JungleAsks: Pokémon Festivities

The Holiday Season is here! Christmas Day is fast approaching, it’s already December 5th! No doubt some have you have already started (or finished) decorating your homes and getting things together for the big day, we certainly have!

Our question to you this time in JungleAsks whether you have any Pokémon-related festivities planned? Are you going to decorate the Christmas tree with Pokémon ornaments? Maybe you’re preparing to make some Pokémon cookies for friends and families? Perhaps you’re keeping things simple and starting a new play through of a Pokémon game? Of course, it’s fine if you have nothing planned too!

We’d love to hear if any of you have anything great planned this year. If you don’t, why not share your previous Pokémon festivities or ideas you think others might like. Us? We’re planning a special Christmas Pokémon Center visit, to pick up some lovely presents for some lucky, lucky people…

Get chatting, we can’t wait to read just how much some of you love Pokémon!

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