switch could continue to get more killer titles!

        1. Downgraded tho because not even the PS4 pro or Scorpio can run Unreal Engine on full capacity

          1. Well, yea. Unreal Engine has settings that developers could work around to cater their game for whatever hardware their using.

            There is actually about twenty titles using Unreal Engine that are in development for the Switch, according to Takayuki Kawasaki, a representative of Epic Games. Another example is the upcoming SMT V on Switch.

  24. Speaking of Gen 8, something I’d like to see is alternate clothing referencing other franchises (Persona), and considering the amount of 3rd Party Support the Switch is getting, I don’t think it’s too out there. Something I want that I know will never happen is maybe shirts or some type of clothing with Senketsu’s or Junketsu’s color (As well as the eye). It’ll never happen, but imagine that

    1. You know it’ll be Link and Marios hats. Marios outfit is hung up in the clothing stores in Gen 7.

    1. Mine is definitely Go Rock Squad base at the end of the game, it’s tiles are not easy to navigate and no matter how far you get if you make one small wrong move you have to restart (Only beat it once and took 100 attempts)

    2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe Lt Surge’s?

      Most of them are usually nothing more than a minor brain teaser and I excel in those

    3. Least favorite is probably literally anything in LoZ games. They are always so annoying. It’s the reason I cant finish a link game.
      In Pokemon… hmmmm maybe Lt Surge or Skyla from B2W2. Surge is just pure luck and not fun. Skyla just takes wayyyy too long

      1. I remember I played multi player with a LoZ game on the 3ds at school once, but I literally did nothing helpful unless told to.

        I honestly should stop disliking LoZ, it more is just I don’t like the design of the characters in games that aren’t BotW or the Toon Link ones (Yeah I dislike Link’s design in smash)

        1. I just think the games are too hard. I dont really like Open world that much because I get lost so easily, and I hate the feeling of being lost.

          1. I probably would like it, get lost, loose my way, gets frustrated, then play some other game

            Want a real challenge game, the only Starfy game in English is pretty Tough (The final boss is the hardest boss I’ve ever faced by far *Also almost broke my Y button because of it)

    4. Glad I could inspire such a hateful question!
      I hate:
      -Warp puzzles, spin puzzles, and ice slide puzzles from Pokemon.
      -Gyroscope puzzles in BotW are easily top 5 worst things about the game, maybe the series in general. This speaks for really any game in general, but I also hate sneaking implementations in pokemon where you have to follow people or sneak around. In particular, Foresaken Fortress is so unfun that I may never play Wind Waker again.

      1. Is that the place in Wind Waker where you fight the giant bird? Because I hate sneaking levels too, but I found it easy. But also I agree I can do without them.

        1. You don’t fight the bird until you come back to the island. I don’t believe there’s as much sneaking the second time maybe..

  25. I don’t know how it happened but four of the six Pokemon in my team caught Pokerus all of a sudden! Can someone tell me how rare this actually is? I’ve never really looked into it, but I’m feeling pretty special right now.

    1. 1 in 21,178.6 chance of getting it.
      From what I read. Thats CRAZY rare. I remember I got pokerus in my Sun and it was amazing

      1. Holy CRAP. HOLY CRAP!!!!!
        I think this may be the first time it’s happened to me, and I understand why. Safe to say it’ll come in handy in the future.

    2. I mean, Pokérus spreads to the nearest party member so it isn’t special that your whole team has it. Once it’s over the effect remains but it can’t spread so be sure to infect a Pokémon and put it into a box for future use.

  26. Any pokemon you liked when you were younger but are neutral/don’t like at all any more?

    For me:
    -Manectric Line. I just find them ugly conehead weird dogs now.
    -Absol. Idk what happened here. Honestly I think part of it is the mega, I just do NOT like that thing. I used to think Absol was a cool and mysterious pokemon, but it just kind of went away for me
    -Flygon. I still like it, but not as much when I think about what it should be. Bug/Ground with quiver dance and a mega…such a disappointment

    Lot of gen 3 hate lol. Gen 3 used to have some of my favorites, but now it’s just a gen full of mediocre pokemon to me

      1. Sorry stupid phone!
        -Persian, meh started realizing its just a cat with a tiny red jewel in its head
        -Ledian, I like it, but kinds atm is just a bit neutral to me now
        -Masquerain, still a bit sour it destroyed my team in SuMo being 10 lvls lower than my Turtonator
        -Budew, was cute, but over time it got bland

    1. Infernape. I thought this pokemon was kinda cool, but after being forced to use it in gen4 I started to dislike it more and morem but still thought it was ok. But now I really dont like it. It’s face is so weird to me. I dont like monkeys
      Cant think of others atm

  27. Ok?… The Niheligo just fled mid battle? Weird anyway I got TM Psychic and soon should be getting Incinium and Lycanium Z

    Current Team update
    Furball (Torracat) lvl.28
    Lola (Lopunny) lvl.29
    Dusty (Lycanroc) lvl.28
    Minty (Seel) lvl.28
    Luna (Shiinotic) lvl.28
    Clang (Jangmo-o) lvl.25

        1. They Put Coins on EVERYTHING, especially places you can only get to if you exploit game mechanics in a way the developers never intended for you to because doing so requires insane prescision

  28. There we go! 999 moons! Later on I’ll grind coins to get the outfits I need then I can say that I 100% completed Mario Odyssey! This and Zelda were the two sparks of joy I needed this year. They are just such magical games and I love them both dearly

    1. They better make an Odyssey 2, because I could have kept playing that game forever. There’s no way they exhausted all of their ideas through the development of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel came out in 2019.

      1. I just knew it would happen for some reason, I don’t know why. Sorry, apparently I’m building a shiny Sigilyph collection now 😛

  29. About to challenge the elite four! And I have to say I absolutely loved the cutscene right before going in! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played yet!

  30. -Gladion is going to partake in the island challenge to keep up with Ash, after seeing him perform 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt in the previous episode.
    -Lillie is back to her old design
    -Lusamine has setup a special group to tackle the UBs, should they invade Alola. They’re called Ultra Guardians and Ash & the gang are part of it
    -Kukui asked Burnet to marry him
    -Next episode involves Poipole in some shape or form

    Just a quick summary of what happened in today’s episode. Can see why they skimmed the AF portion for USUM promotion.

    1. The only thing I’m excited for is the Poipole
      And tbh, we know they will. I feel like Poipole will have an interesting reaction being a UB and all

  31. Pokedex Number:
    Classification: The Snowy Bird Pokemon
    Height: 1’01”
    Weight: 9.3 Lbs
    Typing: Ice/Flying
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    HP: 40
    Attack: 28
    Defense: 23
    Special Attack: 70
    Special Defense: 23
    Speed: 70
    Base Stat Total: 254
    Pokedex Entry: Pufflurry nests are nearly impossible to find due to their strange and hard to reach locations. They possess a strange adaptation in their feathers have where they can adjust to temperature. They are naturally warm so they help in the cold. If the temperature is too hot, the feathers freeze to keep the Pufflurry cool. If this isn’t enough, they’ll huddle with other members to enhance these effects. Because of this, their nests are littered with molted feathers.

    Pokedex Number:
    Plizzard (Plume-Blizzard)
    Classification: The Snowy Bird Pokemon
    Height: 2’11”
    Weight: 27.8 Lbs
    Typing: Ice/Flying
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    HP: 60
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 54
    Special Attack: 95
    Special Defense: 54
    Speed: 95
    Base Stat Total: 418
    Pokedex Entry: Plizzard tend to perform the menial tasks of their flocks: such as hunting, material gathering, and egg incubating. Upon evolving, the frigid properties of their feathers get stronger to the point where a single feather can freeze an entire lake. When it is close to evolving, its wings will grow colder and begin to turn a bluish color.

    Pokedex Number:
    Revinter (Revive-Winter)
    Classification: The Rejuvenated Pokemon
    Height: 15’03”
    Weight: 327.1 Lbs
    Typing: Ice/Flying
    Ability: Phoenix Grace
    HP: 80
    Attack: 70
    Defense: 65
    Special Attack: 135
    Special Defense: 65
    Speed: 135
    Base Stat Total: 550
    Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon is considered to be among the most beautiful Pokemon and is held to the same standard as Milotic. This claim is usually made regarding its feathers that glow a vibrant and chilly blue. They are not just for show: Every feather is filled with an incredible amount of energy that has different properties depending on what touches it. It is said that pure people and Pokemon, including itself, can be healed or even revived by its feathers.

    I can tell you that nobody was expecting this to be the Phoenix I mentioned

      1. It is ;3
        But it’s ability gives it an.. interesting role to be blunt
        Thoughts on the actual mon? :3

        1. What does the ability do?

          Meh…I can’t judge until I see a picture, but if I’m honest it doesn’t seem like my kind of Pokemon, sorry I’m sure other will like it though.

          1. :3
            It’s basically a revive but it switches itself out. It works one time and heals back up to half health

  32. Well I’m not one for “concluding arc epilogue” but….I’ll let this one slide

    The very first on screen marriage in Pokémon 😀

    And dat Poipole

      1. It’s a stretch, only time will tell, who knows maybe this’ll be the time Ultra Recon shows up to apprehend the Poipole and to deliver a warning about Necrozma

        Because they’re still going to need a Beast Ball

        1. I just want evolutions and some captures. Ula’ula is around the corner and his team is laughable

          1. True dat they really just shifted all their attention into Nebbt and Lillie and I want to see some more…casual episodes but still driving towards a plot

          2. Wow, not sure if they think they are catering to kids by keeping things cutesie (seriously not even mid stages), but now I do remember why I stopped following the anime.

          3. His team is B/W level of embarassing but the anime content itself is very good. Lots of funny moments, story telling is good as well.

          4. Treeko didn’t evolve until Episode 66, Chimchar until Episode 132 (after the seventh gym), Turtwig until Episode 100, or Pignite until Episode 77. Anime fans need to chill lol

            The only Pokémon that evolved before this point were Charmander (Episode 43, then again in Episode 46) and Froakie (Episode 52).

            We’ve got Poipole, Sandshrew and Torracat merch coming anyway so he’ll probably have significant team changes by half way through next year, and the series isn’t going to end until 2019 by the looks of it.

  33. For the 3dg3l0rd in all of us

    Pokedex Number: 85
    Classification: The Regretful Pokemon
    Height: 2’01”
    Weight: 24.0 Lbs
    Typing: Ghost/Dark
    Ability: Misfortune
    HP: 60
    Attack: 80
    Defense: 50
    Special Attack: 20
    Special Defense: 50
    Speed: 20
    Base Stat Total: 280
    Pokedex Entry: It is said that this Pokemon was once a human but perished due to the unexpected results of a bet. Due to its own regrets, it has become rather vengeful towards those who make reckless bets and attempts to punish them. It is not strong enough to do this whatsoever in its current state. This causes it to be easily angered.

    Pokedex Number: 86
    Classification: The Punishing Pokemon
    Height: 5’07
    Weight: 50.0 Lbs
    Typing: Dark/Ghost
    Ability: Misfortune
    HP: 120
    Attack: 110
    Defense: 75
    Special Attack: 60
    Special Defense: 75
    Speed: 40
    Base Stat Total: 480
    Pokedex Entry: Upon evolving, it has become much more calm and collected in comparison to its previously hotheaded self. When a person makes a bet where they barter their life, Wraigret is is the being who takes it from them if they lose the bet. Apparently being slashed by its scythe brings an unspeakable amount of pain before causing the target to die of blood loss through a cursed wound. There is no way to stop it.

    Pokedex Number: 86*
    Wraigret (Mega)
    Classification: The Punishing Pokemon
    Height: 5’07
    Weight: 63.0 Lbs
    Typing: Dark/Ghost
    Ability: Misfortune
    HP: 120
    Attack: 140
    Defense: 120
    Special Attack: 60
    Special Defense: 120
    Speed: 20
    Base Stat Total: 590
    Pokedex Entry: Upon mega evolving, Wraigret is filled with the vigor it had as Morbet once more. This makes it absolutely relentless when fighting an opponent. Despite the overwhelming strength that it has in this form, its scythe is starting to become a little too heavy for it to manage…

    Misfortune: If the foe uses a move with a chance to have an additional effect and that effect fails, the user will deal 2.0x damage toward them the next time they successfully land a move.

    Signature Move: Punishing Scythe

    Punisher’s Scythe
    Type: Dark
    Classification: Physical
    BP: 100
    Accuracy: 100%
    PP: 5/5
    Effects: Makes foes with status conditions or stat drops unable to be switched out
    Description: : If the foe has a status condition or stat drop, this attack will make them unable to switch out

  34. Pokedex Number: 53
    Classification: The Royal Coffin Pokemon
    Height: 5’07
    Weight: 653.1 Lbs
    Typing: Ghost/Steel
    Ability: Mummy
    HP: 80
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 155
    Special Attack: 105
    Special Defense: 135
    Speed: 20
    Base Stat Total: 545
    Pokedex Entry: The sturdiness of its coffin body has increased dramatically. It has become so strong that it can resist nearly any attack fired at it. Cofaroah is extremely proficient at performing counterattack using its strange ghostly arms. They tend to be found within temples as a defensive mechanism for intruders.

    Because this needs more defense right?

      1. This thing actually isn’t as bad as it looks to beat. It’s not like its toxapex or anything right? …..
        Nah I’m kidding this thing is a fucking abomination. But I don’t see it being Toxapex levels of bad
        It doesn’t have regenerator

  35. So Ash’s team is looking to be:

    -Rowlet, Dartrix or Decidueye
    -Torracat or Incineroar (Torracat merch, and he’s possibly getting the Darkium from Nanu)
    -Sandshrew or Sandslash (Sandshrew merch, and as he already has the Electrium he’ll probably get the ugium or Steelium from that trial if he does it)
    -Poipole or Naganedel (Poipole merch, USUM promotion, and sets up a UB vs UB Slayer dynamic with Gladion’s Silvally)

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